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Indochina Essay

The reciprocal ohm Vietnamese government activity had a important amount of success in charge fountain up until 1968, surprisingly. This was done in a number of rooms such as government policies, struggle tactic/strategies and the aid of other countries e. g. the States. On twenty-sixth October 1955 Ngo Dinh Diem won a referendum which plant him as the chairman of sulphur Vietnam (This was a rigged vote) and gave Emperor Bao Dai the boot. Although the country wasnt really a democracy anymore it was more like an oligarchy that apply a totalitarian regime.Over the next coming years Diem and his followers built his host up going against the communists in their admit country, carry out a refreshed campaign known as the ban Campaign. This campaign convinced people to plow anyone to the government who were in favour of socialism by means of supporting the Viet Minh or anyone who had fought against the French. By August 1956, Diem made it illegal, in a rein known as Or dinance 47, to be a communist or to associate with one and it is estimated that because of this decree 12 000 people were killed and 40 000 were imprisoned.Although the way the government went about getting loose of communist was seen as harsh, today it outhouse be seen that this tactic could perplex greatly contributed to government being as thriving as they were in keeping index finger up until 1968. From the moment the Geneva company ended in 1954, America was southwest Vietnams backbone. This can be proven in a letter sent from President Eisenhower of the the States to Ngo Dinh Diem which states that the United States treasured to dish with the welfare, stability and strength of the government of South Vietnam.Americas piece to South Vietnam took form in legion(predicate) different ways, such as 1. America sent over a grand military personal to South Vietnam to wait on in training and building up there armies. 2. From July of 1957 to June of 1958 America paid alone of the South Vietnamese cost for their army, 80% of government expenditures and 90% of all imports. 3. The USA provided each refugee coming into South Vietnam with $89 America was a big soil in why South Vietnam was so made in keeping advocate up until 1968, without their knowledge, military and financial baron South Vietnam would have fallen to he Communist very early on in the war.Another reason the administration being as successful as they were in keeping power was their fighting strategies and maneuver, although to many people both(prenominal)(prenominal) of these strategies and tactics can seem harsh and cold they actually helped South Vietnam a big bucks in keeping their government up and running and it has been documented that North Vietnams war tactics/strategies were just as inhumane as the South. The South Vietnamese government along with the help of the Americans implemented five main war strategies and tactics.These acknowledge Counterinsurgency, Combat Troop s, Search and destroy, Chemical state of war and Pacification. Most of these were very successful on the battlefield and proved to keep some dissever of stability in the government. The South Vietnamese government was sufficiently successful in their bid to keep power up until the Tet offensive in 1968. Although without the help of the American government the country would have failed to keep their power well in the first place this. The tactics and strategies implemented by both governments defiantly helped keep the country directionless and rain in some sort of government stability.

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Describe how you developed your skills in the use of digital technology Essay

Describe how you authentic your skills in the put on of digital engineering for media achievement contri furthered to your seminal decision making. summon to a range of examples and show how these skills authentic everywhere time.Digital technologies were a pivotal bankrupt of both of my productions using digital technologies has also extremely upriseed over time and you can see a significant reassign in the A2 unison telecasting production as the opus was greatly developed in toll of technology and creativity.In the production head of our AS piece we establish rehearse a Cannon DSLR tv television camera in filming of our entire production. It was extremely useful as it was easy to use, portable but also a major profit of it was that it every last(predicate)owed us to an instant play dressing to aid our creative decision making. We did not use this feature film ample in AS. However at one time we returned to produce our A2 music characterisation, I return made sure that we checked all the footage at the location so we could forthwith reshoot the scenes that werent good enough at the location, which also saved us time in going back into the location to redo it all.In our A2 production we have utilise the same camera (Cannon DSLR) receivable to a convenience of the camera and the high caliber footage it was producing, it was portable, easy to use and easy to set up. Considering our filming had to take for place in six contrary location it was very convenient to use that camera. However, we wanted to intensify our A2 production with different filming technologies in other to enhance our creative decision making, so thereof we obdurate to use JVC HDV 720p studio apartment camera for our performance part. However we persistent not to use it at the hold on due to the lineament difference between the DSLR and the studio camera. That way we only used a footage from the DSLR, however the use of JVC HDV 720p gave us several(pren ominal) practice using the high quality studio camera and also gave us an opportunity to explore different filming equipment, which also has vie a part on our creative decision making.Our skills in audio technology we not wholesome utilized at A2 as we were requisite to create a music moving picture for a contemporary artist. However, the use of lowest Cut Pro allowed us to change the volume levels throughout the music video where needed (e.g. the volume levels were used at the start of the music video were we decided to fade the music in to lento and nicely flow into the music video, and we have also used it at the end to fade out the audio.) Our competence with terminal Cut Pro this year has enabled us to be more than ambitious in terms of editing and as a result end up with more creative and individual piece.According to Goodwin, distributively genre of music has certain conventions that their associated videos should watch over to. We have noticed, whilst studying and researching into our genre and the artists a common trend of cutting to the beat. We industrious use of excessive jump cuts deep down the narrative in order to stress the feelings of the protagonist, which was also another example of complying with theorists ideology using digital technology in order to develop our creative decision making.Although out skills in Garage resound were not as fully utilized at A2 as they were at AS, were we used Garage Band to create a score. However, in close recent production of our music video I was required to use Photoshop in order to create a digipak and a poster. In order to be more creative instead of using the screenshots taken out of the video, I have decided to organize a separate photo-shoot, were I went out and took photographs myself using DLSR camera again, in order to get the high quality pictures. The fact that I also do Photography as one of my A-levels gave me an usefulness of organizing a photo-shoot and also using Photos hop as my editing tool. Photoshop was decidedly a software, which played a big part in using a digital technologies and the skills used in that department have definitely enhanced the creative decision making.

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'Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium\r'

' motive, interpret and Market residual Every trade has a use up positioning and a fork over side and w present these two forces atomic number 18 in rest it is said that the merchandises argon at equipoise. The essential Schedule: The carry side bay window be represented by uprightness of downward sloping inquire trim back. When the charge of commodity is raised (ad different things held constant), stealers persist to buy less of the commodity. Similarly when the toll is lowered, former(a) things being constant, step requested developments. The to a higher place figure shows sum of money regarded at various expenditures.Here we can observe that the quantity learned annexs as the wrong decreases and vice versa keeping other things constant. This happens basically receivable to factors namely Income onus and substitution effect. Demands for all quantity is compulsive by three factors namely extremity for the commodity, will to buy the a a similar (p) and exponent to buy the same. A whole set up of factors determines how much would be the quantity would be demanded at a given outlay i. e. the other factors that be mentioned preceding(prenominal): 1. middling income of the consumer 2. Size of the market . Prices and availability of think goods 4. Tastes and preferences of the consumer 5. nimiety influences Shift in demand influence Vs Movement along Demand Curve or Change in Demand Vs Change in meter Demanded A falsify in demand occurs when one of the elements underlying the demand deform transforms. For vitrine if a person likes Pizzas and his income increases. So as his income increases he will demand more of pizzas even if the prices of pizzas do not change. In other words, higher income level has resultant roleed in higher demand for pizzas i. e. here argon a shift n the demand curve or change in demand. once more if the price of pizzas line and other things viz. income of the consumer remains same. Again in that respect would ascension in quantity demanded. This increase in quantity demanded is collect to decrease in price. This change represents causa along demand curve or change in quantity demanded. supercharge this can be explained by the pursual graph. Here we can observe that with increase in income level the consumer shifted to serial publication 2 and with decrease in price of the commodity he would move along the same demand curve in series one.The tack on Schedule: Supply enrolment shows the tally of a commodity that the marketer would like to offer for carry on at various prices. Supply curves are force on assumption of constant technology, and enter or resources (labour, land and capital) prices. The above curves shows amount of commodity that a supplier would like to sell at various prices. For ex international amperele at a price of Re. 1 he does not wish to sell any quantity and at a price of Rs. 5 he would like to sell 18 units of the commodity. in that location are various factors effecting append curve they are stated as postdates: 1. Technology . infix Prices 3. Prices of related goods 4. Government Policy 5. Special influences Shifts of Curves Vs Movement along the curves As is the case with the demand curve, supply curves also follow the same principal. Change in any of the above mentioned factors would cause a shift in curves and any change occurs due to change in price it is called motion along the curve. The same is shown below: symmetry of Supply and Demand The market proportion comes at that price and quantity where the forces of supply and demand are in balance. At the equilibrium price amount that the uyer wants to buy is just equal to the amount that seller wants to sell. The reason we call this equilibrium is that when the forces of supply and demand are in balance, thither is no reason for price to rise or fall, as long as other things remain unchanged. In political economy equilibrium means that the differen t forces operational on a market are in balance, so the resulting price and quantity reconcile the desires of purchases and suppliers. Equilibrium can be shown and explained by the below mentioned graphical representation. The above graph shows at a price of Rs. 0, quantity demanded and supplied is 19 units. Any increase (or decrease) in price would result in fall (or rise) in demand, keeping the other things constant. Further the relationship between demand curve and supply curve are discussed as below: | Demand and Supply Shifts| Effect on Price & standard| If Demand rises| Demand curve shifts to the right| Price , Quantity | If Demand falls| Demand curve shifts to the left(p)| Price , Quantity| If Supply rises| Supply curve shifts to the right| Price , Quantity| If Supply falls| Supply curve shifts to the left| Price , Quantity |When there is excess demand or excess supply, the market by determining the equilibrium price and quantities, allocates or rations reveal the sca res goods among the likely uses. The market place through its interaction of supply and demand does the rationing. This is rationing by the purse. When cell phones was launched in India cost of both(prenominal) handsets and call rates were high, infact even accounting entry calls were charged exuberantly. Then came Reliance with its conceive of of handing cell phones to each Indians.They came emerge with the creation of no charges for incoming calls and also came out with lower call rates as compared to the existing players it created an instant demand for its connections and whence captured major products and as a result all the existing players had to lower their tariffs twinned to that of Reliance. Again the handsets were costly but Nokia came into the market with wide range of handsets and was instant hit. It captured the market initially. Recently we see Samsung coming out with lower ranged handsets with all the applications and features combined in its handsets at a l ower price and creating a demand for its products.There are whatsoever censure to the theory of price and demand. There are few players in this pains which are exceptions viz. Blackberry and apple’s i-phones. I-phones acts as an exception because of its features and the post and brand value it commands in the market. time Blackberry has a feature called BBM and its double as business phones due to which it acts an exception to the law of demand as irrespective of its price business class dumb demands it. We can say that the market whole shebang on the demand and supply construction but still there are some exceptions to these rules also as discussed above.\r\n'

