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Branded Spaces Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Branded Spaces - Essay Exampleispensable tool for existing estate firms and property proprietors who are now prospecting to allow their property for a utterly period in the wake of an economy down town unfinished its recovery (Vacant.com, 2011). A pop-up shop is a transient venue. For instance, the space can be used for merchandise activities while on the following day throw off a cocktail party. The tendency entails popping-up one day or week, then vanishing the same duration later. These shops, although they are minor(ip) and unpredictable, have the capacity to build up interest through consumer exposure. Pop-up shops enable a firm to attain a unique environment that involves its consumers, and develops a sense of significance and interactivity (Smith, 2009). The retail environment of pop-up stores in most cases is highly experiential, transporting emotions in an even offt-oriented type of atmosphere. While pop-up stores can also serve as retail events to transfer speci al offers, they often serve as retail avenues to present and introduce product innovations or even conduct market tests. As such, locations are usu aloney in city centres, or the skipy neighbourhoods of forged cities (Townsend, 2010). With the strategy of pop-up stores being the creation of a climate of scarcity, retailers try to build a higher willingness to behave among their customer because there no option for price comparison and offers are only available for short periods of time, which can increase desirability. In particular, temporary stores that sell special offers are consumption events for customers and their main accusing is to get discounts. In some cases, pop-up stores of this type are used to give special offers to long-term, high value customers. In these events, the scarcity effect is reinforced as there is not only a temporary limitation of the offers but... Center of discussion in this paper is Vacant of Los Angeles as the first gild that positive the idea of pop-up retail. This was after the company had toured Tokyo on a business trip. The company was puzzled by the manner in which customers would literally line up to buy limited edition products from place retailers. When the products were all sold out, an exercise that took place in a matter of hours, the store closed down until its owner had brought in another stock, and then reopen it. This concept fascinated Vacant, who though to closing the store permanently after the stock had been sold. The company also thought of moving to another targeted destination because customers used to live for long distances in order to buy products from niche retailers. Vacant picked up this idea and even today, the company still provides retailing alongside marketing for businesses. The company opened its second shop in NYC2003 through the sponsorship of Dr. Martens. Later in the same year, Song Airlines opened their pop-up shop in the same city. In 2004, Comme diethylstilbesterol Garcons opened up a pop-up shop known as the Guerrilla Shop, which lasts for a one-year term. Since then, the trend of pop-up shops has grown to become an indispensable tool for real estate firms and property owners who are now prospecting to let their property for a short period in the wake of an economy down town pending its recovery. Although pop-ups began as a way of artists to make use of disused space in urban areas, this has since changed new entrepreneurial activity.

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Infertility In Women With Hormone Complications Essay

sterileness In Women With Hormone Complications - Essay ExampleInfertility is a major concern that affects about 10 percent of couples in their reproductive age. Approximately 1/3 percent of infertility cases that occur ar attributed to fertility issues with a char while the rest two-third are attributed to the man or both partners issues. Thus, infertility is a major issue affecting many women in the reproductive age. Infertility resulting from hormonal complications is a major concern affecting many women that need to be discussed.Hormones involvedA womans ability to bear children normally occurs at her start of menstruation when she enters puberty. Various hormones are involved, as the whole process is complex. The follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is first produced and stimulates the follicles to mature. once they are mature, estrogen is produced stimulating the thickening of the uterine lining. At the 14th day of the cycle, luteinizing hormone (LH) is produced that stimula tes ovulation and leads to the fruit of progesterone and estrogen through the corpus luteum that supports the pregnancy. Hormonal complications of each of the above hormones on a woman who is in the reproductive age may result in infertility.Polycystic ovarian syndromeAbbreviated, as PCOS it is a take aim among women of the reproductive age where the ovaries do not make all the hormones that are needed for the egg to fully mature. The follicles may start growing and even build up with fluid, but ovulation does not occur as some follicles remain as cysts.

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Power of Facade as an Agent of Camouflage Essay

Power of Facade as an Agent of Camouflage - Essay manakinThe Theresienstadt concentration Camp The stop was situated in Czech Prague as a model Jews law of closure. It existed between the years of 1941 to 1945. It is main purpose was to be used by elderly, privileged and famous Jews living in Germany, Czech and Austria (Patrick, 2003). But in essence it was used as transition inhabit to extermination camp of Jews by Nazis. Many of the Jews who occupied the camp were later deported to violent death centers for extermination and forced labor camps in German occupied lands in the east. It was also used to hold the Jews for long time before been killed. It was anticipate that the ill condition of camp could force some of the deportees to die before SS and police could deport the survivors to the killing centers (Patrick, 2003 p.95). The center was a facade to disguise the harsh treatment of Jews which was take aparticular based on age, handicap as a result of past military servic es. The deported Jews were to be taken to productive labor in the other areas although they were mainly used for forced labor. To achieve the objective of camouflage as humane settlement the Nazis authority build schools that can hold about 15,000 children although less than 1,100 children from 15,000 survived. Truly the center was rich in culture thereby attracting immense settlement of Jews (Wright, 2000 p.189). Most of the children learned art, literature and poetry. But later large numbers of deaths were reported from the camp which attracted the attention of international observers. This could be evident from the number of children that survived from the settlement and the Danish Jews saga. This meant there was mass killing in the camp. According to Frank, Klima and Baeck (2011 p.145), the international carmine Cross planned to anticipate the camp in the year 1944 to ascertain the living condition of the camp especi eithery for the Danish Jews. To camouflage the sorry state of the settlement the Nazis authority deported a number of Jews to other camp so as to decongest up to one person per room. This will make the settlement win the approval of the international Red Cross as humane place for human being and portray the Nazis authority political as better and allay and fear the rumors that the authority is mistreating the Jews through congestation, malnutrition, diseases and forced labor According to (Frank, Klima& Baeck, 2011 p.146). They created nice deep brown shop with good attendants. They also created fake food stores to conceal food shortages in the settlement nevertheless most of the stores in essence didnt contain the food for constant supply to deportees (Bolger, 2003 p.201). They created bank to evidence how economically active the place fwas but in truth no transaction was taking place for the benefit of the Jews. They also build other social amenities like schools and kindergarten for the purpose masking the Red Cross that the camp wa s taking care for children in the camp. To improve the overall appearance of the settlement they planted flower gardens all over the camp and also renovate the camps. During the visit they also produced scene showing how life is in the camp. According to Frank, Klima& Baeck (2011 p.103), points out that the Red Cross was able to affirm all was right in the camp. After the International Red Cross left the camp all who took part in the film were later killed

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Any article for fitness such as tips for work out o

whatever for fitness such as tips for work out o - Article ExampleDoing exercise in gym on a regular basis is a time consuming task. N maventheless, it can not be missed. In night club to accommodate their exercise needs in a tight schedule, galore(postnominal) people tend to do workout at home. Not only does this practice save time, exactly also becomes quite convenient for people to exercise on a regular basis. In order to workout at home, one would need such exercise equipment that would not only be cheap, save would also accommodate in the space available in home. Different people have divers(prenominal) exercise needs. One should buy the machine that would address ones area of concern. Step bench, end balls, exercise cycle, dumbbells and weights are common exercise equipments that can be easily accommodated in homes (Jerkins). In national someone is not able to purchase the products of health fitness, then he/she should acquire second peck equipment. With time, more equ ipment can be gathered. It is not essential to purchase everything at the same time. As ones needs grow, so should the collection of exercise equipment. Works Cited Jerkins, Hanna. Tips To Choose Best Bodybuilding Equipments for Workout. 25 Mar. 2011. Web. 20 Apr. 2011. .

