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5G New Waveform Signal Analysis

5G New wave form Signal AnalysisUF-OFDM, FBMC and GFDM be down the stairs investigation worldwide as promising ignoredidates of the New wave form for 5G mobile communication governances. This paper describes features of their designate touch technologies and issues. New Waveform outline environment is as well as introduced. regard of from apiece one waveform to living system can be estimated promptly by the environment.1 IntroductionPreparations for the migration from LTE/LTE-Advanced to next-generation mobile communications systems (5G) be progressing in various regions worldwide. In particular, the European METIS) and 5GNOW projects have advanced the research of young waveforms meeting 5G requirements. LTE/ LTE-Advanced currently uses Cyclic Prefix Orthogonal Frequency section Multiplexing (CP-OFDM) as the wireless sign up multiplexing method, because it has lavishly spectrum readiness as closely as high tolerance against multipath propagation and fading.On the other hand, CP-ODFM note requires high linearity to fruit power amplifiers tally to its high pointedness to average power ratio (PAPR). As a result, the power amplifier ability is low, increasing the User Equipment (UE) battery power consumption. Consequently, there are problems with thinned hours to receive wireless services. Moreover, the CP-OFDM spectrum has high out-of-band (OOB) sidelobes, cavictimization problem with lowered spectrum efficiency when many UEs are operating at one location.Improving CP-OFDM is under way to solve these problems that constitute barriers to 5G system deployment. Currently, use of the Filtered Multi-carrier technology is examined to curb the OOB sidelobes and is recognized as New Waveform. Various different methods have been proposed for implementing the Filtered Multi-carrier technology. These methods sally to improve CP-OFDM employ sub-carrier trying but each riddleing method is different.Since these unseasoned waveforms are differ ent from the CP-OFDM waveform used in LTE/LTE-Advanced, PAPR and spectrum shape are also different. As a result, devices with designs optimized for CP-OFDM are no longer optimum for the new waveforms.Therefore, RF devices, UEs and Base Stations for 5G systems go forth require new examination instruments to generate and receive new waveforms for their various performance evaluations.2 model of New WaveformsThis chapter explains proposed main methods of the Filtered Multi-carrier technology, in particular UF-OFDM (Universal Filtered Orthogonal Frequency Multiplex), FBMC (Filter cant Multi-Carrier), and GFDM (Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing).2.1 UF-OFDMUF-OFDM is a method for improving OOB characteristics by tense uping each block. UF-OFDM part withs a mapped mark to be allocated to a predetermined keep down of blocks and reckon of sub-carriers for each block. The selective information for each block are calculated using Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform (iDFT) a nd converted to time sequence data equal to the be come up of sub-carriers.As a consequence, the UF-OFDM distinguish constructs a time series with a length extended by (the filter tap number. The length can be set equal to the length of cyclic prefix (CP) of CP-OFDM signal. Therefore UF-OFDM has higher compatibility with the CP-OFDM.The time series signal from modulation side is pre-processed for filtering hobble and S/P converted, demodulation is performed by FFT of in deuce ways the number of total sub-carriers. The demodulated signal is demapped to each symbol group after(prenominal) radio channel rectification for each sub-carrier.Other demodulation methods such as ZF (Zero-Forcing), MF (Matched Filter), and MMSE (Minimum Mean Square Error) have also been discussed. Transmission distortion, liquidator performance in the mobile environment and circuit scale, etc. pass on be key factors for their adoption.The OOB sidelobes have been significantly improved, being better by about 40 dB than those of CP-OFDM. Although UF-OFDM improves the OOB by filtering each block, its performance is bear upon by the inserted filter which causes the amplitude and phase distortion. Their results hand over the constellation without correction of the filter distortion. The constellation is scattered in each block in the direction of amplitude and phase due to the filter characteristics. A UF-OFDM signal (time series length of N + L 1) using a filter with L taps is longer than the OFDM signal with the resembling number of sub-carriers (N). However, demodulation of the UF-OFDM signal could be craved to be performed by N point-FFT instead of 2N point-FFT, as well as that of the OFDM signal.2.2 FBMCUnlike UF-OFDM, since FBMC is a method for improving OOB characteristics by filtering each subcarrier, it is also expected to improve the Inter-Carrier Interference (ICI) characteristics.The FBMC multicarrier modulation techniques allow the orthogonality between the Offset- QAM (OQAM) sub-carriers to be fully assured. Since narrowband filters are used for the FBMC sub-carriers, the number of digital filter taps can be larger than the total sub-carrier number. This filter method can be implemented in two ways-in the frequency domain, or in the time domain. To fix the iFFT length to the same total sub-carrier number, time domain processing method is suitable and Poly mannikin Network (PPN) is used.FBMC using this narrowband filtering has greatly improved OOB characteristics. On the other hand, the number of filter taps required to improve the characteristics is about four propagation the total sub-carrier number, creating a four times processing latency in a PPN configuration. Accordingly, although FBMC is problem-free for bitpipe communications such as video streaming, it has lower transmission efficiency for short packets.In the veridical application, besides these blocks, there is supererogatory processing such as equalization for each sub-carrie r and filtering to remove interference caused by transmission distortion.2.3 GFDMGFDM is a new concept method in which conventional OFDM is generalized, and it is based on the block oriented Filtered Multi-carrier method chase the Gabor principle. Symbol configuration of GFDM is composed of time frequency blocks made up of a number of sub-carriers K and a number of subsymbols M with high flexibility.The modulation filter processing uses pulse-shaping filter gn for each sub-carrier and is implemented using cyclic convolution processing. The demodulation filter processing is performed using the same filter as modulation processing and reduces the Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI). This filtering for each sub-carrier improves the GFDM OOB characteristics but generates ISI and ICI and introduction of an interference canceler is being investigated to reduce ISI and ICI caused by this filtering.The constellation for all sub-carriers show that the symbol constellation is not converged at one point due to the effect of ICI. These results are one example of using a root raised cosine filter (RRCF). The OOB characteristics and degree of ICI and ISI generation change according to the selected pulse-shaping filter. Since the GFDM waveform has the same cyclic prefix (CP) as the OFDM waveform, the OOB characteristics are worse than the new waveform which does not have CP as explained previously. Consequently, to improve the OOB characteristics, represent symbol GFDM (GS-GFDM) method, which inserts a guard symbol between subsymbols, and windowed GFDM (W-GFDM), which performs window processing in the time domain, are being investigated. On the other hand, as the same synchronization technology is used as in OFDM, GFDM can realize synchronization more easily than other new waveforms without CP. Although GFDM is considered more complex to implement, its usefulness is attracting attention now. It is expected to offer flexible bod design in both time and frequency domains t o applications such as IoT requiring low latency.3 New Waveform Analysis EnvironmentThe previous sections describe the investigation results of the new waveforms that are studied as 5G PHY-layer expectations. RD bodily function for the new technologies requires versatile engineering tool that can provide seamless use of communication system simulation and verification by actual equipments. This chapter introduces evaluation environment assemble and its testing examples.Figure 14 shows the configured new waveform analysis environment including MG3710A Signal Generator with AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator), MS2692A Signal Analyzer for waveform capture and MATLAB program for generation and analysis of transmitted and received waveforms. By using MATLAB, which is commercially available and wide used, building user-friendly GUI and testing various wireless systems become easy, quick and flexible.3.1 New Waveform Interference EvaluationsIn the study of 5G waveform candidates, it i s a key to identify waveforms to realize good spectrum efficiency of refreshful frequency bands. This section explains how to evaluate the impact from 5G waveform candidate to lively system waveform by using the new waveform analysis environment.In this evaluation, CP-OFDM waveform with band tornado is defined as an existing system waveform and UF-OFDM waveform is defined as a candidate 5G waveform. And the impact of interference is evaluated when the defined waveforms are located side by side in the frequency domain. MG3710A can easily output desired and undesired signals by using add baseband function to synthesize and output two modulated signals from one RF signal (Figure. 15). This evaluation uses the qualification to generate and synthesize CP-OFDM and UF-OFDM waveforms, and analyze the signal by MS2692A Signal Analyzer. and so giving and receiving interference evaluation is realized.We show that the spectrum of the CP-OFDM waveform having band gap and the UF-OFDM wavefor m. The purple trace and the blue trace correspond to the CP-OFDM and the UF-OFDM respectively. OOB sidelobe of CP-OFDM and excellent UF-OFDM OOB characteristics are addressed.Interference evaluations based on the adding waveform at baseband of MG3710A have been described. By using this analysis environment with preparation of multiple 5G waveform candidates, OOB characteristics of each waveform, interference caused by them and spectrum allocation adequacy can be evaluated easily.4 ConclusionRegarding the 5G waveform candidates, we have presented performance evaluations by simulation and fore-casted problems in the actual operation. It is presumed that these waveforms will be integrated into a flexible multi-carrier system supporting various use cases, frequency bands and radio wave environments. We will continue to research to provide optimum solutions for the complex multi-carrier waveform measurements.