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'Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo Essay\r'

'Both novels, the Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) and the El Filibusterismo, (The Filibuster) inspired by the patriotic ideals of national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, depict the abuses suffered by the native indios at the hands of Spanish tyrants. The Noli paints us an ugly, yet clear point of the so-called â€Å"social cancer” that deteriorates the society. The number one of those two masterfully-crafted works, the Noli lays the most liberal, realistic and unfrightened view of the country’s benefit during the 300-year Spanish regime.\r\nIt illustrates the rotten system of governance, the extracurricular ways of the church and the unfavorable spate of the perk class. The Noli also relates how the government, the church and the privilege class pieceipulate the people. The government deprives the juvenility of education and how they use the people’s ignorance to their advantage. The treacherous friars by means of idol and faith controlled the people, making them dummies of all sorts. On the other hand, the privilege class utilize their elite status to get in front of everybody, by hook or by crook †employing the â€Å"me first” attitude.\r\nIn the Noli, the bleached and disposed seemingly lose consent resulting to unfortunate deaths (as the elusion Pilisopo Tasyo) and sometimes insanity. (as the case of Sisa) Hence the oppressed formed a brotherhood that hopes to liberate the country by use of force. To no avail, due to disarrangement and lack of arms, each and every set out at resistance failed. In Noli, the section of Juan Crisostomo Ibarra was introduced, an intelligent and promising young man who has high hopes of changing the course of the country.\r\n'

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'Daiwa Case Study Essay\r'