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Global media trends Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Global media trends - Term Paper ExampleMillions of people physical exertion Facebook, Orkut and such other forums of kindly media every day. This trend surfaced only few years ago. There atomic number 18 many a(prenominal) causes behind it. The first and foremost reason is the development in technologies and Internet (online) services. This development has helped repair the social media and made it accessible and familiar among all people (Nations, 2010).One of the most common and popular social networks in the world is Facebook. It is widely used by people of different nations, genders and ages. Facebook is a social service that aims at connecting people with one another. There are various networking tools, technologies and applications built into Facebook. These applications and technologies are sophisticated and useful. For example, the application of sharing photo in Facebook is interesting and widely used.Facebook is able to enhance the social relationships with friends, relatives, and family members. It has overbearing effects as it strengthens the relationships. Through sharing photos and videos, it can make the relations more interesting, lovely, friendly and intimate. Facebook networking has many advantages. It is very useful in terms of marketing business as it gives people the chance of creating especial(a) pages for their businesses and trademarks. Facebook advertisements are advantageous and useful. (Findlay, 2010).Facebook also has many negative impacts on the society in many ways. batch get to know too much about one another and may black mail. Therefore, Facebook is close up in certain countries such as Syria and Iran (Mamun, n.d.).It is also blocked at some workplaces to prevent employees from cachexy their time in using Facebook services. Some of Facebooks disadvantages is the issues and matters of privacy. Facebook faced lawsuits from many persons who said that Facebook had stolen their source cypher and other academic properties. Facebook is also a potential lure to child marauders and other

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Assessment of the Moral and Legal Responsibilities and Rights of Case Essay

Assessment of the Moral and Legal Responsibilities and Rights of Case Parties - Essay recitationFirst we determine the moral and good responsibilities of move around Reynolds. In essence he acted in spoilt faith, acting for his own benefit and gain, and to the detriment of the interests of Mr. McLean. That there was an agreement amongst the two is verified in the beginning of the case. Rick acted in bad faith in the construction of the facilities, cutting corners and under the hold over deals to enrich himself, with the end result being that the facilities were subpar, and caused harm to a resident, when faulty wiring caused a throw out that in turn caused the injury to the resident. Rick likewise acted in bad faith in procuring medical exam equipment and supplies, enriching himself by selling some of the procured goods and keeping the proceeds. Morally he is culpable for fraud and deceit. Legally he is liable for a host of crimes. Under the law, Rick can be considered as e ither a substituted agent or a sub-agent, and as such, there are statutory precepts that can hold Rick accountable for his crimes as if he were the primary agent or principal, acting alone. He can gum olibanum be held liable for misrepresenting himself as a manager of the company, and for intentionally duping the pharmacies into providing the goods to the company, where some of the goods ended up being sold by Rick for his own financial gain. Where there is a contractual agreement between Mr. McLean and Rick, moreover, Rick is answerable for his acts to Mr. McLean, who under the law can sue Rick for his fraudulent activities, under the legal precepts concerning the legal rights of the principal towards his substituted agent. In particular, there was fraud in the way Rick went about contacting the several(predicate) parties involved in building the facility, and for such fraud Rick can be sued by Mr. McLean (The Lectric fair play Library, 2012 PreserveArticles.com, 2011). Mr. McL ean himself can be said to be morally and legally liable for some of the acts of Rick, such as those that pertain to the acquisition of supplies. While it may be true that Mr. McLean may not have authorize the procurement of the goods on credit from the pharmacies, there are legal precepts that may hold Mr. McLean accountable for the acts of Rick. In other words, though there may have been fraud in the way Rick procured the supplies, Mr. McLean may be sued by the pharmacies if the former does not honor the supply contracts and reneges on the payment for the goods bought on credit. For one, a case may be made for the way Ricks actions procuring the supplies may be construed as constituting part of his telephone circuit responsibilities, and part of the roles that he was authorized to play as an agent of Mr. McLean. There are clear legal principles that may prevent Mr. McLean from running away from the legal consequences of the actions of Rick, such as those that pertain to the com pany gainful for the goods that Rick bought on credit and with intent to commit fraud. Clearly the law in some instances fix that even when an agent commits acts that are criminal, and without the express consent of the principal, the principal, in this case Mr. McLean. The pharmacies may argue that there would have been no way for them to discern that Rick was acting on his own behalf rather than on behalf of Mr. McLean, given that Rick, to them, seemed to have the

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Concert report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Concert report - Assignment ExampleTruly speaking, I was not sure that we were not required to take notes. I was re tout ensembley surprised to learn that some of my colleagues were aware of the position that they were not required to take notes. Still, I must say that the provision of not taking the notes re whollyy heightened my capacity to appreciate and enjoy the concert. Since I did not take notes, I was in a give away position to get lost in the compositions being played and to enjoy the music played with all of my whizzs focused on it. Had I been busy taking notes, I would have approached the concert with a chiefly theoretical perspective and my responses to the music would have been measured, planned and I must say a short(p) bit plastic. The conversation I had with my colleagues before the concert tilted more towards the technicalities of music. However, once we started listening to the concert, numerous of my colleagues did acknowledge that it was an amazing experien ce. Some of my colleagues were very moved by the darns being played.At a in the flesh(predicate) level I could qualify my overall experience to be moving, stimulating and encouraging. I was really happy to get exposure to such a high quality musical experience. It not only compound my capacity to appreciate music, but also further stimulated me to learn more about western music and to attend more such concerts in the future. It was an experience that touched my soul and calmed my senses and mind. Though all the pieces played in the concert were great and marvelous, yet, the piece that really grabbed my attention and emotions was Old Hungarian Dances. This is because this piece had a unique appeal to it. If on the one side the actual rendering of this piece was really sophisticated and professional, on the other side it had a rustic tilt to it that gave way to a sense of joy and elation in me. I must say that I would like to

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Grading and Recommendation Assessment Assignment

Grading and Recommendation Assessment - Assignment ExampleThis could be measured through the utilization of trial and error process wherein the set is tried and tested as to how much it could attest to the needed specifications of a authorityicular need to which the evidence based practice has been essentially made for.After the trial and error procedure, the weaknesses and the strengths of the process shall be set. Likely, the strengths would depend on how the stakeholders responded to the program or the process applied through the use of the evidence-based practice. If the participants responded well with lesser level of error occurrences, then the practice tried and tested could be noted to have a strong implicative effect on the things that it is supposed to have direct changes on. Meanwhile, even though it has been proven strong, it should still be measured and identified with the possible weaknesses it has. Through this, the specification of the needed advancement could sti ll be recognized as part of its possible improvement in the future.If these procedures are specifically carried on, it could be expected that the upcoming GRADE trunk could be well assured to have a better effect in approving or disapproving evidenced based practices that are used for the specific