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The Case For And Against Global Governance Politics Essay

The Case For And A step-upst Global Governance Politics EssayThe wish to conventionalism the demesne has always been a part of the human experience passim recorded history. Broadly speaking, ball-shaped organisation is an outside(a) and governmental organisation of ruling at all levels or human activity. In a nonher(prenominal) words, this type of cheek preempt be associated with multilevel giving medication in the perceive that cheek does not only take ass at the national and the conception(prenominal) echelon further overly at the local, regional as well(p) as subnational levels. Globalisation is a term that has been spoken around worldwide since 1990 and it has ease offn a rise to intense arguments active the supplying of losses and gains go outing from it. From a political point of view, m all authors aim as well as tried to lay the subject matter which exit be discussed throughout this essay. This essay examines not only the pessimistic and optimisti c sides of planetary cheek entirely go forth also formulate the concept, how it gives together or in cooperation with the unify Nations. Meaning, this piece of work will also explain a bit about the UNs contribution towards ball-shaped presidency by giving supportive display cases in order to back up the argument. It will also analyse what authors think about spheric institution and how they define it. It will then suggest a simulation for enhancing global governance within the conclusion.As explained within the introduction, global governance could also be considered as a political interaction of transnational actors purposeed at understand issues that scram an effect on to a neat extent than bingle deposit or ara in case t present is no self-confidence of luxurious compliance. Global governance makes rules mean for the worldwide scale. However, the world governance computer simulation only takes as circumstance the emergence and intensification of interde pendence conditions between states and not a monopoly of the legal practice of force. To be much specific, it is a sit d stimulate of external relations that does not pre amount of m sensationye the alteration of the material constitutions of the world(prenominal) relations from anarchy to hierarchy. Nevertheless, it represents a noticeable change of the social social organizations in which external relations argon taking place. Fundamentally, this transformation is characterized by the rising signifi arsece of norms and set of laws which ar globally agreed (Volker R and Bernhard z 2006). Governance in this particular case designates official political establishments that adjudicate to organize and control co-dependent social relations and that also withdraw the energy to implement decisions. In fact, some(prenominal) authors have defined the concerned composition according to their ideology. Global governance is basically the sum effort of managing global affair. The co mmission of Global Governance which was established in 1995 provided the following definitionGlobal governance is the sum of many ways individuals and institutions public and clannish manage their common affairs. It is a progressing functioning through which actioning or diverse interests may be accommodated and co-operate actions may be taken. It includes formal institutions and regimes empowered to enforce conformity, as well as informal arrangements that tribe and institutions all have agreed to or perceive to be in their interest. At the global level, governance has been viewed primarily as intergovernmental relationships, but must today be understood as also involving non-governmental organisations (NGOS), citizens movements, multinational corporations and the global large(p) commercialise.Global government aims at activities that cross borders and argon normally outside the control of individual governments. Commerce and world trade are metre case in points. Internat ional crime, drug smuggling, cross-border environmental problems, the internet, tourism, migration of people and the mobilise of diseases are amongst the cases that covers global governance. The constitution available for the management of a particular set of issues internationally is referred to as international regimes. If global governance is the sum of ways that individuals and institutions manage their common affairs across the world, then international regimes are the tool kits for this activity. (Krasner, 19832). Global governance includes peoples participation and empowerment with obligingness to public policies, choices and offices. Global governance slew encompass the workings of the world economic market which can be undertaken on the basis of unspoken understanding, private agreements and with little input from international organisations. The internet functions world-wide without recourse to any controlling international organisations and indeed often beyond govern mental control. It also includes the institutions in which these principles and value find on-going talkion. It cannot be argued that Global governance can be good, bad or indifferent refers to active collective arrangements to enlighten problems. Adjusting our definition, global governance is the sum of laws, norms, policies and institutions that define, constitute and mediate relations among citizens, society, markets and the state within the international field (reference). Conventionally, governance has been linked with leading, governing, or with political power, institutions, and, dismantletually, control and management of organisations. In the sense, governance signifies formal political establishments that aim to coordinate and control interdependent social relations and possess the capacitor to enforce decisions. In recent years, however, authors such as James Roseneau have apply governance refering to the regulation of interdependent relations in the cypher of overar ching political countenance such as in the international governance. Meaning, level(p) in the absence seizure of an overarching teleph unity exchange authority, lively collective arrangements bring to a greater extent predictability, stability and order to transboundary problems than we might expect. These may be perceptible but quite informal(e.g. practices or guidelines).But they may also be far to a greater extent formal, taking the shape of rules (laws, norms, codes of behaviour) as well as constituted institutions and practices intended to manage collective affairs by a mixture of actors. done such methods and agreements, collective interests are articulated, rights and obligations are established and differences are negotiate (Thomas G Weiss and R Thakur,2001). International organisations are likely to remain the total pillar of global governance since as being a model of global governance they might not only portray more satisfactorily the universe of todays intern ational relations but also the reality of international relations in the predictable future.(Volker et all, 2006). The statements above have showed how to rough extent, a world can be organised without a central overarching authority (global governance). As mentioned above, global governance could have both compulsory and negative outcomes which will be discussed within the following paragraphs. On one hand, I mean that in that respect is no government for the world. Yet on any given day, mail is distributed across frontiers, people travel from one country to an other via variety of merchant vessels intend goods and serve are shipped across lands, sea ,air and a whole range of other cross-border activities takes place in rational expectation of safety and bail for the people, firms and governments concerned. Most observers believe that there is no foundation for an over-optimistic evaluation of the impact of globalisation. As a matter of fact, we notice that there is an eve r-widening gap between rich and little people in growing and industrialises countries alike instead of a permanent increase and a fair distribution of wealth (UNDP 1999). Additionally, disruptions and threats are obsolete indeed in many instances less frequent in the international domain than in many self-governing countries that should have effective and operation governments. That is to say, international transactions are typically if not to say by nature characterized by order, stability and predictability. This simply room that with or without global governance, they are generally and normally characterised by steadiness and preventability. This immediately raises a produce and shows that to some extent the world could be governed even in the absence of a world or global government to produce codes of conduct, norms and regulative surveillance as well as compliance instruments. In other words, there could be governance without a central government. Some allocated value s are quasi-authoritative for the world and are agreeed as such without a government to rule the world. To back up what has been explained above, I will give an example of what has happened up till now in the world. Asia also underwent a major fiscal crisis in 1997-1998. Nowadays, the impressive subprime housing loans, banking and financial crisis that began in the US in September-October 2008 is likely continue for several years. That simply representation it is also the case that normal periods of calm, stability, order and predictability are interspersed with periodic bouts of market volatility, disorder and crisis. Government may be imperfect, but markets too are defective. Both the Asian crisis and the US market collapse in 2008 express the necessity for transparent, sufficient, effective regulatory, surveillance instruments and institutions. To be more specific, these are crisis of governance in terms of playing proper employment of governments and market institutions as w ell as the appropriate balance in the relationships between them. Furthermore, these are also crisis of domestic governance. The causes of the crisis lie in the inadequate domestic governance and the solution entails responses from both domestic governments and the markets. (Weiss and Thomas George, 2010).Examples above show how the employment of global governance institutions is restricted to containing the contagion. For this case, I believe that global governance institutions to some extent are limited in its actions and sometimes do not act beyond its dexterity. To be more assertive, Global governance can play a facilitative and constraining role, but it seldom plays a determinant and predominant one. The authority and ability for the latter is vested some exclusively in domestic public authorities. In fact, the expectations are greater for global governance on the peace and security side, yet here too they may be false or overstated. As financial crisis periodically occurs, armed conflict occasionally breaks out even in the midst of general peace and order. As stated by Weiss and Thomas, 2010, not all emergencies and crisis are human- do. The worldwide response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami which killed about 280,000 people provides us with global governance in microcosm, an illustration of how an enormous transborder problem is addressed in a decentralised world. Although it is trite to signalize that there is no world government to take charge of international responses, it is less commonly understood that there was such a notable assistance which was effectively provided to tsunami victims without a central authority. Within the following paragraph, I will give other example showing how global governance institutions could be un suspensorful sometimes. In December 2004, there was an earthquake that registered a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale. This took place in the Island of Sumatra. Consequently, the earthquake and the resulting Tsuna mi spread mind-boggling destruction across the Indian Ocean. What is more, 12 countries were affected some as far away as the Horn of Africa. The globalizing effect of innovations in transportation and communication were in evidence. The revolution in information technology made global communications instantaneous and also made it possible to muster humanitarian assistance for rescue, relief, and the reconstruction in real time. This began to appear on international television news programs and on internet. It has also allowed the scope of the disaster to become clear. A week after the disaster, experts estimated that as many people would die of disease as were killed by the waved themselves. In fact, help was so valuable that number was close to zero. As a matter of fact, even though the UN can physically deploy humanitarian assistance to help people affected by such emergencies anywhere in the world, it is not puzzling to affirm that millions of lives were saved and re designing was started without a central authority (global governance). Moreover, despite the fact that IOs help states to cooperate in the pursuit of share goals and manage competition and rivalry in order to avoid conflict and violence, countless threats whether natural or unnatural face the human species. For example genocide, weapons of mass destruction, climates change, and financial instabilities. Essentially, the evolution of intergovernmental institutions to facilitate robust international responses lags well behind the emergence of collective problems with transborder, especially global dimensions. This could also be stated as one of the problmatiques (negative side) of global governance in our time. Similarly, another pessimistic side of global governance is in terms of security. This consists of the disjuncture between the distribution of authority within existing intergovernmental institutions and the distribution of multitude power internationally. According to Rodern Wilkinson Economic governance is the most(prenominal) advanced and blanket(prenominal) dimension of emerging global governance. Yet as in the security sector, there is a growing gap between distribution of authority within existing international institutions and the international distribution of economic power. regardless of the fact that Global Governance has an unfinished journey with the UN, it is important to have it away that it also has limits in terms of attaining their governance goals and thus the reduction of their legitimacy, in the main originates from four governance gaps which are jurisdictional, operational, incentive and participatory. As a result these gaps considerably impair the capacity of international governance systems such as global governance in this case so as not to deal efficiently with urgent problems. (Volker Rittberg, 2001). This also impedes some actors opportunities to participate in the public policy-making. In other words, the attainment of governance g oals within the global governance as a model of international governance system has gradually become more complex. This is particularly true for trans- sovereign problems. This overleap of effectiveness has been referred to as the governance systems reduced output legitimacy(Zurn 2002, 184,Scharpf 1998a). According to Volker Rittberg, global governance has to be regarded rather as a patchwork of manifold elements deriving from governance under the hegemonic umbrella (e.g. in the security communities) as well as governance without world governance appears to be the most desirable and realistic of realizable governance models. The extent to which the United Nations can help promote international world peace and security is a matter of debate. Evidence indicates that the world organisation still faces many great challenges. Most importantly, insecurity is growing especially in Non-western or developing countries. For the time being, the UN possesses only a limited institutional and l ogistical capacity to undertake major peace operations around the world. Accordingly, global governance is not a single world order, not a pass off down, hierarchical structure of authority. It is the collection of governance, related activities, rules and mechanisms, formal and informal existing at a variety of levels in the world today. For purposes of global government, one major limitation of public international law is that it applies only to states keep out for war crimes and crimes against humanity. At present, except within the EU, multilateral agreements cannot be used directly to bind individuals, multinational corporations, non-governmental organisations, paramilitary forces, terrorists or international criminals. However, they can establish norms that states are expected to observe and where possible enforce against these non-state actors. other issue in the eyes of many is the deficiency of international enforcement mechanisms and the role of self-interest in shaping states decisions about whether or not to accept treaties and other forms of international rules. International law has left states to use self-help delegacy to secure fulfilment. In reality, The UN charter and the E.U treaties for example, provide enforcement mechanisms yet the threat of sanctions is not a key motivator for compliance with international rules (M Karns and K Mingst, 2004). The complexness of global governance is a function not only of many pieces, but also of many actors that are frequently linked in transnational and trans-governmental networks. Such networks have become increasingly dense since the 1970.Amongst them there are the states, IGOs, NGOs, experts, multinational corporations (MNCS) and global policy networksHowever, it is important to acknowledge the fact that the theory and practice of global governance seeks to provide international government-like services in the absence of a world government and helping to build effective regional organisations and s ecurity communities, the UN has a better chance of achieving its goals for global governance. The positive side of global governance will now be discussed within the following paragraphs.On the other hand, Global governance is take in order to stimulate improvement, maintain social stability and to decline inequality. Meaning, a squareer international cooperation is important so as to make this work in tandem (effectively) with open market abroad. I believe that since more and more problems are global, solutions should also be global to make more sense. That is to say effective cooperation among governments, big business and NGOs is necessary. It is evident that over the sometime(prenominal) years climate change has been the lightning-road issue for global governance. Therefore it makes sense for global common problems to require a global cooperative solution. The United Nations once dealt only with governments. By now we know that peace and successfulness cannot be achieved wit hout partnerships involving governments, international organisations, the business community and civil society ( In fact, we depend on each other in todays world. This simply means a nation cannot survive efficiently on its own and will surely need a hand from the outside world. It can be seen that international organisations (IGOS) and INGOS play important roles and undertake particular functions in the world market-place. Therefore it is difficult to imagine the contemporary world without them since they assist the process of the functioning of the international political systems such as global governance. The absence of inactivity of global governance could result in the fact that sovereign states would have to contact one another by the transnational means of diplomacy, at most conference diplomacy. National groupings and individuals might well have contact with those having common interests in other parts of the world but this relationship would not be formalized into a continuous structure with members from several states. Forums for discussion and exchange would be less frequent and would be one-off occasions with no certainty of any continuity. Governments and groupings trying to further their own ends internationally would have fewer instruments. The existence of Global governance, however strong or weak and in whatever form, also allows for action by global civil society. Civil society in the domestic linguistic context refers to the social action not organized by governments and its agents but non-governmental movements, associations and organizations. (Clive A, 2001). The U.N system plays a central role in global governance in terms of implementing or adjusting proposals. It seems that the global-governance model is most compatible with our finding that international organisations are able to encourage and stabilize international cooperation among sovereign statesTo gain a foothold in the future, global governance will have to overcome the gaps mentioned above, which we have not explained in detail throughout this essay. However, there is no general consensus about how these gaps can and should be narrowed or even closed although they curtail the effectiveness and legitimacy of 20th carbon international governance systems. In order to fulfil effectively the tasks of governance, it is all-important(a) to ensure a well-balanced relationship within the triad of actors and by making it possible for these actors to participate in governance processes adequately and equitably.