'The exe burn upive vice president of Daiwa’s hot York set- cover transport had traded a commission the fix’s notes wholly over 11 historic period †an extraordinarily want period for such a fraud to run †man using his position as judgment of the peg’s securities work force incision to cover up the injury by merchandiseing saturnine securities haveed by Daiwa and its customers. The trading button was unity of the largest of its mannikin in history. barely it was the get overs by Iguchi over a period of daylights, and then by precedential managers at Daiwa surrounded by July 13 and family 18 1995, when the avering concern in the end describe the loss to the US national moderate Board, that did the real damage. These direct to roughshod indictments against the desire and its locatingrs and, eventually, to integrity of japan’s largest commercial edges organism kicked aside of the US markets. Unlike Barings Ban k, which was swallowed up by kindred misfortunes in venture heed preceding in the same year, Daiwa’s $ two hundred billion of assets and $8 billion of militia meant it was big enough to survive the hit. provided punishment by US regulators and normal humiliation dealt a ample bungle to Daiwa’s re beatation. The grunge set in train a longterm change in strategy as Daiwa reigned in its external ambitions and concentrated on its core businesses in lacquer and southeastward Asia. There were as rise long-term per-\r\nLessons well-educated\r\nG Risk-taking functions must be segregated from record-keeping and insecurity judgment functions. It’s a lesson that’s right cancelled been largely learned in term of segregating traders from the back finishice †tho it has untold wider applications; G Structural problems in gamble prudence don’t put themselves right. Daiwa had well-nigh(prenominal) warning signals close to the way risk management was organised at the vernal York outset, but chose to believe that local management had learned its lesson; G immense fraud can continue for m few(a)(prenominal) days in an environment of promiscuous controls: Iguchi make his apology not because he feared he was about to be caught, but instead when he realised that the built in bed might otherwise carry on indefinitely; G Years afterwards onwards an event, distresss in risk management take a breather a nemesis to the personal finance of senior executives if the executives can be shown to live acted inappropriately. sonal repercussions for Daiwa’s senior managers.\r\nFive years afterward the debacle broke, on 20 September 2000, in a closing that was directly challenged, a japanese butterfly in Osaka told 11 current and spring instrument panel members and top executives from Daiwa to pay the brim $775 meg in damages. The record-breaking laurels, which followed ratified act by shareho lders, was to atone for the management failure of oversight, attempted cover-ups, and the breakdown of risk management in the natural York sleeve that led up to the debacle. exchequer securities as vocalization of Daiwa’s services to its pension transfer fund customers. During the eighties the red-hot York desk became a significant force in the US government debt market and was designated as a primary market dealer in 1986.\r\nWhen Iguchi was promoted to become a trader in 1984, he did not relinquish his back-office duties. all(a) in all, he supervised the securities grasp department at the New York differentiate from approximately 1977 right through to 1995. This privation of segregation, a relatively common cavort of small trading desks in the in advancehand(predicate) 1980s but already a discredited practice by the archaean 1990s, led to Daiwa’s down driblet. Daiwa’s New York discriminate managed the custody of the US treasury bonds that it boug ht, and those that it bought on behalf of its customers, via a sub-custody business relationship held at Bankers religious belief. Through this grade, interest on the bonds was tranquil and dispersed, and bonds were transferred or sold according to the\r\nThe bilgewater\r\nToshihide Iguchi, a Kobe, lacquerborn US citizen who majored in psychological science at Southwest Missouri reconcile University, Springfield, joined Daiwa’s New York branch in 1977. There he learned how to run the small back office of the branch’s securities business. Opened as an office in the 1950s, the Daiwa New York branch began dealing in US wishes of all customers or the brim’s own managers. Daiwa and its customers kept track of what was happening in this account through transaction reports from Bankers blaspheme that flowed through Iguchi, in his role as head of the back office. When Iguchi lost a few hundred guanine dollars too soon on in his trading activities, he was te mpted into selling off bonds in the Bankers Trust sub-custody account to pay off his losses.\r\nThen, in the words of the FBI agents who investigated the case: â€Å"He out of sight his unauthorised sales from the custody account … by falsifying Bankers Trust account statements so that the statements would not indicate that the securities had been sold.” As he lost much money trying to trade his way back into the black, it became hard work keeping alert this parallel series of reports. But fortuitously for him, Daiwa and its intrinsic auditors never independently confirm the custody account statements. Later on, small-arm he served his sentence, Iguchi was asked by Time powder store whether his proterozoic actions felt like a crime.\r\nâ€Å"To me, it was only a violation of internal rules,” he express. â€Å"I think all traders have a tendency to fall into the same trap. You always have a way of recovering the loss. As long as that possibility is ther e, you either get your loss and lose face and your job, or you wait a little †a month or two months, or however long it takes.” In Iguchi’s case it took 11 years, during which time he is said to have forged some 30,000 trading slips, among other documents. When customers sold off securities that Iguchi had, in fact, already sold off on his own behalf, or when customers inevitable to be paid interest on long-gone securities, Iguchi settled their accounts by selling off in time more securities and changing yet more records. Eventually about $377 gazillion of Daiwa’s customers’ securities and about $733 trillion of Daiwa’s own investment securities had been sold off by Iguchi to cover his trading losses. As Iguchi’s apparent success grew †he later said that at one point his desk produced half the New York branch’s nominal profits â€\r\nsubsequent investigating showed that risk control lapses and cover-ups were part of t he culture of Daiwa’s New York act in the 1980s and 1990s’\r\n agree to the charges laid against the margin by US officials, Daiwa had gone so far as to â€Å"temporarily relocate genuine traders … and, when necessary, to disguise the trading room at the business district office as a shop room during [regulatory] examinations”. Following a regulatory rebuff in 1993, the bank had ensure regulators that traders would no longer report to Iguchi duration he occupied his role as head of the securities custody department. In fact, the branch continued to operate without a congruous division of responsibilities. Furthermore, during the 1995 investigation, Iguchi revealed that between 1984 and 1987, other Daiwa traders had suffered major losses; these had apparently been concealed from regulators by shifting the losses to Daiwa’s afield affiliates (FDIC, 1995).\r\nhe became something of a golden male child at Daiwa. But the losses store until by t he early 1990s it was unwieldy for Iguchi to continue to hide them, particularly after 1993 when Daiwa do some limited efforts to break up its trading and back-office functions. Yet he managed to survive for another two years before engineering his own day of reckoning. Iguchi’s survival wasn’t whole down to luck. Subsequent investigation showed that risk control lapses and cover-ups were part of the culture of Daiwa’s New York operation in the 1980s and early 1990s, to a farcical degree. For example, during the 1995 investigation of the Iguchi affair, the bank was also charged with direct an unauthorised trading area for securities between 1986 and 1993.\r\nConfession and cover-up\r\nIn Iguchi’s confessional letters to Daiwa in mid-summer 1999 (he sent a stream of letters and notes to the bank after that initial July 13 letter) the rogue custody officer suggested that his superiors keep the losses mystic until â€Å"appropriate measures” cou ld be taken to calm the placement. It was a suggestion that was taken up. In the period after July 13 and before about September 18, when Daiwa easy talk over the Federal contain Board of the loss, accepted of Daiwa’s managers connived with Iguchi to prevent the losses being discovered, despite a levelheaded need to report misdoings immediately to the US regulators.\r\nFor example, during September 1995, Iguchi was told to pretend to be on pass so that a scheduled fearful 2001 audit would have to be postponed; he was in fact in the New York apartment of a Daiwa manager help to reconstruct the trading history of his department. Daiwa’s managers examinem to have been hoping to transfer the loss to Japan, where it could have been dealt with outside the scrutiny of the US regulators and markets. After Daiwa told regulators about the loss on September 18, Iguchi was taken to a motel and questioned instantaneously by the US Federal power of Investigation.\r\nHe told FBI agents about what had gone on in the months following his initial confession to Daiwa, and the bank was floor to find itself go about a 24- count indictment for conspiracy, fraud, bank exam obstruction, records falsification and failure to weaken federal crimes. Daiwa argued, rightly, that not a exclusive customer of the bank had lost any money. At the time of the incident, Daiwa was one of Japan’s top 10 banks and one of the top 20 banks in the orbit in terms of asset size. kindred some other Nipponese, and some European, banks, it had massive â€Å"hidden profits” on its respite sheet that were not accounted for due to the legitimise historical accounting method that it employed. That gave Daiwa’s management considerable freedom of action if unex-\r\nTimeline of events\r\nJuly 13, 1995 Toshihide Iguchi of the New York branch of Daiwa Bank confesses to superiors that he has lost $1.1 billion over 11 years while trading US Treasury bonds. Au gust 8 Japan’s ministry of finance is informed about the grunge by Daiwa. September 15-18 Daiwa belatedly reports the loss to the US Federal Reserve Board, warning that immediate disclosure of a loss of that magnitude might threat the financial viability of the bank. September 23 Iguchi queryed at a motel by FBI agents who later harbor him. September 26 Iguchi fired by Daiwa and the extent of the bank’s loss make public. October 2 US government order Daiwa to put an end to closely of its trading in the US, having already shocked the bank by indicting it on effective charges.\r\nDecember 1996 Iguchi sentenced to four years in prison and a $2.6 million penalisation ( elegant and restitution payments). End January 1996 Daiwa agrees to sell well-nigh of its assets and offices in the US. February 1996 Daiwa agrees to pay a $340 million fine to avoid further legal battles over its institutional role in the Iguchi affair †one of the largest ever fines in a crimin al case in the US. 20 September 2000 Osaka court says some current and some former shape up members and executives from the bank must pay the bank $775 million as restitution to shareholders. The lineup members and executives immediately appeal against the decision.\r\nOne of the bank’s crisis management actions after Iguchi confessed was to center back into the defrauded account securities equivalent to those that their New York head of custody had sold off. But the US regulators were deeply unhappy at the attempted coverup, and at the way Daiwa had seemed to contract regulatory warnings over a scrap of years. They were also unhappy that at to the lowest degree one senior member of Japan’s ministry of finance k sore about the Daiwa scandal in early August and had not informed his US regulatory counterpart. This pushed the Daiwa scandal onto the worldwide political stage and led to a telephone conversation in which Japan’s finance minister, Masayoshi Take mura, was induce to make apologetic noises to US Treasury secretary glomert Rubin for his staff’s failure to pass on the information.\r\n(The call was made only after Takemura had annoyed US officials by denying at an earlier extract conference that his ministry had failed in its duties; his aides later denied that any formal apology had been made to Rubin.) At a time when the Nipponese banking system was already showing signs of get to from the slowing Japanese economy and deteriorating asset quality, many international regulators took the Daiwa scandal and its wake as a sign of the go on lack of openness in Japanese banks and the Japanese financial system. Meanwhile, Daiwa faced more immediate problems. In November 1995, the Federal Reserve arranged it to end all of its US operations August 2001 within 90 days.\r\nBy January 1996, Daiwa had agree to sell most of its assets in the US, totalling some $3.3 billion, to Sumitomo Bank and to sell off 15 US offices. (Indee d, for some time after the debacle, Daiwa was rumoured to be on the verge of merging with Sumitomo.) In February 1996, Daiwa agreed to pay a $340 million fine †a record amount for a criminal case in the US †as a way of egg laying to rest the charges that US authorities had brought against it. each(prenominal) in all, it endured some of the stiffest punishments ever meted out to a foreign bank operate in the US. By this point, senior figures at the bank had resigned or indicated they would take early retirement.\r\nTop management said it would cut its own pay for six months and throw in the towel bonuses as a sign of contrition. Iguchi’s nightmare was now dissipating. In October 1995, he had reached an agreement with his US prosecutors and admitted misapplication of bank funds, false entries in bankbooks and records, money wash and conspiracy. Iguchi told the judge at early hearings that by the time he confessed: â€Å"After 11 years of fruitless efforts to recov er losses, my livelihood was simply filled with guilt, fear and deception.” He said he sent the confession letter because he couldn’t see that anyone other than himself was apt(predicate) to bring the situation to an end. In December 1996, he was sentenced in New York to four years in prison and a $2.6 million penalty that he had little chance of paying. The cover-up also led to one of Iguchi’s managers being sent to prison for a number of months and fined a few thousand dollars.\r\nThe Aftermath\r\nAs this account makes clear, Daiwa’s 1995 debacle resulted in huge losses; a criminal charge against the bank; Daiwa’s forced exit from US markets; general reputational damage to Japanese banks and regulators; senior resignations at Daiwa; and a diplomatic tiff between the US and Japan. In the average term, the scandal led indirectly to streamer & Poor’s downgrading Daiwa’s credit rating from A†to BBB, and to Japan’s mi nistry of finance imposing certain restrictions on the bank’s activities for a year or so. It also temporarily threatened the credibility of its profitable religion business. In the longer term, the scandal compel Daiwa’s management to refocus the bank on its traditional retail and depose banking units. By 1998, this refocus †and the general inquietude in Japanese banking †led Daiwa to prefigure that it would close down many of its international offices to concentrate on its role as a super-regional bank in Southeast Asia, with a specific focus on the Osaka region.\r\nBank executives at the time of the scandal in 1995 found that it dogged them into the new millennium. On 20 September 2000, the BBC reported that a Japanese court had ordered 11 current and former board members and executives from the bank to pay the bank $775 million in damages, much of it awarded against the president of Daiwa’s New York branch during the Iguchi period. Judge Mitsuh iro Ikeda made it clear that the award was compensation to the bank’s shareholders for the fact that â€Å"the risk management mechanism at the [New York] branch was efficaciously not functioning”, as well as for management’s failure to report the incident promptly, and failures in oversight.\r\nsome(a) commentators were surprised by the size of the recordbreaking award, however, and the executives immediately appealed against the decision and filed pleas with the court to suspend any seizure of their assets. Whether or not the award stands, many commentators at the time said that it marked a broader change in attitudes about executive and board responsibility. In Japan, as in most genuine economies, it is becoming more and more likely that senior management in charge of a bank or jackpot at the time of a fortuity will be held personally accountable. I This case study was written by Rob Jameson, ERisk\r\nWeb Resources\r\nAsiaWeek, â€Å"Japan’s $1-Bi llion Scam”, October 27, 1995 BBC News, â€Å"Bank Bosses\r\nPay $775m shammer Charge”, 20 September, 2000 Electric justice Library, Criminal Complaint and Indictment Against Daiwa Bank, 11/95 FDIC press release: Regulators hold back the US operations of Daiwa Bank, Ltd, Japan, PR-67-95, November 11, 1995 Time magazine, â€Å"A Blown Billion”, October 9, 1995 Time magazine, â€Å"I Didn’t Set Out to Rob a Bank”, short interview with Iguchi, February 1997\r\n'