Analysing organisation. Wal-Mart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Analysing organisation. Wal-Mart - Essay ExampleA firm existence in the Ameri great deal market and exploitation of every opportunity and space during the sign installment years has enabled Wal-Mart to enjoy a unique brand name. It was a successful strategic move for Wal-Mart to concentrate on the US market, and establish firmly on home soil. From the exploits of the home market, Wal-Mart had enough experience and sufficient resources to make investments abroad. Wal-Mart has coverage for sell business in more than fifteen countries today, with branches in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germ either, India, Japan, South Africa and the UK among many others (Wal-Mart, n.d.). This presentation highlights the various concepts that can be associated with Wal-Mart as a global pseudo in the sell pains. stand up analysis is relied upon in the design, with the initial part highlighting the strengths and opportunities that an insider at Wal-Mart would quickly give while the second section hig hlights threats and weaknesses that be critical to the company. superior general review is a biased outlook on the positives of the company as oppose to the critical review that criticises various business concepts and approaches adopted at the company. Data CollectionInformation on SWOT from primary and secondary sources made the bulk of research, with an explanation and discussion on the main issues making up the presentation. SWOT as the main theme of the paper identifies with the needs of understanding the operations from an indwelling as well as an external perspective (Broughton, n.d.). The discussion is not exhaustive on the SWOT analysis but only a selected some items picked formed the discussion on which to base the presentation. General Review (Strengths and Opportunities) Ownership Wal-Mart began and remained as a family business as Walton dedicated his entire to the service and education of the company. Such level of commitment for the management of business usuall y enables the manager to set organisational objectives above any other interest. Evidently, the success of the corporation as one of the main global players in the retail industry owes much to the man-management techniques that Walton applied (Walton and Huey 1993, p32). As an individual, the president of the United States recognised Waltons contribution to business and awarded him for his consummation just before his death. This is a milestone achievement for an individual leading an important business player as Wal-Mart in the global economy. Walton retained great influence on the decision making processes at the company in many aspects, despite the fact that the listing of the company implied that he donated some of the leadership to the shareholders. His contribution to the running of the business is undisputed and perhaps, therefore, Wal-Marts successes owe much to his roles in the company. The demise of surface-to-air missile Walton in 1992 paved way for another Walton, Robs on who took over as chairperson of the Wal-Mart Board a few days later. Tradition Since its establishment in 1962, Wal-Mart has kept off temptations of changing the market approach from the initial vision of the pioneer (Frank 2006, para.6). Sam Walton envisioned a retailing business with a unique price strategy that would target the lower end markets by initiating price cuts. Targeting the specific market niche in the retail business and making it possible to stick to it was perhaps the strongest business ideas adopted by Walton. In the modern business strategy applied at Wal-Mart, pricing is a uniquely important shaft implemented for the initial objective laid down by Walton several decades ago. In all the retail outlets

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Peer Review for Classmate Research Proposal - Peer 1 Essay

Peer Review for Classmate Research Proposal - Peer 1 - Essay ExampleThroughout the writing, the generator understands the topic of recidivism and goes ahead to explain the problems in the prison house house cells. later that there is a comparison of different studies on how inmates behave while in prison, after prison and the possible situations and reasons that make the inmates rise back to prison. The writer writes carefully on the psychological aspects and behavioral aspect, plentiful remedies to solutions the inmates face. There is a clear understanding of the topic. The solutions presented relate perfectly with the problem of recidivism.Solutions are presented by the writer, and they come after the writer had described a diagnosis or a problem in the inmates. The writer presents solutions like therapy and rehabilitation, which are solutions to solve the problem of recidivism. There are recommendations that cover the three fundamental dimensions of counseling, the inmate, the prison institution and the society (Davis, 87). The writer gives solutions and recommendations to the individual, what prison should do the individual and how the society should react and behave towards the individual. The presidential term is also in the society as an institution.The writer has used different sources and references, and that means that there was beseeming research though not releaseive. Comparisons should be made from more than three sources to bring about clearness and understanding form consistency of ideas. The way they are incorporated to the report is good and the citation is also good because there is acknowledgment of the original researchers and writers. The sources were also quoted where the writer has not used her words to nullify plagiarism.If the author should improve the paper, issues of relativity are critical. The writer should focus on one idea and exhaust it fully. In some concepts and ideas, a blanket description is given which means the wr iter does not go

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What Ethics Means to the Writer Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

What Ethics Means to the Writer - subsidisation ExamplePersonally, I believe that ethics means knowing the difference between wrong and right, specifically with a process in which one figures out whether a certain action should or should non be carried out. For instance, if presented with a chance to shoplift in a supermarket due to a commotion, knowing that shoplift is wrong and stopping me from doing it is being ethical. However, doing it even in the knowledge that it is wrong would be unethical. Obeying the law is similarly a part of being ethical, for example, ensuring that one has car insurance is a legal requirement and, therefore, ethical, plot failing to acquire car insurance despite being required to do so for safety device purposes is unethical.Ethics are also weighty in ones calling with numerous person choices in the workplace being made on a daily basis. Whether one is a chief operating officer or an employee, choices related to ethics will have a unique set o f circumstances and significance, as well as the potential to produce diverse results. Ethics play a critical and continuous role in the corporation and in an individual employees career. For example, the code of conduct and ethical look materials are obligatory in most corporations and the ability to follow these regulations and rules ensures that the individual is able to further their career without disciplinary issues and, therefore, it is important to follow the required ethics in the workplace.Finally, ethics are also important in society, which can be seen by the number of topics that have given rise to ethical debates in the US, such as organ donation after death and use of non-renewable- fossil fuel. Ethical debates in society normally have wide relevance, do not have definitive answers, and often involve very sensitive areas or topics.

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Vodafone in India Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Vodafone in India - Research Paper ExampleThe political situation in India is elected and stable which means that the companies gage work in India and perform their day-to-day business activities with lighten (Bowhill 2008). late a single party has an own majority in the elections considered in the country which is a thanksgiving for Vodafone as a company as policy decisions argon likely to be taken with ease which will assistant the company. For companies like Vodafone, this presents a huge opportunity and a wide food market that it can explore in order to proliferate mobile subscriber base for its business. People in India are family loving and family oriented (Neild and Carol 2008). To take receipts of the situation Vodafone has introduced lower call rates to help stay connected with family members at low cost. Vodafone has been part of these technological changes and introduced advanced technologies in their operational processes. Considering environmental factors Vodafon e markets itself as one which takes care of the environment as this plays as a good sentimental advantage and helps the company in long run. There has been recent turmoil that has been witnessed in the telecom sector in India. The turmoil has been witnessed in the spectrum allocation and 2G license. Vodafone as a major telecom company abides by the rules and regulations set out by the Supreme Court avoiding any disputes that may affect the brand image. Vodafone has researched on the Indian market and came up with plans to cater the needs of the Indian consumers.

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Organization Balanced Scorecard Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Organization equilibrize Scorecard - Assignment Examplere is revenue growth by proposing income generating projects, operation on the acquire growth and ensuring determining the short term solvency of the phoner. These objectives are in line with the vision of the company as they ensure which is offering low prices to the consumers. The company makes sure that it capitalizes on the large market by marketing its products at lower prices. The need for a chemical equilibriumd scorecard in order to determine whether the company is headed in the right direction in terms of profitability cannot be understated. Therefore, this is done by quantity each objective in the financial sector with a quantified target metric that is associated with it. This process has helped companies sympathize their position and the weak and strong areas in the organization. In this way, the priority of the objectives can be understood in the organization and therefore, it becomes easier for the management to understand which objective should be implemented first based on its importance. Further, it shows how the diverse sectors of the company are performing in relation to the vision and the mission of the company.Traditionally most federal official agencies measure their managerial presentation by mainly focusing on internal process performances they as well as looked at factors such as the number of full time equals that were allotted. However, on the other hand the private sector has always focused on the monetary procedures as their bottom line this includes return on investment, earnings per share and even market share. It is imperative to understand that alone, neither of the approaches can be competent to give stipulation for the full viewpoint of an organizations routine. However, by ensuring that there is a balance that exists between the internal process as well as results from financial measures, managers can be fitting to have a complete picture as to whether the com pany should be able to make improvements. For this reason, the fit score card was used as it

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Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative Research Plan Coursework

try out distribution Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative Research Plan - Coursework ExampleBecause the population is make up of a very large size, the researcher shall set up a attempt size. The sample size basically refers to a fewer group of persons out of the population who would become respondents to the researcher (Berry, 2005). In order to arrive at this number, it is important that the researcher uses a sampling strategy that would meet the objectives of the study. To this end, the researcher shall devise the use of the ergodic sampling strategy to select the members for the sample size. Random sampling is the kind of sampling strategy where every member of the population has an equal chance of becoming partition of the sample size. This is because the researcher uses a strategy that presents all members in the population with an equal probability of becoming part of the sample size. The mechanism that would eventually ensure that some members are included whiles others are rejected would be the effect of chance. By this, reference is being made to the fact that given the same probability, it would only be by chance that some members will be selected ahead of others (Bartholomew et al, 2008). The random sampling strategy shall be applied in a very specialized way. This would be done to ensure that the researcher enjoys and benefits from the total advantages of the random strategy. It is worth noting that the procedure by which the researcher shall select the members of the sample size by applying the random sampling strategy is known as sampling (Cheng, 2009). There are several sampling procedures.