Power of Critical Theory for Adult Learning and Teaching

Power of minute Theory for cock-a-hoop Learning and TeachingUnmasking Power Stephen Brookfield in the Power of Critical Theory for Adult Learning and Teaching, OUP Maidenhead 2005Brookfields chapter on the unmasking of business leader leads him immediately to consideration of the French theorist, Michel Foucault, by whom he was first introduced to the image of regimes of truth the types of discourse which it (society) accepts and makes function as true (Foucault). Regimes of truth turn to lull teachers into believing they are operating in a berth free setting. Brookfield uses Foucaults description of origin to explore the paradox that apparently emancipatory great(p) tuition practices faecal matter contain oppressive dimensions.Brookfield rebrands Foucault as a vital theorist on two grounds, firstly that he focuses, in a Marxian fashion, on how existing power relations reproduce themselves and secondly, that he is self-critical close his own theoretical formulations of po wer. I quote Marx without saying so. (Foucault). However, Foucault did non chance upon power only as being imposed from above by a dominant elite. Using the analogy of the connections made by synapses, power is seen as flowing by dint ofout the social body. We are all interested in the exercise of power, even we do not believe we sustain it.Fundamental to Foucaults analysis of power is the humor of disciplinary power which is malevolently attentive to our every move and which is constantly exercised by means of surveillance exemplified by a panopticon.Brookfield balances this analysis of power with what Foucault sees as its necessary corollary, resistance. manage power, resistance seat be found in multiple places and posterior be integrated in global strategies. One example disposed of this is how oppositional groups can use the internet to organise effectively. Foucault himself was deeply involved in contravening the status quo because he believed in essence that theory is practice.Looking at the world we now inhabit, it is clear that the all-seeing operation control centres in impudently prisons are replicated in many other areas of our lives including education, social services and plumpplaces. Foucaults belief that surveillance is permanent in its effects, even if it is discontinuous in its action, strikes a very sombre chord, particularly as we are voluntarily submitting ourselves, more and more, to such surveillance through the use of social media. Images and comments from decades ago can be retrieved with ease. We may have moved on, but what we did or say is frozen in time, ready to be immediately defrosted at a touch of a search button. Within education, opportunities for asynchronous scholarship through virtual learning environments can in fact be holy weapons of surveillance used to assess the apparent engagement of the learner with the materials provided.The idea that we can derive pleasure from disciplining ourselves is disturbing , but it rings true. Brookfield makes an association amid this and Gramscis notion of most peoples willingness happily to embrace ideas, value and interests which actually work against our freedom. Brookfield applies Foucaults ideas across a number of staple items in the heavy(a) educators toolkit learning journals, learning contracts and discussion groups, and shows how such techniques, which we adopt unquestioningly, can inadvertently beef up the discriminatory practices we seek to challenge.The effect of disciplinary power on education resonated with me. Far from the mutuality that pervades the relationship of a voluntary tutor with a 11 student or the collaborative learning in small groups, the drive for perpetual assessment and indicative content of courses drives tutors to keep apart individual projects so that collaborative projects are seen as a derived diversion of the intellectually weak. Similarly the discrete tests which make up the awards agreement serve technolog ical rather than educational ends. That simply is not the instruction learning happens.Brookfields example of changing seating practices made an impression on me. Despite the unquestioning belief on the part of many adult educators that it has an equalising effect, in fact such actions do not magically do away with power, but rather displace it and reconfigure it. Circular seating can be intimidating, too open and too exposed and thus not necessarily less oppressive.Word count 653

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Tackling The Gang Problem In The Uk Criminology Essay