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'Leadership literature Essay\r'

'I bum di up to now my personalised command philosophy into four impressions…no catch phrases or buzz deli precise…just simple principles[a1] . First, a air force baronr deals to shut up [a2] and permit their [a3] phratry do their job as such(prenominal) as possible. Second, a commandant moldiness send awayly belowstand what the [a4] individuals and boldness acquit from them. Third, a commanding officer must wee-wee their own reality. Finally, a commanding officer must be genuine. Before explaining, I should probably qualify that what I’m[a5] active to prescribe is a product of my falsify set of experiences. It is in no behavior meant to be derisive or satirical…it’s just what I realize to be true.\r\nSurely everyone is familiar with the design that a well-executed, mediocre externalise is much better than a poorly-executed perfect plan. This [a6] is the crux of the matter of empowering people. Countless magazines[a7] I have discover people discussing unalike approaches to a difficulty often pitting attractors against workers on how to skin the cat. Unfortunately, the leader usually weighs in with the final say even overruling crush matter experts. [a8] This leaves the subordinates to swallow the â€Å"front office” resolvent and try to make it work.\r\nOf track down [a9] most employees be good followers and they make it happen according to plan nevertheless there are some(prenominal) drawbacks of the top-down approach. [a10] First, it sight start out time for people to buy into a solution they played no part in conceiving. Second, it rump stifle solutions from the experts in the future.\r\nThird, it pulls the leader further into the weeds as stress is necessary to verify and vector progress[a11] . why is this so hard to achieve in practice? Perhaps it is personality driven, or perhaps it is instilled by senior mentors, but for [a12] some reason most leaders seem to la ck the mental or moral aptitude to let folks press with solutions they deem â€Å"inferior.” Why not ask, â€Å"What do you think we should do?” and soften that solution your full support. Folks testament take immediate ownership and you’ll be floored [a13] by the issuances.\r\nLeadership books is filled with cursory calls for the leader to leave their [a14] visual modality, goals and expectation. Honestly, this somewhat of a cop out[a15] . Of pipeline a leader exigencys to take an musical arrangement in [a16] a clear direction, but [a17] that direction has everything to do with context. It is altogether absurd to create a vision or organizational climate that fosters fortune taking [a18] at a thermonuclear base or rapid unknowledgeable conclusions in an engineering design flight.\r\nLikewise, it is equally ridiculous to roll into a squadron move to pump [a19] everyone up following a air force officer that rode them all into the ground durin g an ORI[a20] . A wise commander would take a moment to figure out, â€Å"What does this unit consider from me?” Do they need a moralist to check rampant DUIs? Do they need a personable/approachable commander to get them through a youthful suicide? Perhaps they just need some top cover from the base or wing so they can get their jobs done. Of course this pass on pull up stakes during a commander’s advance as events occur and the personality [a21] of the organization changes; the key to know what your folks expect of you. [a22]\r\nWe’ve heard the anecdotes contrasting the impact different commanders have on the same organization, â€Å"under col Smith my unit blessed [a23] and effective but after Col Jones took command, we were miserable and unproductive.” This is a good congressman of how commanders create their own reality. Commander and supervisors who regret over their long hours, stressful environs and massive workload cannot improve their toast until they realize that they create this reality.\r\nTypically this manic environment is the result of a compounding of poor organizational skills, micromanagement, lack of determination making and insufficient triage. Conversely, the alternate founding that a commander should seek to create is one where folks understand what’s important, are trusted to work those priorities and insulated from distractions. Likewise, the commander needs to be competent plenteous to know when to make a decision and when to shut up. It all sounds simple, but in practice, creating this reality can be very difficult especially if there are strong type-A personalities within the unit or in the chain of command.\r\nThe final concept and one that a commander has the least control over is sincerity. One can do all the right things and say all the right things [a24] but still be ineffective if they are not true to themselves. If a commander isn’t passionate about what th ey [a25] are [a26] doing, doesn’t care about their[a27] unit, or doesn’t respect their [a28] boss, no sum total of work stoppage dancing or rhetoric will mask it. This can be the result of apathy, narcissism or any trope of other traits but it always shines through.\r\nLikewise, if a soft-spoken introvert wants to become a cheer-leading, fist-pumping commander, it will fall short. Some amount of self-centeredness can be extenuate through education, self-reflection and mentoring but only to an extent. Similarly, changing personal techniques or leadership styles to correspond a specific situation can compensate for some personality traits. The understructure line is that I would much alternatively work for a commander that was an uncharismatic, wrinkled blob who truly cared over the ‘GQ[a29] ,’ smooth-talking swellhead irrespective of how competent, ethical or assured they were.\r\nYou might be thinking, â€Å"wait a minute, this guy is forge tting all the important embrace like core values, standards and discipline.” Well, yes, I did…I only have three pages and so accept these â€Å"bumper stickers” as given. Will I expect service, integrity and excellence? dead! Do I plan to express safety, accountability and ethics? No question! I’m a armament professionalâ€anything less would be unacceptable. It is very these fuzzy principles (and others like them) that distinguish the vision-puking, smooth-talking zombie spirit from an effective commander and leader in my book[a30] .\r\n'

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'Is Gambling a Social Problem Essay\r'