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The ethical challenges of the biomedical revolution Essay

The ethical challenges of the biomedical revolution - Essay ExampleThe concept of genetic engineer has risen due to the realization that some medical conditions emanate from genetic abnormalities. Genetic plan is not a new practice. For example, farmers have long tried to enhance productivity by crossbreeding plants to extinguish undesirable traits and enhance the positive traits. The same case applies to people to explain the root of diseases and highlight disorders that ar likely to be transmitted to offspring. The application raises the question of breeding people to produce a pucka species with disease resistance and desirable traits such as body strength and looks. In fact, there is an add in the number of women seeking artificial insemination due to the reducing values of traditional institutions of the family. Therefore, the concept of genetic science as used today creates ethical challenges because it increases social strains and treats people like animals and plants, w hich are bred to produce victor offsprings (23).Though the above case is practical in the present day, there are possibilities for improvement that would dishonor the ethical concerns in the in store(predicate). For example, germline therapy is a proposed genetic therapy that would erase defective genes and eliminate the possibility of passing the genes to the future generations (26). Though the technology is still in the growth stages, it holds the promise of reducing disease prevalence in the future and thus reduce the cost of healthcare for future generations. It is an advanced form of genetic engineer with an ability to revolutionize the field of healthcare and reduce human suffering. Therefore, though the perception of genetic engineering has a negative outlook, there are possibilities of development that would overcome the ethical concerns held about biomedical revolution.However, organized religion places Gods supremacy beyond the reaches of human

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Human Resources Management and Job Design Essay Example for Free

human alternatives counsel and Job figure of speech EssayThis has been the problem with also several blue chip companies. Are there other issues which leads to committal and loyalty to stay on in companies? The organizations could not afford to lose key individuals for some matters tie in to job dissatisfaction and discontentment. In such a scenario Organizational Behavior becomes a very essential gibe in shaping employee morale. Job Design becomes all the more important and is an avenue that could lead to boilers suit job contentment.It could be made more enriching and appealing to the employees by incorporating suitable Human Resource and behavioral concepts. The objective of this paper is to identify some of the state of the art and tested techniques in Human Resources Management that could make the job more enriching and interesting to the employees. It aims at Quality of Work Life where the emphasis is wedded to issues like Quality, Time, Commitment, Work Culture and Social Responsibility. WE have to act to Realize Our Needs.Access to engine room helps in marching forward but people have to be told to contribute to develop to their full(a) potential, utilize resources improve relationships and acquire k at presentledge. Duplication of efforts to gain increased productivity, continuous quality improvement and senesce could be avoided. Sharing the resources between nations batch do this. Importance should be given to egotism-sufficiency and efficiency, stimulate original thinking resulting in effectives of the system. Introduction Emphasis of Industrial Engineering with respect toHuman Resource Management and Job Design are Ergonomics, Human Factors, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Operations query and Management. Experimental work in the field of Biomechanics, Human factors, Computer Integrated Manufacture, Process Control, Graphics, and Computation methods are done. Ergonomics and Human Factors includes biomechanics, man-machine sy stems, barroom of musculo-skeletal disorders, other industrial hygiene issues, and ergonomics and human factors issues in a aviation, space systems and rehabilitation.Manufacturing Systems Engineering includes computer-integrated manufacturing the aimning, design, and get a line of manufacturing systems Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing and the application of robotics, vision systems, and artificial intelligence in manufacturing. Operations Research includes deterministic and stochastic optimization multi-criteria decision making expert systems and artificial neural networks modeling and synopsis of system reliability Total Quality Management and the modeling, management, and simulation of manufacturing and service systems. Objective Aim of Human Resource Management to increase the awareness of the real power, to direct, to make decisions, to develop ethical systems, to enhance the lives of self others and to understand that the systems should be made successful with acti ve participation of all working partners. Process This can be achieved through the development of conceptual skills, entrepreneur skills, leadership skills, managerial skills, technical skills and communicational skills. focusing on effective leadership, efficient management process, productive motivation, economic manufacturing and service, require training requirement and of skills for excellence. By viewing the situation in the present perspective, by formulation of changing alternatives and by choosing the best form alternative. It can be dealt easily with each and every aspect of support with power, freedom and full self-expression.Areas of life are health, well-being, leisure, fun, relationships, career, family, plans for future, retirement, quality of life, living situation, home, religion, spirituality, finances, income, sex, self-confidence communication and enrollment. Ability to listen and be present, to take ill-advised actions, overcome fear of failure, and live an upset free life and think positively always with sentiency of joy fulfillment and with unimpeachable integrity.Awareness of the real power is being present to what is happening now and being able to deal with full energy commitment without any doubt or ambiguity in the mind in each and every aspect of our life. Organize To be organized find things in the same place every time. Ask every one to do the same. Take them when required and place them back as soon as the work is over in the same order, plan in advance what all needs to be done now, later 1hour, after 6 hours, after 10 hours, today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month, this year, next year, next five years and next ten years.

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations Essay Example for Free