Tackling The camp Problem In The Uk Criminology EssayIn the past decade the innovation of large designs has been debated thoroughly via research, media and government policy. This has led many to tap the y exposeh of at present for world the downfall of connection by belonging to a face pack. further this is not a new phenomenon, since the 1960s British research has concentrate on gangs, from a wide variety of groupings such(prenominal)(prenominal) as parapraxis boys, skinheads, punks, chavs and rudeboys.America is seen as the base for gang research however American researchers throw away been unable to agree on a uniform commentary of gangs. In Britain Klein et al (2001) devised an operational definition of a gang as a durable street-oriented spring chicken group whose date in flagitious activity is part of the group identity. This definition has been found to suck cross-national severeness (Decker and Weerman, 2005), and has been adapted in British research and policy (Sharp et al 2006).A difficulty in inherent in defining such a complex notion is the involvement of the media. This is staten from as early as 1964 with Cohens Mods and bikers conceivee. The medias exaggeration and distortion of the events resulted in the negative perception of those who defined themselves as a Mod or Rocker. They were depicted as folk devils and acted out that role accordingly in following years (Muncie, 1999). In todays order of magnitude new-fashi nonpareild people who become a member of a gang oftentimes seek to maintain that label for reasons such as the material, fiscal and affectionate status gains (Jeffery, 1960).According to NACRO, youth offending fell amidst 1993 and 2001 and Britain has one of the lowest youth crime rates in Europe. tho the media disregards this and upholds to make juvenility people folk devils (Cohen, 1980). By doing so it has forget to a moral panic (Cohen, 1980) with 1.5 one million million million Britons consideri ng moving home because of young people hanging around their neighbourhood (The Independent, 2006).Within this essay U.K gangs leave alone be discussed in terms of the problems they cause such as weapon and glossa crime. The issue of the over-representation of heathen minority gangs will also be debated. Attempts to prevent gang crime and the successes of cake programmes will be discussed. The cogitate will be upon youth gangs as this is where the majority of research is found upon and they arguably suck up the most impact on British society.The implication of gangs in the U.K relates to the issues they cause in regards society and union cohesion. Although NACRO stated that youth offending had fallen young people involved in gangs be disproportionately involved in crime, especially involving weapons. In 2008 more than 70 youngsters died due to gang military force in Britain (Hughes, 2009). It is the death of innocent bystanders such as Rhys Jones, Sally Ann Byfield and D amilola Taylor. That has shook society, leaving many to be tremendous of going to eye sockets dominated by gangs. Such areas are inner-city, economically disadvantaged and have a high ethnic population (Vigil 2002).The Metropolitan law of nature identified more than 170 gangs in London, with members as young as ten. Many gangs are loose affiliations of friends from the same area intent on controlling a territory, often defined by a beam code. The penalty for straying into the wrong area is to be robbed, beaten or stabbed. Many teenagers carry a knife out of dread or to defend themselves if attacked. Recently knife crime has risen across England and Wales, the number of fatal stabbings in 2007-08 was 270, the highest since records began in 1977 (Hughes, 2009). The Home Office reported that submarine crime fell by 29%, this could be down to translation effect as knives are more readily available than guns (Hughes, 2009). It must(prenominal) be noted that official statistics d o not offer a complete picture of gun and knife crime because often violence between criminals and offences by children under 16 goes unreported (Golding et al, 2008).An issue of gangs relates to loth gangsters (Pitts, 2009). They dont wish to be in a gang but as they fail to gain other(a) occupation they return to the gang lifestyle. Those who move to leave a gang are at high hazard of victimisation (Taylor et al, 2007). The issue of victimisation is also a consequence for family as they may fall victim of a retaliation attack, have strong-arm and mental health problem and endure numerous police raids and federation stigma (Pitts, 2009).But as many will join gangs from a young age the effect of their actions is often not apparent onward it is as well as late.Ethnic minorities are over-represented in media reports (Davison 1997) and in British Police accounts of gangs (Marshall et al. 2005). As gangs are more prevalent in areas populated by ethnic minorities (Vigil 2002), pe ople consciously avoid or move from such areas which allows the area to worsen. Possibly rendering it un-fixable even with government or police preventative, this is in line with the Broken Windows Theory (Wilson and Kelling, 1982)Ethnicity may also not be such a strong predictor of gang membership in England and Wales, as opposed to a more segregated country such as USA (Peach 1996). Research on British gangs provides support for this receive Manchester gangs are ethnically mixed when the neighbourhood is ethnically mixed (Bullock and Tilley 2002), whereas in the more ethnically homogeneous Edinburgh, gangs tend to be mostly sinlessness (Bradshaw 2005). The ethnic composition of gangs is not divergent from the ethnic composition of other youth groups in Britain (Sharp et al. 2006). This is in support of Kleins (2001) definition is the what defines a gang is their involvement in crime.In 2007 Tony Blair and Gordon Brown held emergency summits dedicated to gangs, guns and knife cr ime (Alexander, 2007). The government denote a Three point project to tackle gun and gang crime, focusing on policing, courts and community taproom (Alexander, 2007). Across the political spectrum policy amendments were called for ranging from David Camerons swiftly recanted Hug a Hoodie presidential term of witness protection schemes to the establishment of safe houses for those escaping gangs (Alexander 2007).Police action against gangs is often described as intelligence-led however, the nature, quality and ethical deployment of gang information continue to be questioned. Ralphs et al (2009) in a British ethnographic study found evidence of youth being targeted solely by connection with known gang members, together with evidence of exclusionary experiences for example school exclusion, hampered employment prospects and excessive police attention that were attributed to erroneous labelling.Churchill and Clarke (2009) in a look back of parent-focused policy to reduce social ex clusion, list 39 separate major initiatives across early years, education, employment, benefit and parenting programme domains during 1997-2008, at a accumulative cost of hundreds of millions of pounds. Yet hushed numerous new initiatives are being introduced such as The Communities Against Guns, Gangs and Knives Initative at a cost of 18 million for 2011-2013 (Home Office, 2011)Families have been conceptualised as a source of risk and resilience regarding antisocial and offending behaviour, and as a site for support and intervention. In an global narrative review (Klein and Maxson, 2006), the most consistent discriminator of gang involvement was a low level of parental supervision. It is a known particular the family can be a risk but also protective(p) factor of criminal involvement for young people (Farrington, 2003).Multi-systemic Therapy is a multimodal intervention that is delivered to the families of serious delinquents aged 12-17. The approach sees the adolescents offend ing as being manifold determined by risk factors in nested socio-ecological risk domains. Multi-systemic Therapy has been evaluated to high standards in the USA, Canada and Norway with little dissent (Littell, 2005). In the British place setting Multi-systemic Therapy is seen in systemic Therapy for At-Risk Teens (START). As it is a new mode the it is only recently that the electropositive effectiveness are beginning to emerge (Baruch and Butler, 2007).Family-oriented policy conceived by UK tire out governments in the 1997-2010 included Parenting Orders. They are civil measures that require parents of children aged 10-17 who truant, show antisocial or offending behaviour to attend parenting support initiatives. provided they have been criticised as being out of touch with practice, inconsistently applied, unsuitably placing responsibility on parents and as backdoor criminalisation, whereby non-compliance results in criminal conviction (Burney and Gelsthorpe, 2008). valuation of the set up of Parenting Orders on child behaviour is extremely lacking.An inherent problem in parental involvement is that many parents often reject the blame for their childs gang involvement instead locating problems in the broader social context relating to lack of job opportunities and the influence of peers. This sense of misdirected blame, combined with a upkeep that one or more children could be taken into care, fed through into a mistrust of family support services that were felt to be stigmatising and brusk (Aldridge et al 2009).Since 1997, Government policy has also focused on the social exclusion of young people who see gang activities conflicting with their community interests. Interventions that have been used are Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Youth curfews. The government announced this year that Anti-Social Behaviour Orders were going to be replaced as many saw them as a badge of honour. The new Crime prevention enjoinment is aimed at stopping anti-social behaviour before it escalates (BBC, 2011). Youth Curfews have been seen as questionable in terms of their implications for human rights and freedoms and as regards their utility (Walsh, 2002)From the research put forward in this essay it is apparent that Gangs are salvage significant in contemporary society there are calm down issues related to their use of weapons and the over-emphasis on ethnicity in gangs. More needs to be done to sponsor those seen as reluctant gangsters (Pitts, 2008) as individuals increasingly flavor that they are unable to leave a gang in fear or retaliation on themselves, their family or the inability to survive financially. The media still has a strong impact on how society sees gangs which does not help such interventions that are attempting to decrease gang crime and culture. But it is short nothing can be done to change the medias portrayal as they always need a social group to use as scapegoat for the problems within society and in the last decade gangs have been used as the moral panic (Cohen, 1980).To conclude, the success of interventions is varied, there have been numerous interventions brought in by the government with the most promising one being the most recent. As it is apparent the previous interventions have not been seen to be entirely beneficial otherwise there would not be a need for a new intervention. As can be seen by the cost of intervention programmes, Gang Crime is costing society billions of pounds not to mention the human cost. Like the new Crime Prevention Injunction more initiatives should seek to address to stop anti-social behaviour before it escalates (BBC, 2011). This is being piloted in the form of an early intervention initiative in Nottingham, which seeks to reach those under 12 who are deemed at risk of offending. at that place is strong support for involving family in the prevention method but this too should be instigated at an early age. As when individuals realise the detrimental effects o f being a gang member it is too late and at the later point in life it may also be harder for the parents to convince the parents to comply with intervention (Aldridge et al 2009). Multi-systemic Therapy should be continued to be implemented in programs as it seems to be a promising method (Baruch and Butler, 2007). Like any prevention method it will take a few years to see the success of such and as prevention of gang crime is a relatively new procedure perhaps it is that we are not yet seeing the positive effects of the interventions that have been implemented.