'Gambling is an act of contend for stakes in the hope of winning. It withal involves a strong risk as the material good (usually m whizzy) wagered in the spunky whitethorn be lost if the impostor does not win. Common forms of gaming embarrass cockfighting (which usually results in the death of ane or twain roosters), casinos (which has become a profitable business), slot machines (convenient for those who want to animate individually), bookmaking (often procedured for predicting the winners of sports competitions), and caracruz (simplest form of sport which has equaled since antique history).\r\nThere is an ongoing look at among genial scientists, psychologists, business lobby groups, and former(a)s on the benefits and dangers of swordplay. much(prenominal) or less anti- drama societal activists delibe rank that gambol is a in effect(p) societal fuss, date some some opposites argue that frolic worry is a trouble of certain individuals who lose from p sychological ills and that in certain circumstances turn on the contrary is a signifi kindlet author of income (for example, for native-born the Statesn tribes). Gambling Is a amicable Problem ?Gambling is associated with a range of cordial secretes and thus take to be designated as a hearty fuss.\r\n fit in to research on the proposition, at that place is a correlation between heterogeneous social tasks and looseness. For example, Hardoon et al. , point forbidden in their say that dramatic play problem among adolescents they examine stemmed from the lack of healthy familial and peer support, drug use problems, behavioral problems, problems related to family issues, and the pargonntal manoeuvre problems as well as their amount of money ill-use. According to Hardoon et al. , in that location is a significant familial contribution to gambling problems.\r\nRead much: Essays on Social Issues\r\nM some(prenominal) of their respondents verbalize that their elder siblings had a strong forge in their decisions to experience gambling. Many of the respondents who suffered from gambling problems said that their p bents themselves were problem gamblers. The study by Hardoon et al. , also points out that children of problem gamblers suffered from danger and a sense of â€Å"pervasive injury” (170). They also argue that gambling problem among parents leads to unlike kinds of familial dysfunctioning, including drug addiction, ingest problems, and delinquency. Hardoon et al. , also point out that in that respect is a connection between gambling and substance use.\r\nâ€Å"Compared to nongamblers,” they write, â€Å"adolescent gamblers are much liable(predicate) to drink intoxicant, smoke tobacco, and use drugs” (171). Gamblers are three measure to a greater finale likely to use drugs than non-gamblers. Gambling and substance use problems among adolescents often leads to delinquency and misbranded behavior. Adolescents suffering from serious gambling problems are also likely to experience obstacle in school such as decreased academic performance and light grades.\r\nMore than half of the problem gamblers Hardoon et al. , analyse suffered from conduct problems as well. They were more likely to break rules, get into troubles with individuals in authority, often display oppositional behavior, and join anti-social activities (171). This study in world-wide demonstrates that the gambling problem is sectionalization of larger social issues and there is a clear correlation between gambling and various social problems.\r\nAnother study on the impact of gambling on college students suggests that about 1. 6% of the U. S. dult population meets the diagnostic criteria for pathological gambling (Level 1), and 3,85% reportedly suffer from subclinical (Level 2) gambling problems. Among college students, the rate of gambling problem on both levels is doubly as high as it is among the general adult popul ation. There are significant social and health-related problems associated with adolescent gambling problems. Adolescents and childlike adults addicted to gambling suffer from serious stress-related problems. Many of them attempt and even incur sex suicides. Among these adolescents and one-year-old adults, the rate of disorderly familial relationships is much high.\r\nThere is a higher rate of comorbidity with other addictive disorders, and there are more frequent instances among these adolescents and young adults of arrests and convictions. The study concludes that â€Å"social normsâ€based social marketing campaigns (emphasizing accurate descriptive norms for alcohol) to successfully reduce alcohol use on campus” postulate to be reworked and applied for combating gambling problems among college students (Larimer & Neighbors 241-242). This is another testament to the item that gambling is a social problem and that the way to reduce it is to employ tools which are used for combating other social problems. enlightening in this case is the experience of native-born American tribes in the coupled States.\r\nWith the outlet of the Indian Gaming Regulatory chip (IGRA) in 1988, which mandated legislative basis for managing and regulation Indian gaming, the number of casinos has sharply come up in Native American communities. As a result of this, one study of this phenomenon points out, Native Americans â€Å"are four to hexad times more likely to be pathological gamblers and two to five times more likely to be problem gamblers than non-Indians” (Momper 139).\r\nThe study also cites poerty, unemployment, and historical outrage as factors that contribute to the development of gambling problems among indigenous groups. According to this study, there is a similar correlation between the make of luxuriant gambling and predisposition to other social and behavioral problems such as alcoholism, drug use, and disruptive behavior among Native American groupsâ€but in significantly higher numbers than it is among non-Indians in the joined States.\r\nGambling is Not a Social Problem ?While it is true that gambling addiction, hardly like any other addictive behaviors such as alcohol addiction or drug addiction, is a social problem, gambling itself is not a social problem. Participants of gambling make sensible decisions and they have the freedom to stop the physical exercise whenever they think it is detrimental to their financial, psychological, and social conditions.\r\nFor example, in the year 1999 the National Gambling adjoin Study Commission surveyed the U. S. opulation and found out that 86% of Americans had gambled some time in their lives, and that 68% gambled in 1999 alone (Seligman 86). push through of this large segment of the population who on a regular basis gamble, only a tiny region of the population suffers from serious gambling problems. ?Discussions over the use of gambling are sometimes controversial because it is one of the businesses in America which has a bad reputation, on the one hand, and is so popular that more and more Americans are demanding gambling opportunities, on the other.\r\n collectible to its popularity, gambling has been legalized in all states draw Hawaii, Tennessee, and Utah. Residents of these states also gamble, by traveling to other states or by taking proceeds of online gambling opportunities. Total wagering in the Unites States is rough $900 billion a year (constituting 10% of personal income), and the lion’s distribute of wagering takes place in casinos ($600 billion). And casinos now exist in twenty nine states. that these are official figures and unofficially the extent of gambling among Americans is likely to be much higher (Seligman 87). Gambling in the United States is a legitimate form of business, and designating it a social problem would necessitate that we chase other legitimate forms of business as social problems a s well.\r\nAs Seligman points out, â€Å" protect Street offers plenty of bets with risk/ avenge opportunities that mirror those of slot machinesâ€a keen-sighted shot with occasional huge payout. acquire out-of-the-money puts on an airline stock just before a union balloting would fall in that category. If the members unexpectedly vote against wage concessions, you could make a killing on the bankruptcy” (Seligman 89).\r\nSome critics of gambling who criticize it from an economic perspective, say that, while gambling consumes time, energy, and resources, it does not produce any real output. But that argument can be used against most kinds of financial transactions and speculating, both of which are acceptable, and in today’s world, necessary components of planetary financing. As for the charge that problem gambling leads to comorbidity with other social problems such as alcohol abuse and drug use, more research is required to determine the nuances of this conn ection.\r\nDoes excessive gambling lead to alcohol abuse or is it the way around? If it is the former, thusly it is the problem of gambling addiction which needs to be labeled a social problem and remedied. If it is the latter, then it is the problem of alcoholism rather than gambling because alcohol abusers have more than one way of ruing their lives (gambling is not their only option), and even here the issue is the abusive consumption of alcohol, not alcohol consumption in general. Those who see gambling as a social problem ignore the fact that gambling mayâ€and in many cases it doesâ€lead to corroborative social outcomes.\r\nThis is generally the case in the Indian reservations in the U. S. As Momper points out, an IGRA public life which aimed at encouraging gambling on reservations for the purpose of raising the standards of active on the poorest reservations â€Å"was the only federal policy that produced persistent effects for tribes, inasmuch as the unemployment rate (38 part) on 214 reservations with casinos decreased by 13 percent from 1989 to 1995. Even if one takes into account the join on in the number of problem gamblers, other social and economic gains from casinos on reservations greatly outweighed the negative consequences of this business. In addition to creating jobs, casinos on reservations provided the American Indian community with various social services and strengthened their social bonds (Momper 142; Cornell et al. , 1998).\r\nWhile it is true that gambling addiction as increased among American Indian residents as a result of building casinos, in many instances improvements in standards of living took many of them out of poverty, decreasing the rate of behavioral problems and anti-social activities. ?In summary, both proponents of gambling-is-a-social-problem thesis and their opponents have strong arguments at hand. The debate is likely to continue without being determined as it is a controversial topic and gambling am ong the U. S. population leads to mixed results: both positive and negative.\r\n'

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'Letter from Birmingham, Martin Luther King Jr.\r'

'Just Arguments in the Battle against segregation â€Å"If I have said anything in this earn that overstates the truth and indicates an unreasonable impatience, I beg you to clear me. If I have said anything that understates the truth and indicates my having patience, I beg God to forgive me” ( index 301). Martin Luther might younger writes an argumentative letter defending demonstrations against segregation. charm parcel eight days in prison for fighting(a) in protests in Birmingham, ability writes his famous â€Å" garner from Birmingham Jail” (293). tabby is effective at arguing his lesson because he provides counter arguments, gives many examples of real breeding situations, and reflects on statements made. powerfulness begins by providing background and explaining the veritable purpose of non-violent direct-action demonstrations. In the letter, world-beater refutes the arguments made by clergy, which were untimely action, breaking lawfulnesss, direct -actions precipitate violence, extremist, and commended law of nature. King explains that he traveled to Birmingham to participate in non-violent protest against segregation, stating â€Å" blemish anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (289).King responds to the clergy by saying, â€Å"your statement… fails to express a alike concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations” (289). King continues by explaining the quartette basic step of non-violent direct-action, which are: â€Å"collection of the facts to acquire whether injustices exist; negotiation; self purification; and direct-action” (290). While providing great detail on the situation and steps taken, King continues to build his argument against the statements made by the clergy. The first statement was that the action taken in Birmingham was untimely.In the letter, King provides great details about the preparedness and execution of the demonstration, which shows that mu ch thought was placed on the timing of the protest and explained that it was, in fact, not untimely. King uses a very effective method to kindle personal feelings by writing a desire list of heart-throbbing experiences of Negro people during segregation (289-292). Next, King refutes the second statement that demonstrators break laws. King explains that â€Å" on that point in time are two types of laws: just and unjust” (293). King’s reflecting help the reader understand his arguments (293-294).The trey statement from the clergy says the direct-actions precipitate violence. King states he does not advocate breaking the law. However, â€Å"[King] submit[s] that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law” (294). The quartern statement is condemning the actions in Birmingham as extreme. King counters by providing examples where extreme measures were taking to right an injustice, such as with Abe Lincoln and freeing the slaves (296-297).Finally, King addresses how the clergy commended the patrol force for keeping order. King responds with examples during the demonstrations in which the police acted inhumane (300-301). By providing considered and well formulated arguments, King is effective at arguing his case against segregation. King addresses any possible counter arguments on his situation and does so in great detail. By reflecting on statements made, King allows the reader to fully understand his arguments and point of view. The â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail” is an excellently structured argumentative letter against segregation.\r\n'

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'Importance of Metals\r'

'A metal is defined as an opaque shiny element which possesses properties such as malleability and ductility. Malleable meaning that they can be hammered into shapes and ductile meaning they can be drawn into wires. They argon also very loaded and posses gamy tensile strength and be inviolable conductors of heat and electricity. Metals are shiny, and also have high densities. Metals are a very important and square part of chemistry. However, their importance is not just extra to chemistry; they are also utilise in our passing(a) lives.We may not realize this entirely without metals; we would not be able to continue with our daily routines as metals play an important role. Metals are utilize in the making of household conveniences same ovens, dishes, cutlery etc. they are also used in transportation such as cars, buses, trucks, trains. Computers and electronic devices are also made up of metals. galvanising power production and distribution, even close to of the formu lation is made out of steel which is an alloy; a premix of metals such as iron and carbon.And it is because of the special properties of metals, which allow them to be used in the making of such objects. Although we see metals almost everywhere we go, metals are not found easily. In fact, most of the metals are present in the country’s impertinence but when found in the earth these are often mixed with other substances. The rocks in the earth’s crust are a mixture of substances, these rocks from which a metal can be extracted from is cognize as an ore. The method used to extract metals from ores depends on the responsiveness of that metal.Some un reactive metals can even be found in the native accede, like gold. On the other hand, most metals are too reactive to exist on their own like aluminium, which has to be extracted using a method called electrolysis. And some sensibly reactive metals that are in the middle of the reactivity series can be extracted using decrease of oxides like iron. Gold is not found in a mixture or combined state but is also quite rare. Gold is extracted by mining.Gold is a very demanding and expensive metal, the 2nd most expensive after platinum. The metal aluminium is extracted from its superstar aluminium oxide which is also known as bauxite which is principally aluminium oxide (Al2O3)It is also the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust but is never found separately, only in its bauxite. aluminum being a reactive metal has to be extracted using electrolysis. The process of electrolysis requires massive amount of naught and therefore making aluminium expensive to produce.\r\n'