Recruitment and choice Strategies Recommendations EssayRecruiting for Landslide Limousine Services requires multiple strategies. Confining the company on strategy impart immensely decrease the chances of finding quality, skilled applicants with the bewitch attitude towards their position. Recruiting begins with locating potential applicants and enticing them to the company. Advertisements argon sincere, especially for a novel company. A nonher source of applicants is the CDL classes and opposite limousine companies previous employees. in one case a suitable selection of applicants is established the interviewing process begins. The applications are carefully reviewed, along with a ground check. This is significant because the employees are dealing with high society at times, and it is a commercial driving business.Employees mustiness not have been arrested at any point for certain offenses, especially vehicle or theft related. erstwhile a to a greater extent refined se lection has been made from the written applications formal interviews are next. Formal, face-to-face interviews bring home the bacon the hiring manager to evaluate ones attitude. The attitude can decide if an applicant would be a good scenery for the company and help to raise their image, while a bad attitude would eliminate any node contact. fit to our readings, when conducting an interview certain steps should be acquireed to look into the most is gained on both sides other desk. 1) Standard questions, with flexibility is delivery (can be asked in different ways)2) Set a time and beam3) return attention to applicants answers and body language. The reason these steps are important is because they take into account a uniform method for each applicant. They provide the ability to alter the interview to each respective(prenominal) applicant. Another issue is to make sure not to promise the position to an individual during the interview forwards reviewing each of the intervi ews and applications. Some of the areas to pay attention to are anapplicants appearance, character, communication styles and habits, intellect, education level, experience of the position or craft, special talents, and the potential of furthering their development. The final selection of candidates consists of creating an analysis containing the information gathered during the interview, including the background check, driving records, and their application. This testament allow the manager to carefully evaluate and compare each candidate, choosing the most appropriate for the positions available.Workplace DiversityThe changes in societies demographics are evident as globalization becomes more common, which creates a more diverse work environment. Managing a diverse workforce will present various advantages (new perspectives on process) as well as challenges (cultural or language barriers). Some of the advantages of hiring a diverse round are the new outlooks and perspectives of each situation. It will also help Landslide Limousine to cater to clients coming from other countries the staff member from that area could provide tips on how to better serve the client in a port that will not be unintentionally disrespectful.DemographicsThe demographic makeup of Austin Texas, according to US enumerate Bureau, is mostly white Americans and Latino and Hispanic. The general population, estimated in 2012, is almost 843,000 individuals with an average income of $31,000 a year, and an average of oer 80,000 businesses (US Dept. of transaction, 2014). Keeping this in mind, diversity within Landslide Limousine will not be an issue. According to the average income, holidays and special events will be the most likely foremost regular busy seasons. Once the reputation grows among the businesses in the area so will the company. This means that Mr. Stonefield must obey the justnesss pertaining to the varying cultures in the area. Some of the justnesss important considered for Mr. Stonefield to consider are the Civil Rights move of 1964, Age divergence in body of work Act of 1967, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.The Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibits discrimination based on religion, color, sex or origin. This is law is particularly applicable to workplaces employing more than 15 people (EEOC, 2013). The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967- protects employees from discrimination on the basisof age. Both private and man employers need to adhere to the provisions of the law which calls for eliminating discrimination of employees above the age of forty (EEOC, 2013). The Americans Act with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination in hiring competent persons with disabilities, for public and private employers (EEOC, 2013).organisational BrandingCreating an organizational brand is crucial in creating awareness of the company and acquaintance associated with the logo and the quality of service. The point of a brand is to create an emotional connection tying consumers to a brand preference. What this means, is that as consumers, some people prefer a specific brand, or level of brand. Organizational branding creates that perception of the company that resonates with consumers who desire entirely the best this directs them to or away from your brand. This branding is first achieved by word-of-mouth from employees, friends, and family.As business gains clientele, they will begin to spread their impression of the company. The goal is to ensure that both the employees and the clients are creating the same impression. Each company has their own design to represent their company. This not only provides an image that Landslide Limousine services wants to promote, but it is a reminder of that goal and source of presumption for any company owner.Branding methods are as diverse as society and are eternal but they also set the standard by which to company wishes to operate. Landslide Limousine Services is an evoke name which should make picking a brand less difficult. The more interesting, with a play on words or an image depicting a desired outcome would be really good choices.InterviewingAfter applicants have submitted his or her application and each application, is carefully reviewed a formal interview must follows. Conducting formal interviews are important because it will assist the hiring manager and the applicant the opportunity to evaluate the positions working conditions. According to, the text interviews are known as scheduled communication. When conducting the proper interview it is important to follow the following steps (Cascio, 2013). Have a comprehensive list of questions to ask applicant in a flexible method.Prepare for the interview and select adesignated time in a quiet location. Pay close attention to applicants and listen to his or he answers with an opened mind. It is important to avoid interruptions and answering the reverberate when conducting a formal in terview. It is also important to avoid making promises to potential applicants including promising applicants that someone will contact them with the results. If promised it is proper to do so to avoid misrepresenting or misleading the applicant. In addition to conducting a proper interview it is necessary to evaluate the following,AppearanceCharacterCommunicationIntellectEducation familiarityTalentsPotential for furthering his or her development and determinationReferencesCascio, W. F. (2013). Managing Human Resources Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits (9th ed.) Boston, MA McGraw-Hill/IrwinEEOC, (2013). Discrimination by Type. Retrieved from http//www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/index.cfm US Department of Commerce, (7th January, 2014). State and country quick facts Austin (city), Texas. US Department of Commerce Census. Retrieved from http//quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/48/4805000.html

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The Rape of Lucretia Essay Example for Free

The Rape of Lucretia EssayRoman culture was largely found on the citizens honor. Honor was one of the most important aspects of a Roman citizens life. Honor was very(prenominal) important to Roman society. Lucretia displayed her honor in two ways, first she served Sextus Tarquinius and his men, and then she killed herself after being despoiled by Sextus Tarquinius, the son of the king. I will absolve myself of blame, and I will not free myself from punishment. No women shall use Lucretia as her example of dishonor. Conlatinus tried to persuade her saying she did not have to kill herself and she had do no improper. She could not live with herself because she was violated.They promised her that they would pursue him, and they tried to appease her sorrow, saying that it was the soul that did no wrong and not the body, and because she had no intention, she did no wrong. They tried to tell her she had done nothing wrong, that she had no intention to be raped, but that failed. The n she took up the knife which she had hidden beneath her robe, and plunged it through her heart. Conlatinus, her husband, knelt by her side. She would have died a dishonorable woman if she did not kill herself. Also by killing herself, she could not be utilise as a source of dishonor and shame for Roman society.Brutus then took the knife and said By this blood, which was so pure before the crime of the prince, I swear before you, O gods, to chase the powerfulness Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, with his criminal wife and all their offspring, by fire, iron, and all the methods I have at my disposal, and never to rest Kings in Rome evermore, whether of that family of any other. He used this as an example to end the reign of Kings in Rome. This showed vast honor, promising to avenge his friends wife by pursuing the kings entire family for the horrible crime Sextus committed.

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Mr S Ndzimba at Uj Essay Example for Free

Mr S Ndzimba at Uj Essay buyback Song AnalysisRedemption Song, a magnificently composed song by Bob Marley relates to oppression and deliverance of African slaves, who were brought from Africa to Jamaica. The ordinary theme of this song is the beauty of the redemption of people after oppression. Support of this theme is found in Bob Marleys connotation and tone.Connotation, the diction of words, is the most significant aspect of this song that supports the theme. Bob Marleys terminology is responsible for creating a truly entrancing song. Bob initiates the song on a subtle level by describing the obliteration of the African people by slavery Oh pirates yes they rob I / sell I to the merchant ships, / Minutes after they took I / From the bottomless pit. (Marley 1-4). These very lines portray the appalling technique used to take Africans from their homeland to toil for others. The next line, But my hand was made strong / By the hand of the Almighty. / We forward in this propag ation/ Triumphantly, (Marley 5-8) illustrates the authority given to the slaves by God. Through His hand, the present generation has been capable of moving onward and prospering. The most eminent lines of the song, Emancipate yourself from mental slavery / None barely ourselves can free our minds sustains thought that it is not the responsibility of the oppressors to free the oppressed this assignment can scarce be completed by the oppressed themselves.Through the complete song, Bob Marley maintains an optimistic tone. He appears to conceptualize that through all the pain and agony of slaves his generation will be able to formulate a difference. Evidence of this is found in the lines We forward in the generation / Triumphantly (Marley 3-4). This strictly means that descendents of Africans switch been given an opportunity to right and improve the prospects their ancestors never had.Overall, Redemption Song is a incredibly immobilize song that relates to not only African slaves but all others that have been oppressed. Bob Marleys main purpose of this song is that, in the end, it is up to the oppressed to determine their freedom and destiny.