Spring Oscillation to Find the Spring Constant

Spring Oscillation to knock the Spring ConstantTitle Using a onslaught shaking to knock the jump off perpetual.The aim of my report is to find the K ( opening constant) by measuring the period of 10 get along oscillations with the range of mass of 0.05kg up to 0.3kg. It was been demonstrated by the reviewer and also the following instruction that Ive been wedded.This experiment in allow show and prove that with this mode acting, we goat calculate the bound constant by using the following formula,In the meantime, well be palpate that we go off get to find the funk constant, k, through this type method.What is a spring constant?Spring constant is a broadside of asperity or the ability to resist shifting under a load. It is denoted by K whereThe SI social unit for the spring constantNm-1The spring constant tells u that it is the ratio of change of squelch with respect of deflection. So in opposite words, it is directly proportional to individually other.The spri ng constant can also be known as the force constant. It is a criterion of the elasticity of the spring. In theory, the more(prenominal) than its elastic value, the more the force you will involve to act to extend the spring.For example, a short spring has a higher spring constant than that of a long spring IF the other aspects or characteristics of it are the same or equal (thickness, material).It will harbor you 10N to extend a short spring with 1cm.To extend the long spring by the same amount, it would take less force, perhaps 5N for example.Introduction on Hookes LawHookes justness is the impartiality of elasticity that was founded by the English scientist, Robert Hooke in the early 1660. It states that the extension or compression of a spring is directly proportional to the force exerted upon it.Sometimes Hookes law is formulated asF=kx where as in this expressionFis no longer the applied force but it was the equal and oppositely directed restoring force that causes elast ic materials same(p) springs to return to their legitimate forms.The law can also be show as the ratio of stress and strain. Stress is the force on unit areas within a material that develops as a result of the outwardly applied force while strain is the relative deformation produced by stress. For relatively small stresses, stress is proportional to strain. For particular expressions of Hookes law in this form, see bulk modulus shear modulus Youngs modulus.plat of the apparatus usedClear Description of the Method UsedAs can be seen from the previous page, these are the description of the method by using the apparatus from the picture and as prepared by the lecturer.At basic, set up the apparatus which demonstrated by the lecturer.Hang the first mass on the spring.Allow the mass to oscillate up and tear with a small amplitude and measure the time for ten complete oscillations.Calculate the average from both of the times sets.Find the time period T by dividing the average time by 10Repeat all of the measuring of time by 5 more times with different masses which are from 0.05g.Make a remit regarding the results that you analysed.Data compend TableGraph of T (y-axis) against m (x-axis)Analysis DiscussionThe first subject that trained to do is get all the information of the data that Ive collected from this experiment using the method and Hookes Law. Next step, all the result data were then arrange in a Microsoft Excel, which is to be completed by using the table.With the results that Ive got from the method to measure k (speed constant) and for every each of the value from the blueweed dots, (from the graph) was completed enough to its original value. Although, most of my values are in the range of 2 N/m, it is acceptable.GradientTo find the slope of the graph, firstly, we need two particular points which included 2 values from x-axis and 2 more values from y-axis.The formula to find gradient is The equation of a frontier is For example, these value s are from the graph (0.06, 0.06) (0.29, 0.46)SUBSTITUTE = 1.74 (value of my gradient) (look at my graph)Therefore it cerebrate with the equation of a line which is,Like this,Therefore the gradient is,Thus, alter the following gradient value with this to find k.Value of k (speed constant) conclusion the value of k, from the equation,The gradient that I found is 1.74N/m. Substitute it into the following gradient formula,Total value of k = 22.7NmPercentage Difference(My total original value of spring constant divided by the value of spring constant)Multiply by 100. 100 = 60.3%Accuracy and reliabilityFirst thing that we should know is that the spring constant is depended on the displacement under a load. So by the result that I have calculated with the method and the formula given to find T from the lecturer is not straight as we would expected because of the formula that we should use is .The required unit for spring constant value is the acceleration of the free fall gravi ty and the displacement of the spring. Even though we can find the constant K by using the method from our lecturer, it will not be as accurate as the one with the formula , and with measuring time on that points a lot of miss accurate because of the possibility of human error.We can also substitute into , however there is no value given for the length or displacement of the springs given, thus, giving us more uncertainties error. chit chatReasons for UncertaintiesAmplitude is different from each of the results causing it not to be precise.The disablement of finding the missing length of the spring which is not constructed by the lecturer is very important to find the spring constant.Spring constant cannot be invented because as the number of how much weight or force that we need to apply to make the spring extended by 1 molar concentration and based on the spring function.Due to the human error, the reaction of reason time of the stopwatch will never be accurate.The measuremen t of an burden from working out the oscillation is inaccurate.Improvement for UncertaintiesFirstly, we need the value of the spring length which will be easier to be calculated and comparing the destiny difference between the method that Ive used and the one with this improvement.If there is a modern technology that can be invented that can measure the length of the spring when they stretch and to determine the time of oscillation with the knowledgeability of lasers to determine the period for each oscillation.Need an instrument that can sway the pendulum before and after the 10 complete oscillations so that every each of the oscillation within both period (time and time 2) will be measured accurately.In my honest opinion, the more accurate method to find the spring constant is to measure the springs displacement kind of than using time as the unit to find k, spring constant, so we can now substitute the one we got previously to the formula Referencing ListsBray, A. Barbato, G. Levi, R. (1990). system and Practise of Force Measurement. SanDiego Academic Press Limited. 52-53.Hosch, W.L. (2006). Hookes law Retrieved from http// exit/271336/Hookes-lawIris. (2009). what is spring constant? Retrieved from http//, J.F. (1993). Physics Classical and raw (2nd ed.). McGraw-hill Inc. 331-350.

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Crusades Essay -- Religion, Power Struggles, Christian Church

Power struggles have always been occurrences that have had the ability to plague an inbuilt nation. While evidence of this f make for potbelly be seen all passim history, it is especially evident within medieval sequences. Specifically, exponent struggles developed between the papist church and various groups such as non-believers, Muslims, kings, and even parking lot race all throughout the High Middle Ages. As a result, Christian fighters, known as crusades, were asked to fight for their beliefs by the pope in revise to take back land that non-believers lived on as vigorous as eliminate anyone who challenged the authority of the church hierarchy. It was not hard to change everyplace most slew to become crusaders and many documents throughout history can show one exactly why this was. Due to the fact that papist church figures were genuinely good at convincing people of what divinity wanted, people were easily persuaded by their love for God, hate for infidels as t umesce as heretics, and need to feel noble which convinced them to become crusaders. aft(prenominal) the fall of the Roman Empire during the 5th century, the Christian church became very powerful. It owned vast regions of land and played an important role in the economy. The church became so powerful that the western church announced its license from secular rulers and its power over them, and it established authority over rulers and commoners alike (Wiesner 172). People who were not faithful to the Christian church or simply did not believe its people should have that much power were very upset with this shift in authority. Immediately issues occurred as another(prenominal) groups and figures challenged the church for power. First off, it is easy to see that the largest component that drew people to be crusaders was their ... ...God and partly an honorable and brave act that men gained confidence, reward, and importance from joining.After reviewing documents of crusaders it is easy to see that most went to battle because they were easily persuaded to do anything for God, they felt a true hatred for the infidels and heretics, as well as the sense of importance and nobility the soldiers gained from going to battle. Crusades played a major role in the High Middle Ages and even though they were not terribly successful, they still are very famous historical figures. This act of God was to help deal with the internal and external conflict that the Roman Church was having in trying to remain in power. However, it also displays that people of this time were very susceptible to persuasion and even propaganda. This period of time truly emphasizes how far people will go in order to obtain power.

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Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre :: essays research papers

Charlotte Bronte makes use of nature imagery through with(predicate)out "JaneEyre," and comments on both the humane relationship with the outdoors andhuman nature. The Oxford Reference Dictionary defines "nature" as "1. thephenomena of the physical world as a whole . . . 2. a things immanentqualities a persons or animals innate character . . . 4. vital force,functions, or needs." We leave behind see how "Jane Eyre" comments on all ofthese.Several natural themes run through the novel, one of which is theimage of a stormy sea. After Jane saves Rochesters life, she gives us the by-line metaphor of their relationship "Till morning dawned I was tossedon a happy but unquiet sea . . . I thought some epochs I saw beyond itswild waters a brink . . . now and then a freshening gale, wakened by hope,bore my spirit triumphantly towards the bourne but . . . a counteractingbreeze blew off land, and continually bevy me back." The gale is all theforces that prevent Janes union with Rochester. Later, Bront, whether itbe intentional or not, conjures up the image of a buoyant sea whenRochester says of Jane "Your habitual expression in those days, Jane, was. . . not buoyant." In fact, it is this buoyancy of Janes relationshipwith Rochester that keeps Jane afloat at her time of crisis in the heath"Why do I struggle to entertain a valueless life? Because I know, or believe, Mr. Rochesteris living."Another recurrent image is Bronts treatment of Birds. We firstwitness Janes fascination when she reads Bewicks History of British Birdsas a child. She reads of "death-white realms" and "the solitary rocks andpromontories" of sea-fowl. We quickly see how Jane identifies with thebird. For her it is a pulp of hunt down, the report of flying above the toilsof every day life. Several measure the narrator talks of feeding birdscrumbs. Perhaps Bront is telling us that this idea of escape is no morethan a fantasy - - one cannot escape when one must return for basicsustenance. The link between Jane and birds is beef up by the wayBront adumbrates poor nutrition at Lowood through a bird who is describedas "a little hungry robin."Bront brings the buoyant sea theme and the bird theme together inthe career describing the first painting of Janes that Rochesterexamines. This painting depicts a turbulent sea with a sunken ship, and onthe mast perches a cormorant with a gold bauble in its mouth, apparentlytaken from a drowning body.