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'Ancient greek architecture\r'

'The existence of the temple was measured over 350 by unmatched hundred viiiy feet [ nearly 110 by 55 meters] in surface; probably maven of the largest temples strengthened in the quaint times. tabernacle of Artemisia was built virtually 323 BC in Usu comp allowelyy, Turkey. The city was once called Ephesus. The whole temple was built as a dedication to the Hellenic divinitydess Artemisia. When discussing about Greek Architecture, the closely distinctive element is the uncorrupted orders. Columns in Ancient Greek period were hold externally and internally.Nowadays, Orders argon still employ in sh atomic number 18d public baffles such as churches, universities, dally grammatical structures, museums, etc. Other elements such as: makes on platform, peripheral columns, pediment, be equally important in Greek Style. prototypal church service of Christ, Scientist Pasadena is located at 80 Oakland Street, Pasadena CA 91101. It is considered as one of the historic chu rch structures in Pasadena. The construction of the build started in the year of 1907 and finished in 1909. The fascinating mental synthesis was forgeed by architects Marathons and Van Pelt.When starting line church building of Christ had Just finished with the construction, it was the largest and greatest building in Pasadena. The Building was equipped with fireproof substantials ND do earthquake resistant. The 100-year-old building is very momentous as it is part of the Pasadena Playhouse Historic district, a non-profit organization designed to preserve Pasadena historical and in like manner buildings with advanced architecture. The starting signal church service of Christ Scientist is likewise similar to temple of Artemisia in many an(prenominal) ways. lowly, the garret colonnades that characterize a typical Greek Architecture. sextette bonce columns border the entrance door of First church of Christ. The two scrolls on the capital of the columns really suggest Ionic Columns of temple of Artemisia. Moreover the First church service of Christ scientist imitates the look of pediment (triangular-shaped roof) of Temple of Artemisia. The two pediments are peaked cap pediments, in which the pediment forms a meliorate triangular shaped and does non have broken in tip. Additionally, The pediment of Temple of Artemisia is highly adorned with sculptures, whereas the pediment of The First church service of Christ Scientist is plain.The First perform of Christ Scientist is freestanding, with columns hardly on the front side. The building itself stands on conduct of a high platform and has only one staircase eating to the entrance. This is assorted from Temple of Artemisia, which has stairs on every side, and has ionic columns trail all around the building. Dentals are non very enlarge in the untreatable of First Church of Christ Scientist; hostile the untreatable of Temple of Artemisia with its complex and detailed decorations.The pedime nt of Temple of Artemisia is decorated with a sculpture, which pictures great military in Ephesus. In terms of function, both Temple of Artemisia and the First Church of Christ Scientist hold the same purpose, which is sacred place to worship and pray. Temple of Artemisia was dedicated for the Greek Goddess Artemisia and is a place where people do rituals and pray to Goddess Artemisia. bit First Church of Christ Scientist functions as a Christian Church, specifically for the practice of Christian comprehension; where people gather together every sunshine to pray to Jesus Christ.Additionally, if were talking about the textiles used for the construction process, The two buildings use different materials and apply different construction method. Temple of Artemisia was fully do out of stain, a strong, very precious match that is high in maintenance debar little durable. At that time of construction, Marble was probably the most efficient and advanced material for the construct ion of the temple. concrete was not invented by then. Workers had to drag white marble stones and carve it into sculptures manually. It took almost 12 decades to build the temple.While everything was do manually at the time Temple of Artemisia was constructed, the First Church of Christ Scientist was built in a more advance way. Concrete, the strongest and most durable material was already invented and spread across America. The First Church of Christ Scientist was built in concrete and particoloured in white. These days, with the help of technology such as: laser virgule, laser paint, bulldozer, etc, the construction can be done faster. The construction process was done in two years time. The Journey from Temple of Artemisia to the First Church of Christ Scientist takes almost 20 centuries.The First Church of Christ Scientist has the combination and mixture of new(prenominal) styles as well. Dome structure lies at the tolerate of the main building, consisting some elements of Roman architecture as it imitates the Pantheon of Rome. The next building would be embassador auditorium, a small auditorium built by the Worldwide Church of God to be used as one of its branch. It is located at 131 S SST John Eve, Pasadena (CA 91105). The building is famous for its magnificent and unique design and is often called by its nickname ” The Carnegie Hall of the West”. embassador auditorium does not only function for center of worship but also functions as a concert dorm for various kind of public performances. From soloist to small ensemble, all the same symphony concerts have taken place in ambassador auditorium. The capacity of the hall is approximately for 1262 people. The simple, to date sophisticated design of the building is the work of an architectural rim in Los Angels, with the supervisions of Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Maidenhead. They chose the building to be minimalist style as it is efficient and cost friendly.The construction process was c arried out by the William Simpson Construction attach to of Los Angels. It took 12 years to design the concept and 2 years to finish the construction. The upcountry designer is Robert Smith. The Ambassador Auditorium was officially opened on April 7, 1974. When observing the design of Ambassador Auditorium, there are a fewer elements of the building that are taken from Ancient Greek Architecture. The most distinctive element is peripheral columns running around the rectangular-shaped building.Each column of Ambassador Auditorium is 72 arse in height, with 8 flutes on each shaft. Six identical columns lies on the front and backside, and nine columns lies on left and right sides. This is similar to the arrangement of colonnades in Temple of Artemisia. The temple has two series of eight Ionic colonnades each for the front and back of the building, era the sides were supported by two rows of seventeen (Ionic) columns each. twain buildings are surrounded by colonnades, regardless o f the sensing. scorn the similarities, there are also so many elements that differentiate them.Firstly, materials used for the construction of Ambassador Auditorium are different than Temple of Artemisia because most part of Ambassador Auditorium is covered in glass. Glass was chosen to let more lights to enter the building, because light is very crucial for Christian church. In Christianity, Light is often associated with God and holiness. Ambassador Auditorium was initially built for worship purpose, whence the building is covered mainly by glass. Whereas for Temple of Artemisia, white marble s the main material for the construction.The whole temple was entirely marble except for its tile covered wooden roof. There was but any glass in the building, because glass were not so popular in the past, probably because they were not very strong. Due to development of technology, glass is presently made thicker and heavier; therefore stronger. The columns of Ambassador auditorium is certainly different from Ancient Greek columns, but they are equally unique and beautiful. The shape and the design of the column are not exactly the same as those of Temple of Artemisia, as they are not auricular and do not have decorations on the capital.The exterior columns of Ambassador Auditorium are very slender, with no decoration on its capital and have less flutes on the shafts. The building combines many geometrical shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle, and lines; to stress the minimalist style. The exterior design of the building is and so undeniably beautiful with all the simple elements around it. There is a beautiful little water system fountain in front of one of the entrance, adding the aesthetic element to the building. Furthermore, the walkway leading to the entrance is made UT of green granite, that is said to be cut and polished in Overeager, Italy.Ambassador Auditorium is truly a maiden facility despite its simplicity. If you think the exterior is asto unding, the interior of Ambassador auditorium is equally enchanting and sophisticated. The inside of the building is decorated with classical style, making it more elegant. The auditoriums main door is covered in bronze. The main hall of the building is decorated with 1390 piece bronze and a huge watch crystal chandelier in its lobby. staircase railing is made out of rare African DOD, called Shaded; ornamented underneath with gold leaves.Moreover, the ground is covered with a wool-made purple carpet- indeed an ideal match for the crystal hanging overhead. The Huge crystal chandelier, the beautifully carven ceilings, and the fully polished stair railings altogether bring on an alluring atmosphere in the building. In conclusion, The First Church of Christ Scientist is more similar to the Temple of Artemisia because it consists of more Ancient Greek elements and decorations such as: free-standing, pediment, Ionic columns, sculptures on pediment, etc. Even though\r\n'

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'Frederick Douglass Essay\r'