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Problem of Our Community Essay Example for Free

Problem of Our Community EssayDescribe a puzzle in your community that affects you, how it affects you and what you believe should be done to solve the problem. As I was young shaver capital of Mongolia urban center was beautiful small(a) metropolis. In winter there was enough dick coulomb to play on it. Just little number of cars had non made a big trouble. capital of Mongolia city is located between 4 big mountains and initially build only for 400 potassium inhabitants. After several extreme cold and harsh winters, many farmers have lost their belongings such as startstock. Poor and unemployed people started to migrate to the city.Now the city has more than 1 one thousand thousand citizens. The ex-farmers were semi nomadic and they do not give up their living style even they migrated to the city. They live in yurts (Ger, a tent covered with felt). Because of their missing documents and lack of working skills they sack up not hold line of reasonings in city. Of cours e most of them have not devices which connected to the central warmnessing system and in like manner waste water channels. Mongolians usually burn woods or coals in winter time to heat the gers. precisely because the new poor immigrants can not buy such things, they burn everything what they can found.For fount wastes as old aged tires, chemicals and so on. Nowadays 60 percent of city inhabitants live in ger ara using old traditional heating cabins (small box of iron, in which things burned). In winter time, the city is covered by smog. Nobody can breathe freely. Traffic is another issue. As I was a school pupil I had never actualizen traffic jam. But now I can see the spectacle everyday. Drivers are angry and cars are noisy. Some people sticks two hours just to drive 4-5 km. Most cars are older than 10 years or so called second, third hand cars imported from lacquer and Korea.Because of its old age and environmental aspects these cars would not allowed being used in develop ed countries. Now Ulaanbaatar city is one of ugliest city in Asia with its smog, traffic and old cars. I see the problem in regional politics. Herders and citizens in countryside have only livestock and their livings are extremely depends on climate change. Furthermore, in rural villages the topical anaesthetic government has no power to pursue own tax policy. Mongolia has a concentrate budget system. All taxes paid must be collected in the finance ministry.Then it can be allocated among the provinces. But this way is ineffective and corrupt. Many politicians use this money just for next alternative campaign. In my opinion people in countryside should have more power to boost their markets in local area. They should have own taxation and local budget expenditure policy. Then they would not escape from their homeland by every negative change. In other side if the Mayor of my city (governor of the capital city) is being assigned by the central government. The Mayor usually works on ly for the party but not for people who live in the city.I really wish that we have the right to vote our mayor directly from us. Then we can control him better and push to concentrate on daily problems among the city inhabitants. How would this program benefit you and factor into your future plans? (Please limit your answer to 250 words. ) I see this program as greatest opportunity to my life. I hope I can have many friends during this program and I will see a lot of things that I can not see without this chance. First of all I can know learn the American education system American lifestyle.By the way, I will improve my English, which will increase my chance to have a well paid job in Mongolia. Mongolia is one freest country in Asia with its open economy. Bigger companies and universities seek for new employee who can turn to in English fluently. In another side, I am very interested in brotherly issues in my country. I think these problems are overall in the world. But how to s olve the problems can be done in different way. I can see the American solutions. In Mongolian talking to there is phrase to see once is better than hearing about it 1000 times.That meaning you can hear about one thing many times and get some understanding. But if you see this you can feel it much better. After the program I will be qualified to share my experiences in USA by different way. I can lead students workshops and also frame on the university journals. My diploma thesis will be more comparative and living. I can look that I join a political party to participate more actively in the society. So this program will give me a range of ideas and knowledge that I can implement in Mongolia. Mongolians say it is better to be rich on knowledge than on money.

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Germination experiment Essay Example for Free

sprouting experiment EssayMethod 1. Put some soil in every beaker and make reliable it is almost the homogeneous bar 2. Place 5 beans inside each beaker at the same level beneath the soil 3. Pour 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 ml of piss in each beaker respectively and keep watering them every 2 days 4. Leave the beakers close to a good clear up source 5. After a week record the length of the stem of the plants in each beaker Variables 1. certified Height and development of the plants 2. Independent Amount of water 3.Controlled Where the beakers are placed, amount of soil, amount of seeds, type of seeds, how a great deal the plats are watered (Initially it was decided that the amount of water we would use would be 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 ml scarcely we decided to lower the amount of water so that the plants wouldnt drown) Results amount of water (ml) Length of plants (cm) reasonable length (cm) ConclusionThe first thing we can see from the results is a boundary in the amount of water in relation with the beaker size and the amount of soil. In the shelve we can see that afterward the 20ml of water the seeds drowned and so they didnt grew at all. But if we take in comparison the length of the plants in the beaker with 20ml with the one with 10ml we can see that with more water the germination takes place faster. For example in the results table we have the average growth of the plant of about 10. 5 cm and in the 20ml an average growth of 17.8, so evidently we can say that the hight the amount of water, the faster the seeds willing germinate and the higher they will grow. Evaluation I think that in general this experiment was carried out fairly in harm of the type of seed, thay were kept in a well lit place, all the beakers had the same soil and the same amount of it, etc. The problem was that the plants were drowned so we couldnt get a good set of results, so if he experiment had to be carried out again I would set a limit of water to allow the plant s to actualy germinate.

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Robin Hood Case Analysis Essay Example for Free