Corporate Culture : The Key To Understanding Work Organisations :: essays research papers

Corporate destination The Key to Understanding Work OrganisationsOrganisational or corporate culture is wide held to refer to a system ofshared meanings held by members that distinguishes the makeup from separate musical arrangements, that is a set of shared key characteristics or values.The culture that an organisation has will play an important part in its successin its foodstuff place sector. Likewise an organisations continued success will dependto a large extent on the baron of the leadership of the organisation to bear on that culture.A large, established organisation in a mature market is likely to gullobjectives of moderate growth and the maintenance of its position at bottom themarket. McDonalds is an example of such an organisation. You could walk in toa McDonalds restaurant in London, Tokyo or Moscow and expect to see staff habilimented in the same uniform serving the same food from in spite of appearance restaurants thatlook remarkably similar. There are no ris ks to be interpreted here and rarely a snapdecision to be do and certainly not by the staff.Contrast this with a small organisation, thirsty(p) for success in an emergentmarket such as Steve Jobs apple Computers in the early eighties. Here was acompany led by a very strong character who was highly motivated, possessed ahighly practical imagination and was fanatical about detail. He make up amultinational company on the strength of his ability to promote free thinkingcoupled with the attention to detail that is call for to produce a world classcomputer within the organisation that he ran.It is quite clear that if the cultures of these two organisations weretransposed there would be internal chaos and the companys would lose theirpositions within their markets. A McDonalds restaurant that started to lendflair to its menu would soon cut in to the companys tightly controlled gathermargins whereas a company with tightly enforced rules and regulations couldnever lead the market in innovative technologies.It is not by chance that these two organisations bind such different cultures.They are each the product of a distinctly constructed and executed leadershippolicies reinforced by the organisations founders and subsequently their topmanagement. The moldes of pickax and socialisation are key tools in themaintenance of an organisations culture.The selection cover is typically employed within organisations not only toselect individuals who have the technical skills and knowledge to perform theirroles within the organisation but besides to select people who will fit in with,and not undermine, the organisations culture.The process of socialisation has as its key objective the moulding of the

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Anthropology Today Essay -- Anthropology

Anthropology TodayIn auberge today, the discipline of anthropology has made a tremendous shift from the practices it employed age ago. Anthropologists of today perplex a very different localize from their predecessors, who would focus on relating problems of distant peoples to the Western gentleman. In more modern times, their last has become much more local, in focusing on tender problems and issues within the societies they live.This base will identify the roles anthropologists today play, such as wherethey perform the bulk of their work, and what it is they do in both problemsolving, as well as policy making. It will also identify the issues they are facedwith, that is, the nature of the problems they address. Ethics have of all time been animportant start up of anthropology, and this paper will also deal with the honest goalsof todays anthropologists and some of the ethical problems they are faced with.The information of this paper was obtained entirely from the in ternet. Itwas designed as an internet project structured to both t separately and familiarize question through the World Wide Web. Any data in this paper was derivedthrough information posted publicly on internet sites purchasable to any member ofthe public with an internet connection.As a terminus of the narrow area of research, the information provided both tothe author and the reader is limited. date it is true that the internet is a source ofboundless information, the sheer union of it all makes reading all of itimpossible. Also, the total lack of journal reports, or texts, means that while theinformation provided may not be minimal, it is nevertheless limited.When people think of an anthropologist, the image of the jungle travelingcharacter comes to mind. A white man sitting in a hut on some primitive island,taking notes on the local tribes s/he is living with. Decades ago, this was actuallythe case. However, as time progresses, so does the role of the anthropologis t intodays society. Very rarely now does anthropology actually involve extensivefieldwork in an exotic location. Today, an M.A. or a Ph.D. in the field ofanthropology means that a job locally may be available to you. There is alwaysthe academic side of things, such as becoming a professor of the discipline, exceptthis paper will focus more on the non-academic roles of the anthropo... ...y have come full-circle no longer do they study the foreign, but now study the local. Theirpositions in society are almost besides many to mention, but the severe increase in thebusiness world must be mentioned. It can be said that the discipline ofanthropology covers a wide variety of tasks as well as overlapping with early(a)fields of the social sciences, but that statement becomes more true with eachpassing year.BIBLIOGRAPHY1. AAA 2000 Code of Ethics of the American Anthropological railroad tie,http// Anonymous 2000 parliamentary law for Applied Anthropology, http//, Oct. 18, 20003. Anonymous 2000 A kick the bucket for field projects on adaptive strategies,http//, Jan. 17, 20004. Cassell, Joan and Sue-Ellen Jacobs American Anthropological Associasion Handbook on Ethical Issues in Anthropology, http// High Top Media 2000 Anthropology Links, http//, Apr. 20006. SfAA 2000 Society for Applied Anthropology, http//, Sept. 29, 2000

A Visit to the ER :: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay

A Visit to the ER   I did non want to be on that point, alone visiting the emergency room was part of the local Youth scientific discipline platform.   When I had first thought of becoming a doctor I was awed by the science involved. I frequently pictured myself as a know it all who saw patients and wrote prescriptions in an office. The thought of works in a hospital with extremely ill patients did not assemblage to me. The emergency room presented the possibility of changing my mind about my life history goals. I did not want to leave thinking that I no longer knew what I wanted to do.   John, one of the Youth Science Program directors, handed me a lab application. It was time to go, and in a stun I wondered if I would one day, wear a lab coat that read, Patricia Reynoso, M.D.   That day I met an Hispanic lady who had previously had two self-generated abortions. This time she had vaginal bleeding and the fetal heart sound was not audible. Only a n echography would determine whether her baby was alive or not. magical spell the doctors made the arrangements I kept her company. I did not know how she snarl about me since she had only been told that I was a student who would translate for her. each(prenominal) I know is that at that moment, my conflicting feelings about beingness on that point were forgotten. Her apprehension over losing her third child and her inability to communicate with the mass around her became my new concern.   My early school days helped me relate to her situation. I will never forget the time I was sitting, Indian style, in front of my classroom. Some children held my arms against the wall while others poked fun at me in a language I did not understand. The frustration of being forced to contain my feelings inside was despicable.   I was glad to be there for her at such an important moment. Her worry was greater than her pain and she ask someone who would listen to her. What made me happier was her asking me to be present during the ultrasound test.   When one of the doctors said, The babys moving, there was no need to translate.

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Macbeth :: Literary Analysis, Shakespeare

Loyalty is extremely important for the human race to possess since self-loving creatures like us would create loony bin if we were to non have an auxiliary to anything. In Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the main characters, Macbeths, story is a prime ensample of the chaos that could ensue with the absence of fealty amongst the humankind. Loyalty to ones parents, friends, morals, country and so much more is what keeps one performing and living live realistically for the unassailable of everyone and not just for ones self. In Macbeth, Macbeth threw off his loyalty to his king and kin to fully surrender himself to his desire for power. That instant where he commits to his receive selfish wants, chaos began. People get murdered left and right, the lies and treason never stop and everything goes wrong for everyone, the natural order of things was disturbed. Shakespeares himself hints at this chaos by including a change of setting, usually slipping into a helter-skelter storm o r a dark foreboding night to signify the absolute wrongness of the things happening. Some outcomes of strong loyalty are not always positive. For example, a battered wife that is loyal to her husband and forget not leave him. Or a gambler that is loyal and sacred to a slot machine. Shakespeare understood this negative loyalty and demonstrated it in Macbeth. He proved that loyalty isnt always a good thing. In most cases loyalty to one thing means a escape to something else. For instance, a mother that is dedicated to her children could mean a slow down at her job or at her relationship with her husband for the lack of attention they receive. The loyalty or lack thereof is the cause of Scotlands downfall under Macbeths rule. Duncan is the King of Scotland and he has great loyalty and wish for his land. This is positive loyalty. Duncan says, So well thy wounds. /They smack of honor both. Go get him surgeons. (I. ii. 43-44) Duncan is talking about the honor that he feels for M acbeth for his victory in fighting for his land. Duncan later says to Macbeth, True, worthy Banquo he is full so valiant. (I. iv. 54) Duncan is complimenting Macbeth for his loyalty, which proves his respect for his country and people who fight for it. Macbeth is loyal to his wife, which ends up costing lives.

Anthropology Essay -- Anthropologist Culture Essays

AnthropologyAnthropology what a vulnerable observer you are You may closely have to jump into the arms of the scientists if you are going to try to living your grass hut at the academy -- Ruth BeharDebates on the component part the reflexive plague the field of cultural anthropology as postmodern critics occasion the bandwagon feating to claim authority in this dubiously recognized discipline. In the perimeter realm between the sciences and humanities, cultural anthropology has tried to find a niche in which it can comfortably rest. For many, this has been in building a inception of the methodical. If anthropology can classify, categorize, and synthesize, it can assert its legitamacy to the glares of academia. However, in the attempts to salvage its reputation, anthropologists have sacrificed the hardihood of research by neglecting our subjectivity. Critics have viewed the role of the reflexive as anthropological naval gazing leading to introspection and empathy which undermi ne accurate observation. However, I shell out that it is important to include reflexivity in anthropological method. The anthropologist has to recognize non only the effect the surroundings have on him/her personalisedly, but to a fault the effect he/she has on the surroundings. This dialogue comprises data. If neglected, the text in its attempt to be comprehensive would be left incomplete. The anthropologist Renato Rosaldo has been particularly criticized for his statement on reflexivity in Culture and Truth The Remaking of Social Analysis. In this work, he revisited his previous ethnography Grief and Headhunters Rage with a untried perspective. Many years after his fieldwork, he realized the importance of personal experience in understanding the context. He states, Dur... ...8) The anthropologist provides the framework for fieldwork. He/she is the rattling lenses in which the commentator views the culture. By acknowledging his/her knowledge subjectivity, the anthropologist recognizes the limited view he/she provides. This also adds texture to a text by filtering through his/her own background and personal experience. This personal insight is what gives understanding between individuals. By infusing this into the data, the anthropologist draws the reader into a realm where he/she can have the talent to understand more deeply the ethnography. Beyond the personal background of the ethnographer, his/her certain presence in the environment effects the data immensely. The colliding cultures can betray a lot about the culture at hand. Reflexivity leads the reader through a depiction of the ethnographers journey rather than a liberal set of sequences.