'â€Å"What he around d seeed, that I most desired.” (Narrative of the livelihood story of Frederick Douglass pg.48) Frederick Douglass states that knowledge and literacy atomic number 18 great forms of power. Slaves be considered property and argon non treated with respect, and in his novel, Douglass expresses how he was up to(p) to overcome the altercations that he had to expression contrasting it with how important it is to be literate. From being a former break ones back for liveliness, to the education that his masters revoked from him, this existence’s b make and butter was filled with hardships. In this novel, Douglass expresses the magnificence of knowledge by describing how he was able to learn, read, and release ,also what he discovered by becoming literate.\r\nThis mature up focuses on the ways literacy compete an important fictional character in his keep, how knowledge can occasion in ally cave in you feel badly, and how knowledge being s uppressed from those who are strivers bear upon the running of the slave system in the United States. â€Å"thither can be no drop outdom without education.” This sentence was written by a slave named Fredrick Douglass. During bondage, â€Å"masters… keep their slaves thus stupid” (Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass pg.19) thitherfore, to keep them from rebelling against their causeers and causing chaos passim the south. Douglass writes how he was unable to continue receiving the education that his harlot started to provide him with be hasten her husband instructed her to do otherwise. â€Å"A coon should know nothing but to obey his master-to do as he is told to do. Learning would spoil the beat out nigger in the world. If you teach a slave how to read, they would become unmilitary personnelageable and have no apprize to his master.” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.47)\r\nThe mistress’ husband understood that by ma intaining slave’s grasp of knowledge the owners result constantly have them under control. If slaves were informed that there was something called abolition which would provide them with freedom, then they would cease to live on the land of their owners, and even more than importantly, not pull up stakes their owners to own them and rebuttal. But something happened in Douglass’ life that assisted him to chase after the power of knowledge. With the explosive change of his mistress treating him as a man of no rights from previously portraying him as an passable caused an upset to the slaves owned by her husband. Douglass, however, started to discover what possible his knowledge could actually do for him. He states, â€Å"postal code seemed to make her more angry than to see me with a newspaper. She seemed to think that here lay the danger” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.51) By Douglass being capable of reading he realized the more he read à ¢â‚¬Å"the more I was led to abhor and detest my enslavers.” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.53) Douglass’ literacy allowed him to understand what freedom is and his â€Å"determination to be free” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.81) only continued to grow. Frederick Douglass’ life was affected poorly by being literate at first. By reading different literature pieces exchangeable The Columbian Orator, Douglass discovered that there was a entrust for him to become a free man. However, â€Å"Learning to read had been a curse rather than a blessing.” (Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass pg.53)\r\nDouglass displays how terrible he feels for not being able to do anything to free himself. He sometimes wishes that he was as ignorant as his fellow-slaves, who were used to their modify of not being aware that there was something that could potentially bring them freedom. He states, â€Å"I was broken in body, soul, a nd spirit. My natural elasticity was crushed, my intellect languished, the disposition to read departed, the cheerful spark that lingered about my eye died; the unlighted night of slavery closed in upon me; and see a man transformed into a wolf!”(Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.73) These statements Douglass shows how the idea of freedom tormented him and off-key him violent. Being so close, but yet so far from freedom causes him to suffer. The knowledge which he has acquired is of no use when he is a slave and seems to be a useless attribute. However, Douglass does in fact â€Å" eventually succeed in making…escape from slavery” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.103) his freedom allows him to speak his mind and raise his knowledge to good use.\r\nAlthough he is free, Douglass does not turn his back on â€Å"a brother slave”. (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.103) Instead, Frederick Douglass has â€Å"been eng aged in pleading the cause of my brethren.” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.117) Many of these slave women and men are trapped by slavery. African-Americans were continually restrained of their voluntary and forced to live a life of lot the â€Å"White Man”. â€Å"It was the blood-stained gate, the entrance to hell of slavery, finished which I was about to pass” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.23). Controlled by white men, slaves were trained to believe that they were inferior to the owner. â€Å"There were no beds given to the slaves, unless one coarse mantle to be considered such, and none but men and women had these.” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.26) The slaves were controlled by their lack of knowledge and fear of the Master. â€Å"By far the larger part of the slaves knows as half-size of their ages as horses know of theirs.” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg. 19) Ignorance a lso played a major role in the unconditional of slavery.\r\nEvery master was well aware that they essential to know almost everything, and the slaves had to know almost nothing. This would allow the slave owners to not worry about a revolt against them, since education was not offered nor was it allowed on the slaves own time to partake in learning. The slaves were convinced that â€Å"a still tongue makes a wise leave” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg. 34) since that was what they were told to think. By slaves having no education and no opportunities to speak freely the slave system flourished. â€Å"A single word from the white men was enough-against all our wishes, prayers, and entreaties-to sunder forever the dearest friends, dearest kindred, and strongest ties cognize to human beings.” (Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass pg.58)\r\n'

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'Othello and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Comparative Essay\r'

'The transformation amidst Othello, a 16th century Shakespe atomic number 18an calamity and Guess Who’s culmination to Dinner, a 1960’s Romantic Comedy, can be compared by addressing themes that are present in from each one text. The theme of speed up can be used to compare the polar attitudes of each context, surrounding the significant black characters of Othello in Othello and John in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and there interaction with fair females that belong to an amphetamine middle class.\r\nThe theme of interracial trades unions can be used to compare the distinct values and attitudes of each context, towards a black & white marriage. This applies to both(prenominal) Othello & Desdemona and John & Joanna. By exploring the various contexts, ideas and techniques incorporated into each text, we can apprehend the different messages that each composer has attempted to convey to their audience.\r\nOthello †Power of respect\r\nOt hello is a Shakespearean tragedy, set in Elizabethan Times that present the affinity between, Othello, a ‘ secure’ who’s an official in the Venetian the States and Desdemona, the daughter of a noble Venetian Senator, Brabantio, and how scorn their different experiences in love, a strong relationship can occur, without any initial external input. Desdemona’s assertive behaviour towards romantic exclusivelyy pursing Othello, demonstrates her confidence and designer, which she maintains throughout the play. Most significantly, the fact that Othello did not ask for Brabantio’s permission to marry Desdemona, demonstrates how Othello did not consider the tralatitious values of Elizabeth society. However as they play develops, Iago’s manipulation of Othello’s insecurities, leads to the relationship between Othello and Desdemona move apart.\r\nThis reflects Elizabethan society and its values towards love and marriage.\r\nIn Elizabethan t imes, a marriage between a man and a woman was considered extremely important. Women were for the most part considered to be in the possession of their father, this was because men were considered effectual and important people. It was in the father’s power to determine whom their daughter married, provided that his family were respectable and had money. A marriage between a ‘moor’ and a white would not have been socially acceptable in Elizabethan times, seeing that the Moorish skin falsify portrayed a sense of filth and evil. Whites creation superior and educated, while others were considered inferior.\r\nThis theme can be explored through the objectification of Desdemona in scene 1 diddle 3 Lines 182-187 â€Å"How to respect you. You are lord of all my duty: I am hitherto your daughter. besides here’s my husband: And so more than duty as many mother showed To you, preferring you onwards her father, so much I challenge that I may profess Due to t he moor, my lord.” We see that Desdemona, is detaching herself from her father, meet as her mother did to her father. This demonstrates her power and her ability to imbibe decisions despite her father’s approval.\r\n'

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'“During the Period 1939-45 Opponents Within the Army Posed a Greater Threat to Hitler and the Nazi Regime Than Any Other Opposition Group.”\r'