robin redbreast Hood Case Analysis proberobin Hood Case Analysis BY JAZZY08 In the robin redbreast Hood case, we can slow apply the principles of a business organization. robin redbreast was the CEO of the Merrymen. He made all important decisions and a few lieutenants serve in roles that clear been delegated such as cultivation gathering, subject, finances and preparednessing. These make up the top management in the organization. This is associated with the Fayolism theory developed by Henri Fayol who pro discombobulated that managers perform particular functions for the increase and triumph of the organization. The four tasks that micturate been delegated as well as robin Hoods personal vendetta once against the Sheriff serve as the basis for many problems encountered by the Merrymen. First year, did well be stupefy they were a small organization experiencing little problems, growth was steady, revenues were consistent due to stealing from the rich, no major compet itive forces were established in the industry and redbreast Hood and the Merry men had the support of the stakeholders (peasants and farmers) because the men saw to it that the people were taken c atomic number 18 of as well as their equal hate for the Sheriff .According to Henri Mintzberg what is expected of a manager is described done management roles. Robin as the CEO possesses the decisional roles which entails the important decision making and choices. The Merrymen catch informational roles through information gathering and finances as a few of their delegated tasks and finally, the peasants and farmers possess the interpersonal skills that ar very emblematical in nature because of their absolute interest and support in the efforts made by Robin and the Merrymen.Their peasants and farmers atomic number 18 the main reason for their formation rob the rich-give to the poor). Over the years, Robin Hood was faced with many issues that pick outs to be addressed. He believed t hat the strength and manpower of any army was in its numbers and so the batch is evolution too large with insufficient resources to sustain it. There is in addition a decline in the Merrymens vigilance as it is so hard to keep track with the larger numbers which may cause them to be unprepared if the Sheriff were to place a surprise attack on them and discipline is hard to carry out resulting in less control.This issue needs to be resolved in order for the men to locomote well with one a nonher before a case of mutiny outbreaks (Robert. L. Katz human skills). The Sheriff is growing stronger and congruous remedy organized because of his owerful allies as well as the support of the evil Prince fast one. Just as the numbers of Merrymen are growing, travelers are beginning to find alternate routes through the forest to vacate apprehension, cause a decline in the circumstancess revenue stream. This is the major problem that Robin Hood needs to overcome.If he cannot steal the rich peoples money, he has nothing to give to the poor which can cause a breed in the relationship with his stakeholders. Also, with no money, Mr. Hood result not be able to maintain his separate of Merrymen, and they will become weaker making themselves susceptible to attacks from the Sheriff. The two satellite problems facing Robin Hood are the intensive threat of competitive rivals and threats to suppliers. The core problem is rivalry, Prince commode and the Sherriff are Robins main rivals and pose a definite threat to his operation.They are in direct competition with each other, and their actions hold in to constantly be monitored which is going to be difficult due to the their persistent efforts to capture Robin Hood and his Merrymen. Suppliers are a high level threat, because at any point those who support Robin Hood could be captured by Prince whoremonger and the Sherriff, thus cutting off supplies. Also, the bargaining power of suppliers is high simply because of the business Robin is involved in(robbing). His business is illegal and in that respectfore a high level threat to anyone who supplies to him.Threat from buyers is presently a low level threat because an objective of Robins is to give to the poor. They stir no reason to pose any threat unless at some period Robin Hood begins to tax them. The threat of freshlyly entry is in like manner low given the legality of this endeavor. Individuals will likely be more free to Join Robin Hood as opposed to forming their own faction. Although it is bviously more common to provoke a threat of new entry when in control of the market while making a profit, in this particular situation it is relatively low given Robin Hoods rapport within the forest.The threat of depute products has been identified as a low to defend threat. The residents of the forest are assumed to be the customers. The versatile that make them a threat include the perceived possibility that Robin may fail. In the way out of this transpiring, the most probable alternative would be the majority of the people leaving the forest. This is a low to moderate threat because lthough Robins current status is relatively stable his customers face the real possibility of being s ingenious into making alternative decisions.This, along with the changes in the impertinent environment is making the bands business model obsolete. These changes essential be addressed along with the structuring and training of the ever-growing band of Merrymen. In short, Robin needs to select a new strategy and rally the Merrymen behind the cause because the current strategy is becoming clippingworn at a hurried pace. Robin Hood and his men need a new mission, objectives, and strategy. Their vision is belong to a kingdom with an honourable queen regnant who treats everyone fairly. His new mission should be to free the people from Prince whoremonger and yield pouf Richard to the throne.Robin Hood and his band are in need of a fr esh strategy in response to external happenings. For instance in the situation where the travelers are beginning to avoid the forest, despite added represent and inconvenience, to protect their belongings. Also, Robins plan to force the Sheriff out of Nottingham by causing unrest is not working. Indeed, the Sheriff is using powerful connections to apply added pressure to Robin and the Merrymen. To further complicate matters, some of the barons that appointed Prince John to the throne are presently campaigning to clandestinely raise the ransom to free faggot Richard.These barons concur offered Robin Hood the chance to help in this mission in exchange for future amnesty. While the return of King Richard and the ousting of Prince John is what Robin wants, the risks involved in such a deal are very high. The mission of the gang is rob from the rich and give to the poor. However, the true goal of the organization is to contract the amoral Sheriff from office, as evidenced by the con sideration of Robin to institute a fixed transit tax. A more appropriate mission would be rid Nottingham of the corrupt King John and Sheriff.The gang also needs to outline some objectives, as this has not been done in the past. For example, each Merryman shall produce lavish spoil each day to pay for his own food. The band does need a new organizational structure as a result of the lead for change in structure would possibly be promoting more lieutenants in order to monitor the men more effectively and keep the men go of their strategy. Maybe the throng could form smaller camps that are part of the whole for organizational stability and library paste across the entire forest of Nottingham.Robin Hood could Join with the barons to collect the ransom to release King Richard, receive amnesty and a resolution to the campaign against the Sheriff. It is uncertain because the barons could offset his efforts and if the plan proves to be unsuccessful, Prince John will unleash his vic ious and volatile side to ensure Robin Hoods demise, but it is less risky than doing what he is presently doing which is nothing. In assisting them, he has more support against the Sheriff. If he continues to do nothing he will eventually end up caught by the sheriff, run out of supplies or mutiny will break out among his men.Robin Hood must weigh the benefits and risks of the following forming a strategic attachment with the barons to rescue King Richard , expanding the organization into studys outside Sherwood Forest ,killing the Sheriff as a defensive strategic rifle or switching to a fixed transit tax as an offensive strategy move. A SWOT analysis will help determine some strategic alternatives and how the band can seek to fulfill its mission and achieve its goals. Robin Hood can use the SWOT analysis to hear where he is strong and vulnerable, where he should defend and attack by scanning both internal and external environments.The assembly has grown spontaneously in its numbers. Manpower is the largest resource any conference can pick up and the number of the Merrymen is formidable. Robin Hood is also a strong leader. For any one-single man to organize a group of this caliber, strong leadership skills must be present. The brand recognition the Merrymen posses has also been a strength. Because the group is so popular, it has allowed them to make a difference in their community. This popularity has also gained the group access to the resources of the surrounding towns and communities.The cost of training and producing their product is also a trength as well as their skills of being well trained fghting men. According to Robert. L. Katz, managers need three essential skills, in being well trained men, they must acquire Job- specific knowledge and technigues needed to proficiently perform work tasks (technical skills) They simply steal to obtain the upper-case letter they need and training costs are small outside the capital needed to supply the ar ms and feed the Merrymen. Most of the combat supplies are probably stolen as well.Moreover, new recruits are coming in and the men are being re connectd in the enmity against the Sheriff. The frontmost major weakness I have identified is Robin Hoods personal grudge with the sheriff. This has a great potential to cloud his overall consider and influence judgments that may otherwise may not be for the good of the group. Even though the group was born from this idea, it has seemingly surpassed Just over-throwing the sheriff and transformed to a electron orbit much larger. This personal vendetta may not take this into account and cause ill-formed decisions.The second major weakness I have identified is the alliances Robin Hood has made. This problem encompasses a few of the other weaknesses the Merrymen have. At first, the recruitment looked for operable candidates that fit a certain criteria. Now, the Merrymen will accept anyone who is willing to serve the cause hence there is a la ck in familiarity with all the organizational members. Because of this single change in recruitment procedures, the now laxed recruitment process, some other issue has arisen exceeding the food capacity of the surrounding lands.This is simply a numeric problem that is encountered when you let anyone Join a group that relies so heavily on natural resources. The food shortage has also resulted in a depletion of the Merrymens financial reserves. Since the land can no longer deliver the resources the group needs, they have turned to trade and purchasing. The large number of the group has also ca utilise a home problem. The next major sets of weaknesses I have identified are a result of the looting and raids the Merrymen figure in.This raised the question to Robin Hood of what alternatives are available to help the group raise funds. Robin Hood favored taxation of the travelers and local towns people rather than looting and raiding but this fancy was met with much resistance. His lo wer management argued that taxation would turn their closest allies against them and ould virtually put them in the same category as the Sheriff. A major opportunity present that is not coupled with the weaknesses the Merrymen have is the proposition of freeing King Richard.Securing the release of King Richard, if successful, would be very beneficial to the Merrymen. This is potentially another source of income for the Merrymen and would shine beneficial political light on the group. If the group were to fail, the retribution would be detrimental. preferably of fghting Just one sheriff and his men, the band would potentially have to take on the entire army commanded by Prince John. The opportunities present are forming an alliance with the barons in order to bring King Richard back to Nottingham and expanding the Merryman into the forest cattle ranch revenue base.The sheriff, of course, was the source of the major threats to the Merrymen. At first the campaign was successful but o ver time the sheriff and his forces are growing larger and better organized causing increased direct competition. They have acquire the championship they need to disrupt the Merrymens operations. The plan the group first used forecasted that a perpetual relegate of unrest would cause the Sheriff to be removed from his osition, however the opposite happened and the sheriff used the unrest to secure reinforcements and funding for the campaign.This was a result of his close strategic alliance with Prince John. Moreover, Prince John is very paranoid and could act irrationally by sending his spies to offset the Merrymen. Additionally, aligning with the barons is very risky as they could deceive Robin. Several recommendations have been developed for the Merrymen to aid in the success of the group. It is the belief that the current strategy is one that can again be successful but many changes need o be implemented to ensure this strategys success. I recommend that Robin Hood align with the barons.He should help them collect the ransom that would free King Richard. In order for this to work, Robin Hood would have to sell this idea to the Merrymen and the farmers and the townspeople and change the constitution of outright confiscation of goods. He has to convince them that the fixed transit tax will go towards their Kings ransom. Robin acquires the conceptual skills required of any manager to perform proficiently according to Katz, he is looking at the bigger picture which he believes everyone will benefit from. conceptual skills).This will help everyone feel incorruptible and patriotic to one common cause. The citizens already do not like the Prince John and they would likely unite together and support any strategy lieutenants to help the already overworked ones that he has, given the state of discipline and other problems. Robin has considered killing the Sheriff but it would not end the campaign because it has grown beyond the scope of Just the Sheriff, but dec ided against it because it would only satisfy his thirst for revenge without improving the matter.The next Sheriff would doubtlessly be Just as bad if not worse ecause the Sheriffs association is devoid of values. Also, with the Sheriffs high- powered friends and increase resources, the chances of succeeding in the slaying are dim because this would more than likely anger Prince John into relations out very harsh punishment that could terminate Robin Hood and his men. If there is an unsuccessful take on on the life of the Sheriff, retribution will be fierce. The Merrymen need to build off the strengths it has. The quality of the manpower is an area of concern.Implementation of the original recruitment process or an advanced recruitment process is the first necessary fix. Just letting anyone be a participant of the group has been the source to several of the issues plaguing the Merrymen. Candidates should have a particular set of skills to allow entry. If there is a food shortage, pre-screen candidates for skills such as farming. correct has been identified as another issue. This can be eliminated through the better screening process and better training. For this all to work, there must be a better management system put in place.The external threats, weaknesses and opportunities the Merrymen have are formidable but fit action can be used to manage these. The ack of food and provisions can first be solved by recruiting farmers and hunter/ gathers to the group who solely focusing on these issues as well as enforcing that the men produce enough loot each day for his own food. This would also help eliminate the expenses the group incurs as trading and bartering for provision could be gradually eliminated. Since revenues are in decline, any money-saving action is beneficial. Concurrent with this issue, expansion of the raiding area is a must.Though Robin feels as though he is losing control of the band, he admits to not wise(p) half of the men and is finding i t hard to enforce discipline. They have the opportunity of limiting the size of the band which maintains discipline and solves food scarcity which basically curtails growth. This strategic move will deem them weak and weak against the Sheriff and Prince John. The more manpower they have, the greater chance they have of carrying out the mission. The band should extend their operations throughout Sherwood Forest in order to rejuvenate revenues, which at present are in decline.They may also be able to access supplies more readily which previously would have been obtained from outlying villages, thus minify costs. This also allows them the opportunity to continue robbing in an adjacent region which is consistent with the original organization and its growing size. The part of the group that conducts raids should also work very closely with the intelligence gathering portion. Once again, proper recruitment and training will result in a part of the group who can focus on this important aspect.The intelligence can be used to know when and where raids are conducted and what moves the sheriff is making. However, all the groups need to be properly trained in combat for when the need arises. These groups should continue to be managed separately.. In this instance, time is of the essence. As the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men learn Sherwood Forests resources have been depleted by the large amounts of recruits that inhabit the area, and this has seriously dead the bands financial reserves, however, this does give the men a greater asset in their numbers.The case seems unclear more or less where the Merrymen see themselves over the next few years, but one thing is clear, if they wish to survive, they will have to take immediate action. If the band is successful overthrowing Prince John, they will have to work in close onjunction with King Richard to shape a society which functions equally for members of all socio-economic classes (assuming this is their goal).The cen tral issue faced by Robin Hood and his Merrymen is how to win their fght against the Sheriff of Nottingham. We recommend partaking in this venture though because we see the benefits outweighing the risks. However, this must be a carefully planned and executed venture. Robin Hood and his band should organize an attack on Prince John in order to eliminate the Sheriffs authority over Nottingham and its occupants. If successful, the Merrymen will return to their law abiding life.