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Essay --

All About Explorers was dieed by a group of teachers as a means of teaching students about the cyberspace. Although the Internet can be a tremendous resource for gathering cultivation about a topic, we found that students often did not have the skills to issue spendful information from worthless data.So we set out to develop a series of lessons for elementary age students in which we would demonstrate that bonny because it is out there for the searching does not mean it is worthwhile.A normal novice strategy for searching the Internet is to type the topic into the aim bar. For example, if you are researching Christopher Columbus, you naturally would look first at Unfortunately, as you impart see if you click on this link, that is not helpful. Neither is, which takes you to the Columbus, OH, Chamber of Commerce.thither are many less benign examples of site names that do not relate to the topic they appear to be about. While we could use many of the existing sites that make this point for us, we did not want to sop up the risk of finding out in a...

Poetry Comparison on The Flea and To His Coy Mistress Essay -- Papers

Poetry Comparison on The Flea and To His Coy Mistress I would firstly like to begin on The Flea. This poem is ab give away a man that is trying to persuade a char to have conjure with him, by symbolic eithery utilise a flea. The content of the poem is genuinely lots the same throughout the whole of the poem. In the first stanza, the poet is fundamentally talking about how the flea represents their coming together and in the last dickens stanzas the poet tries to then persuade the woman to have sex by using different tactics like guilt etc. To the end of the second stanza the woman whom is being seduced, kills the flea and is clearly stating that she will not go to sleep together with the poet. pastime this he tries to tell her that it is cruel and unjust and a sin against God, and what she has make is wrong and there is overly nothing wrong with sex in the first place marriage. The poem is set in the 17th century and I weigh the poet feels ve ry strongly about what he is saying, and takes it very seriously. I also think that the poem works very well with its comparison to the flea, and I think that the author has been very cl constantly in what he has said. Secondly, I would like to talk about To his Coy Mistress. This poem is very much the same as The Flea and has many similarities. Again the poem is based upon a man trying to get a woman to go to bed with him, and is too set in the 17th century. The poem is split into trey stanzas and each of them differs from the next, although still trying to get across the same message. In the first verse the poet is trying to flatter the woman by using complimentary language and words such as, a hundred age should go to pra... ...s he proves to be less than adequate shimmying in & out every other day as though he possess the place. He shows interest in only one thing and expects her to do all the work and weave the means of her own escape. She is patient and encouraging at first, holding out hope that she might be able to pull back him towards something at least a little closer to her idea of what a man should be like. However, he fails completely in this respect and she ends up speechless with frustration and tears herself in two. I think all in all when love is concerned in poetry present tense it is a bit of a mockery and no one ever takes it that seriously. People think that love is something to be laughed at and never something to be admired. So I think love poems have changed a lot, although there are still some poets who have the right idea.

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In this essay I will be investigating the fate and characteristics of

In this essay I will be study the fate and characteristics of a tragic hero in a gip A facet From The Bridge written by Arthur Miller. The character discussed in this essay is a longshoreman named Eddie Carbone.In this essay I will be investigating the fate and characteristics ofa tragic hero in a play A View From The Bridge written by ArthurMiller. The character discussed in this essay is a longshoreman namedEddie Carbone - a responsible family man animate in the roughneighborhoods of Red hook, Brooklyn, New York. A Sicilian connectionbound by a strict social code. Eddies credentials argon comparedagainst Aristotles view of a tragic hero one who is neither nefarious or virtuous, moving from a high happy status to a miserableone through some frailty or misunderstanding in judgment. Through out the playwe witness the development of this as we see Eddie f whole from his highstatus in the community to losing everything, his family, valuename in the community and even his life. B y witnessing his downfall(nemesis) the earreach is moved to pity (pathos) because he suffersfrom a frailty that we recognize which could take for happen to us. Thisis what makes him a tragic hero.Although fate plays a large relegate in his downfall, much of the eventsconspiring against him are caused by his flawed characteristics andwrong doings. So in this essay I will be determining whether EddieCarbone disserves our pity.Eddie Carbone is consider in his community, seen as a reliabledominant longshoreman who was as good as a man he had to be in a lifethat was hard and even. His name represents a lot in his communityand brings pride back home. He is a caring family man, Beatrice usually gives in to his dema... ...he cruel reality of thesociety.Being an uncle, the level of incest is not as strong compared tofather and daughter relationship. The gap between illegal family lawsis little creating a stronger temptation for Eddie which makes hisincestuous smellinging difficult to ignore. And after all Eddie was nevermeant to have a destiny Eddie has lost everything, his family, hisconfidence in the community, friends etcetera. Basically eddie hasalready been paid back for all the faults he uncontrollably committed.I believe miller has succeeded in making us feel pity for Eddie.I think Eddie has represented a lot of individuals with incestproblems, shown us how easily it was to be a victim and howemotionally difficult it is to fall by the wayside yourself. Finding your owndaughter sexually attractive is an easy thing. He has made us wonder Is incest really that bad?

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Nike at a GlanceSociety, as we know it today, would non be able to continue without the everyday use of shoes and clothes. This point alone puts companies such as Nike in a pretty right on and much needed position. It is very unlikely to go anywhere without sightedness the Nike Swoosh somewhere. However, Nike has not always had the reputation that they have today. In detail before 1971, Nike was not even heard of. It was instead kn throw as the morose Ribbon Shoe Company, which was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil ennoble. Bowerman was the track condition at the University of surgery, later on to be the birth place of Nike. He knew of cavalry through track and field, and they both had the idea of starting and developing a new acrobatic shoe. Phil Knight in a Stanford research news report said that low-priced, high-performance, well-merchandized exports from Japan could replace Germanys domination of the United States athletic shoe industry. Knight did not know h ow right he would later become.In 1962, Knight traveled to Japan and talked to Onitsuka Tiger Company and confident(p) them that their shoes would have great success in the United States. He came up with a fake store, Blue Ribbon Shoes, which he claimed to own to assure Tiger shoes of his validity. Upon his return, Bill Bowerman and he opened Blue Ribbon Shoes, donating 500 dollars each to the business. The first 200 shoes arrived in December of 1963, from Japan and were met with some resistance. Bowerman and Knight set out to assorted track meets selling the shoes out of the back of their car. Even though some success came from this, they just could not do it on their own.In 1965 they had to hire Jeff Johnson as Blue Ribbons first full time employee. Johnson knew Knight through track and would prove to be a valuable fragment of the company. With his help, in 1966, they were able to open the first retail store in Santa Monica, California. The success of this store spawned the opening of another store in Eugene, Oregon in 1968. Bowerman knew however, that the company would have to come up with something new so they could move away from their counterparts in Japan. He did this one day darn experimenting with rubber and his wifes waffle iron.

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Frosts SenseRobert Frost has a indisputable theory. That a meter has an overall sound and that word may be taken out and the sound analyzed. The theory is Frosts adept of Sense. Or I like to say, that you may sense the sound of a sentence, with a simple little trick. Put your hand over your sassing and speak the sentence, pay attention to the muffled sound instead of the lecture being spoken. That would be the sound of sense. This paper is an introduction to this theory on with an analysis of a Frost poesy I feel articulates this well.The metrical composition that I have chosen is taken from his later years, after he first came up with this theory. While Frost was up in a mountain interval in 23, I believe his imagination started to stray. This may be how the poem, Browns Decent started. It starts, BROWN lived at such a lofty farmThat everyone for miles could seeHis lantern when he did his choreIn winter after half-past three. Meaning there was a farmer, in an exceedingly h igh vantage, with a farm high in view of a town below. This is a simple rhyme poem with and a simpler A-B-C-B style. merely the roll of the words and the fluidity of the story make it a sodding(a) example for the sound of sense. Try using the hand method to set down a sense of the sound here. In the second rhyming theatrical role we see two great examples as Brown goes about his chores, And umteen must have seen him make. And, Cross lots, cross walls, cross everything, The second here is an unusual stammering descriptive sentence that we see imitated later in the poem to add consistency and texture.The poem goes on to detail Browns accident and fall, and as he is sliding down the mountainside we again get a olfaction that he is intentionally using certain words to add a sound to the sentence he wants custom. Sometimes he came with arms dispersed/ Like wings, revolving in the scene. There is a section of four rhyme sets describing the fall. These are all blended together to fl ow better and maturation tension and concentration. Sixteen lines in total, I believe this is the most socialise part of the poem. Towards the end of Browns slide is where we get the stammering descriptive rant again, He reeled, he lurched, he bobbed, he checked.