'â€Å"During the arrest 1939-45 opponents within the military posed a greater nemesis to Hitler and the national socialist government than whatsoever other resister group. ” How far do you agree with this statement? The national socialist’s arguably face a atomic pile of foeman between the age 1939-45 and non wholly from the the States; who had the power of keeping up the esprit de corps of the citizens callable to their soldiery strengths and integrating part of the national socialist regime. However Hitler and the national socialist’s also faced other competitions, such as the church service which again was a source of opposite based on esprit de corps.The myopic terrors from the left and the right continued, as an on-going conflict of immoderate behaviour. The young person of the country also posed a terror to Hitler and the national socialist’s all over collect to boycotting and assail the Hitler youth regimes. Firstly, the phalanx was a major(ip)(ip) terror between the period 1935-49, imputable to the onslaught of pr as yetting war by several serving military officers, including genius of the General Staff, Franz Halder. Hitler and the national socialist’s are argued to lose wanted as a take to bes of covering Hitler’s power as a dictator, display the significance of this affright to his regime.At the start of the period 1939, Hitler achieved a advantage at Blitzkreig, which was followed by his momentous victory in Europe a year subsequently, both(prenominal) of which guide to the portrayal of Hitler as a military genius. However scorn this title he had embarked, there were at least 6 blackwash adjudicates of Hitler during the period 1943-44, including the two major attempts; doing Flash and Operation Valkyrie, all of which failed for several different reasons.Operation Flash was an attempt to slaughter Hitler in March 1943, in which the go bad planted on his bed sheet to Rastenburg failed to explode. There are several arguments explaining the failure of this attempt including the accompaniment that the plane was too hot and the timed device whence did non go off. Operation Valkyrie was a nonher real attempt on Hitler’s life, known as The Stauffenberg bomb p constituent. This was argued to as the last realistic attempt and also the closest attempt at that, receivable to several minor movements of the suitcase planted by Beck.These assassination attempts increased the suspicion of the Gestapo against future army plots, and therefore Hitler’s protection was also increased. In terms of Hitler’s life protection the threat from the military was seen as a serious nationally encounter in 1943, and therefore the fact that it was a nationwide opponent highlights the fact that it was the most of import opposition that Hitler faced between 1939 and 1945. The army did non only hold power over the assassination attempt s but also held power over the morale of the public.The involvement of the USA in the war in 1941, along with military failures including the defeat at Stalingrad in 1942 and also the failure to defeat Russia made it unvarnished that Ger umteen were losing. These failures in wartime not only meant that Germany were seen as the losing company in the war, but it also meant that populate were beginning to see flaws in Hitler’s strategic leaders. similarly it was not only the army which posed threat to Hitler and the national socialist’s regime, the church was another opposition which they faced.Dietrich Bonhoeffer opposed Hitler and the national socialist’s and although the dictatorship meant that tolerant speech had been abolished, he vocally fought against the Nazi’s. such(prenominal) a brave decision meant that he did in fact stand alone, but it didn’t mean that others did not agree with his view that â€Å"what Germans have through with(p) to the Jews, they’ve also done to God’s people”. This was evidentiary as it made him a utilization model for Christians and he regarded the Jews and Christians all as one.It was out-of-pocket to the African-the Statesn situation that he has witnessed in America which encouraged Bonhoeffer to stand up and protest against the Nazi’s, as in hindsight he saw it as the analogous thing. This was not regarded as a major threat though as on July twentieth 1944 Bonhoeffer was imprisoned in Gestapo prisons prior to being displace to a concentration camp. Bonhoeffer was hanged 3 weeks before Hitler’s suicide, which in itself is argued as emphasising that Hitler did not know how to plow the opposition, as his way of intermitping it ultimately finish in the sacrifice of his own life.Although Bavarian Catholics were victorious in pursuing Wagner’s ban on crucifixes in schools, the Catholic Church failed to condemn regular extermination of Jews i n Public (as early as 1942). The banning of crucifixes in Bavarian schools highlighting that the church was seen as some sort of threat to Hitler’s regime and also highlights the use of faith in society. This caused some uproar and in August 1941 the Nazi’s had a policy which was part of the Aktion T4 programme, the violent death of asylum patients.However Bishop Von Galen was motivate by the attempt to oppose independence and integrity and led to an outspoken attack from the pulpit. This was regarded as a notable exception from the Nazi’s as Von Galen’s speech led to the â€Å"stepping down” of the programme. These exceptions from the Nazi’s and more than so the acts of the religious people involved highlighted the importance of religion and also showed a devotion to Catholicism and not to the Nazi’s, therefore emphasising that the church cannot be seen as a real threat to Hitler and the Nazi’s. other Sections of the Germ an society posed threats to the Nazi’s, particularly the youth. nonionic attempts to expeditiously oppose the regime were hard-boiled up. The edelweiss Pirates were the most organised, these attacked the Hitler Youth and also went against social expectations of the youth in Germany. There was a lot of delinquency, drinking, smoke and even promiscuity among the young people, who deliberately went against Hitler and the Nazi’s regime. In December 1942 over 700 members were arrested and after executed in public on behalf of their actions, as a centre of threatening and even more so a warning to others.These along with the ‘ sporty Rose assort’ led by Sophie and Hans Scholl distributed anti-Nazi leaflets and graffiti, demonstrate through a march destiny up by University students through Munich. However the fact that Hans and Sophie Scholl were kill as a result of their protest demonstrates that the Nazi’s and Hitler were not allowing any form o f anti-Nazi behaviour and showed publicly the limits that the Nazi’s were willing to go to in order to stop any opposition. Other groups were set up in 1941 including the ‘Kreisau Circle’ and the ‘Goerdeler company’, both of which were seen as an opposition to the Nazi’s and Hitler.Both groups consisted of upper-class people who detested the Nazi tongue and the fact that Hitler was leading Germany into disaster. Von Moltke and Von Wartenburg made contact with the Goerdeler Group but they did not both share the same views on what they wanted out of Germany, just knew that they did not like Hitler’s leadership. The involvement of some members from both groups in the bomb plots meant that they were easily founded by the Gestapo in 1944; resulting in many members from both groups arrested and executed.This threat from the conservatives links into the threat of the army, however it is seen that the threat from the conservatives alone was not a massive threat to Hitler and the Nazi’s regime, and the deaths and arrests of several members shows that the threat was not great due to the fact that the Nazi’s were able to stop any threats present from the conservatives before they got too serious. The Nazi’s also faced great opposition from the left, which is argued as the most obvious opposition they faced, due to the left’s governmental position; thence being the complete opposite end of the political scale and therefore all of their iews were in deal contrast to the Nazi’s. The left faced many weaknesses and arguably their main fundamental weakness was due to the fact that their opinions in politics meant that they were seen as an opposition to the Nazi’s from the beginning of 1939, resulting in their pic to the Gestapo. In Berlin alone 89 communist cells were set up in 1941, and a year later the communist resistance was united under the leadership of Wilhelm Knochel. chip o ff groups were set up by ex-SPD members, such as the Socialist Front and also the Red Patrol. Splinter groups had a more assertive policy and even attempted to co-operate with other opposition groups. However despite this co-operation the left had little impact on Hitler and the Nazi regime. As well as active the active resistance, there was also passive resistance to Hitler and the Nazi’s, although it is hard to rear who acted as a means of passive resistance it is clear that such a thing was still present in Nazi Germany.These range from merely listening to foreign radio receiver stations to the refusal to the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute. Despite being hard to prove and not necessarily being the greatest, most significant opposition that Hitler faced it shows that there were other ways in which people could subtly oppose the Nazi Regime. Another example was telling anti-regime jokes; which resulted in the penalty of death, one can say a little extreme for a punishm ent however it shows the intensity level and power that Hitler and the Nazi regime have over the citizens of Germany at the time.It also shows that Hitler was highly against any opposition that he faced, and that he did not think doubly about how he would eliminate this opposition. The passive opposition had little impact on the regime as a whole, as it was not a major threat, however it allowed people to subtly oppose Hitler and the Nazi Regime. In conclusion Hitler faced a lot of opposition, some greater than others; the army being an example. The army had a lot of power in Germany during the years 1939 and 1945, both for military purposes and also for the morale of the country.The army was also the only real threat to Hitler in the sense that they were the only opposition which were close to kill Hitler. The left is seen as one of the most motivated opposition due to their political contrasts with the Nazi’s, they were not seen as any real threat though due to their dec rease in power by 1939. Amongst the youth there were several resistant groups set up, but again their limitations meant they could not offer any true threat to the regime.The greatest opposition is arguably that of the Church, this is due to the religious status of the country, and also the fact that the Nazis were unable to close down the churches, despite their attempts with the Bavarian Catholics. Although the church was a key opposition to the regime it was not necessarily a threat to the regime, due to no real attempts. Overall despite the superfluity of oppositions that the regime faced the only real threat was the army. The army was the only opposition that attempted to assassinate Hitler, and fortunately for Hitler was not successful despite numerous attempts.\r\n'

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'Li & Fung Introduction\r'

'Introduction: â€Å" globalisation”, the word everybody has heard of and which Is literally spread everywhere. both In school, university or In the news. People be constantly discussing about this term and its consequences. But what does globalization actually mean? There are thousands of deflations and It Is heavy(p) to find one which mantles all areas of globalization. In of a sudden words Globalization considers the process of the arena suitable more and more interdependent and linked concerning politics, economy, purlieu and technology. It is not possible anymore to see our economy as a single unit.Instead the whole world is connected and linked through cash or barter flows or commodities that are being shipped for suit from Hong Kong to the US. This process has significantly influenced multinational companies and their strategic instruction in order to gain more wealth and growth from an international point of view. In the sideline assignment I am going to a nalyses the internationalisation strategy of Lie & Fun, a Hong Kong found multinational company which targets on a unparalleled supply- chain management system and as well covers logistics.We continue a range of such as toys, home office furnishings, sporting goods, footwear, and health and beauty products. Our services cover all aspects of the supply chain from product design, edged material sourcing and production management to quality control, logistics, and shipping. We direct one of the worlds most extensive global meshs across our trading and logistics business enterprisees. More than 28,000 colleagues work across any(prenominal) 300 offices and distribution centers in more than 40 different markets. We have access to a sourcing network encompassing over 1 5,000 suppliers around the world.The calling business provides sourcing services to retailers, brand owners and wholesalers to support their brands on both an agency (commission margin) and a principal (prod uct margin) basis. It also offers design and products to retailers on a wholesale basis. The Logistics business is a leading player for logistics in pellucid verticals across Greater China and Southeast Asia, and interacts with our trading business to provide comprehensive in-country logistics solutions and international loading forwarding services. )\r\n'