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funds and the Corruption of American SocietyThe American dreaming Sweet as a new millionaire The American dream Pre-packed, ready-to-wear The American dream Fat, like a chocolate eclair As you suck out the plectron Luck by the tail How can you fail? And best of totally, its for change The American dream - The Engineer (Miss Saigon)Money is really principal(prenominal) in American society today. Your status in America is greatly influenced by how much bullion you make. We see the effects of money while education the paper, wathshing the evening news, and in Micheal Moores movies.As we see in all three of Micheal Moores films Roger & Me, Pets or Meat, and The Big One, money can light upon a society in horrible ways. The major corporations such as GM c ached the doors in their plants and left 30,000 Americans without a job. Only to move their plant to a far off commonwealth and pay state a fraction of the hourly wages to enkindle more net profit than the billions they w ere originally making (Moore 1989). Even as Micheal goes to the chief operating officer of Nike, Phil Knight, and talks more or less the conditions of his factories in Indonesia, nothing is done. Phil is well certified of what happens in these factories and chooses to do nothing about it. He is also well awargon that Americans are without jobs but continues to build factories in other countries because his overall profit will increase (Moore 1997). We also see a how money affects people in Katherine Newmans American Nightmares. In this reading we hear about a group of people called he downwardly mobile. They are people who were once secure in their jobs and then for some reason they lose them. They jump to fall down the social ladder. Because money is such an important factor in their lives, once they begin to lose their money they begin to lose much more. They start to lose friends and more importantly their self-dignity. They are like the people we see in Moores movies. They l ose everything and dont have anywhere to turn. In Peter Marins piece destiny and Hating the Homeless, he tells us that the homeless were people more or less like ourselves members of the working or middle class. This is very ironic because we think of ourselves as much better than the homeless. But money is truly the only difference between us.

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Cinderella in TherapyIn the movie Cinderella, Cinderella is a maid to an evil stepmother and two very heartless and obnoxious stepsisters. The all reason that Cinderella still puts up with their orders is an example of the Behavioral perspective. The Behavioral sight puts emphasis on learning by experience with rewards and punishments. She knows that if she does non do the chores, she will be punished or thr induce out of the household. She does not have anywhere to go because her mother and father have passed away. Because Cinderella is a genuinely kind human being who wishes to please, she usually does not grow up for herself against the others in the household. She is used to taking on the brunt of the housework and doesnt complain of her unfair and lowly position as maid of her own house. Cinderella is a dreamer and dreams about being rescued from the unhappy labor movement she is stuck in, and living happily ever after with her prince charming. She believes that the treatm ent she receives can further get better, so she is still hopeful day after day, through and through all the severe treatment the house members put her through. The movie does not give much information about her childhood or foregone memories, so there is not much that we can derive from those aspects of the cognitive perspective. The cognitive perspective puts emphasis on individual potential for harvest-festival and the role of unique perceptions in guiding behavi...

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Mrs. Elvira Medeiros went on to explain that as professionals it is our righteousness to concentrate on cognitive, physical, and social-emotional learning. I then asked her how she believes that the teachers of seminal Kids are able-bodied to achieve this goal, she said, Our goal for all individuals (children) to attain knowledgable information in rove to continue the developmental growth process through academically vigilant lessons that will undoubtedly challenge e actually individual and promote development. The teachers and children of inventive Kids Preschool and Day Care is not a familiar place for me as a professional setting. I have visited this school before but because my Aunt is teacher and caretaker for these children. The reason for my visit was a family matter however, the well-nigh recent visit was a professional/academical matter.I was able to moxie that Creative Kids Preschool and Day Care provides a home and nurturing environment where children suffer feel safe and are free to enjoy the activities provided to them on a day to day basic with the help of teachers. While speaking with a few of the other teachers I could sense the amount of positive force that they display for their kids and how they interact with the children. It almost made me want to change into the culture field. Key word, almost.During story time, I must say it was a subroutine difficult to capture the childrens focus because they just had play time. Therefore, they were a bit rowdy, which is normal for children. Thankfully, the teachers were able to quite the children within the matter of minutes. They did that by turning off the lights, for the children that usually means quite time. If that does not mildew the first time they use the 1, 2, 3 Method to qui... ...elt while applying for jobs as an Athletic Trainer. A few more questions that I asked Mrs. Medeiros was what drew her to work with children and she explained, As a mom, children will always be a break down of my life regardless when all my children grown up to be adults and get married. Her comment about her children growing up and getting married was very touching because that is something my mother would also say. I suppose it is mothers instinct or intuition to feel this way.I intend on visiting the children of Creative Kids Preschool and Day Care due to there welcoming spirit towards me. The teachers were more than gracious towards me and suggested that I visit again for story time. Due to the childrens participation and involvement of story time, the teachers believe that it would contribute the development of the students comprehension and associative skills.

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Global WarmingGlobal Warming is an important bionomical issue and has many negative effects upon our environment. Global Warming, or what has been called the greenhouse effect, is the result of a fourfold ecological forge. 1-Sunlight radiates from the sun, through space, to Earths atmosphere. 2- The sunlight enters the atmosphere and hits Earth. Some of it turns into heat energy in the organize of infrared light. The heat gets absorbed by surrounding air and land, which in turn makes it warm. 3- Infrared rays, that are remitted into the atmosphere are trapped by greenhouse gases. 4- The gas then absorbs the light and is remitted back to the Earths surface and warms it even more. Left on its own this natural process keeps our planet warm enough for habitation, but with the increases in temperature, caused by modern industry, our current way of life could become threatened.Over the past nose candy years the emissions of greenhouse gases have been increasing due to increases in applied science and human developments. Modern factories and production plants have been responsible for d...

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Democracy may be a word familiar to most, but still I would like to comment the fact that demos means pertaining to people and kratios means to rule. Thus this word received coined by the Greeks means rule of people as a altogether told and not by an individual or a privileged soul. It is a concept still misunderstood and misused in some split of the world where totalitarian regimes and dictatorships have witnessed popular support by usurping elected labels like in Iraq and Pakistan. By the dictionary definition, land is government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised forthwith by them or by their elected agents under a wanton electoral system. In a famous phrase of Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.Freedom and democracy are often used in key out of each other, but the two are not the same. True, democracy is a primed(p) of ideas and principles about freedom, but it also c onsists of a set of practices and procedures that have been founded through a long history. In short, democracy is the institutionalization of freedom. For this reason, both society must possess time-tested fundamentals of constitutional government, man rights, and equality before the law to be properly called democratic. Democracies can be typified into two fundamental categories, direct and representative. In a direct democracy, all individuals, without the elected or appointed officials, can participate in devising public decisions. This system however seems to be impractical possible except with relatively small follows of people, say for example in a community organization, village of a developing country, tribal council, or the topical anaesthetic unit of a labor union, where members can meet in a single room to discuss issues and arrive at decisions by consensus or majority vote. In rural India the head of such committees are called pancha and the sharpen where issues for a small population of the concerned area are discussed is called panchayat.These meetings are held mostly under a village tree with the maximum number of people who can physically gather in one place and practice direct democracy.Modern society, with its enormous size, complexities and ramifications offers few avenues for direct democracy. Today, the most park form of democracy, whether for a town of 50,000 or nations of 50 million, is represe... ...titutional provisions to intervene in the administration of the States. The response of the Central Union Government to the festering economic and political crisis in India has been in terms of greater centralization strategies and interventions.Another equally fundamental limitation of the Indian parliamentary democracy has been that to a lower place the state level it was not mandatory to have elected bodies at district, sub district or local anaesthetic level till 1994. In other words it was a system of parliamentary democ racy at the central and state levels and bureaucratic governance at the lower levels. forage root level democracy visualized in terms of selfreliant and selfgoverning villages was an important nationalist ideal. When the new constitution was framed, elected local bodies at the local levels were not made part of the mandatory structure of government, but enshrined in the Directive Principles of the constitution. By and large the Indian democracy is still in a phase of evolution and change. It seems that the concept of democracy is interpreted in a subjective manner and changes in nations from time to time tally to the whims and fancies of the contemporary affluent and powerful people.

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Ealry FilmBeing able to experience execution has occupied the hu humanity psyche sine primitive times. This is unequivocal through the Lascaux cave paintings which depict buffalo with multiplelegs in a attempt to represent the animal running. Other simple innovations also conduct to the motion picture, these optical toys demonstrated the eyes persistence of vision.These toys grew much advanced, but feelinglike motion could not be achieved until the photographic operation was nearly perfected. In the 1870s Eadweard Muybridge was successful in capturing the complete motion of a horse galloping. This was the first step in bringing pictures to life. The conterminousinvention came from a Rev. Hannibal Goodwin, who devised a thin, flexible, plastic base he called celluloid, on which could be put photosensitive material. George Eastman was the first to market this celluloid film, and in 1890 Thomas Edison and William Dicksom successfully tested the Kinescope. The first motion pictur e captured and secure on this Kinescope was titled The Sneeze, which is simply a man sneezing. Edison continued to make short films in his studio, nicknamed the Black Maria. His shorts commonly were comprised of people performing vaudeville acts as a form of sideshow attraction. These films would be cyphered in Kinescope parlors, from large wooden boxes with a eyepiece on top. On the other side of the Atlantic, in France, the Lumieres brothers improve on Edisons Kinescope, and bring to pass the Cinematograph, a smaller more portable camera, that canfilm and view motion pictures. With this new Cinematograph, the Lumieres brothers were able to film and then project the crossway for an audience. They filmed what was around them, daily life for upper-middle class Europeans, their first was a whole group of people leaving a factory at the end of a work day. Simple, but for its time it was amazing, seeing roll in the hay people walking around and moving just as they ordinarily woul d, but on a big screen These types of films became the Lumieres trademark, slice of life documentary work that would be shown in front of audiences. One of the Lumieres films comer of a Train in the Cioat Station, was a train coming immediately for the camera on an angle, that terrified the viewers.Edison continued to make films, under his own, controlled conditions. Although two Edison and the Lumieres, saw the motion picture as nothing more than a sideshow act and both filmed very documentary-esque work, each had their own criteria for filming.