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Private Equity Deals Essay Example for Free

esoteric beauteousness Deals EssayPrivate lawfulness can be described as investing in a follow through a negotiated process. Investment entails transformational, value-added and active management strategy. Private Equity investments can be undertaken following three categories. These are venture capital, Buy-out and special situation investment. Venture capital can be described as an investment to create a hot company or expand a smaller company that is presently undeveloped.Buy-out investment involves acquisition of a significant portion of investment in a mature company so as to gain control or will power of the company. limited situation investment involves changing government regulations or fabrication trends on investment due(p) to availableness of opportunity (Robinson and Cottrell, 2007). This paper will broadly analyze buy out investment in detail, discussing its history, growth, merits and failures. Private candour firms accrue interest on investment through any of the three ways. These include an IPO, trade or merger and recapitalisation. Private fair-mindedness firms sell unlisted securities directly to investors through privy offering or private equity fund which attracts different sources of contributions from small investors who prefer to invest directly to investors due to the risks associated with private equity funds.Private equity fund require a large amount of silver to allow entry which cannot be afforded by about private equity firms. Moreover Private equity firms prefer to invest in firms or investors where the firm can accrue returns after a unawares duration unlike private equity funds which can take up to twelve eld to accrue interests. Private equity firms evaluate availability of opportunity to avoid investing in a failing company which, led to heavy capital losses by the firm. The risk has been noted to be higher in venture capital funds (Lasen, 2006). Private equity industry was begun in 1946 by the American Research and Development Corporation (ARD) to encourage private institutions go aways funding to soldiers who returned from World War II. ARD aimed to provide skills and funding to the management and this would stimulate success of the companies accrue profits. The success of the industry led to permeation of few wealthy families into the industry in 1970s. The industry focussed more on debt financed leveraged buy-outs (LBOs) A Leveraged buy-out (LBO) occurs when a pecuniary sponsor gains control of a majority of a target companys stock ownership through the use of borrowed money or debt (Lasen, 2006). A Leveraged buy-out is a widely used strategy where a company acquires another company through significant amount of borrowed money. In most cases, the assets of the acquiring company and the company being acquired are used as security for the loans. Leveraged buyouts allow companies to make acquisitions without committing a drawing card of capital.In an LBO 70% debt to 30% equity ration is allowed though the debt can amount 90% overtake 95% of target Company total capitalisation. Private equity firm prefer to sue leveraged buyouts for devil reasons. Use of debt that is widely used in US increased financial return to the private equity sponsor. Debts are exempted from taxation and hence the returns from debt are greater that from cash (Lasen, 2006 Robinson and Cottrell, 2007). Many countries for example Germany score introduced new tax laws with an aim of discouraging leveraged buyouts through reduction of tax shield effectiveness. The performance of private equity firms that used LBO as their main source of financing went into bankruptcy in 1980s and 1980s. The insolvency was largely contributed by excessive debt financing amounting up to 97%. This led to higher interest payment that exceeded the companys operating cash flow. Most companies were taken over by other companies and government. In the recent sometime(prenominal) private equity industry has e xperienced a boom as noted in ample Britain as well as USA. Most pension scheme companies have invested in private equity firms and in particular LBOs. The size of private equity pot increased by 37% in 1994 in Great Britain. There is great disparity between foreign private equity pool and United States which present possibility of future growth. The rapid growth in the private equity industry has led to unfortunate returns on capital invested. The returns from public equity deals are higher and this challenges the stability of private equity industry in using LBOs as way of financing (Clark and Whiteside, 2003). PED projects were initially known to have positive impact in paediatrics industry. The PED projects however are on the decline. This can be attributed to poor management and appointment of nationals who have worked in public service to oversee them yet they have undersized experience or knowledge that is needed. The PED has encountered pressure from fear of disappointin g former and future employees and this has in most cases resulted in failure or problem in implementation of the projects (Saylor, Swenson, Reynolds and Taylor, 1999).ReferencesClark, G. L., Whiteside, N. (2003) Pension Security in the twenty-first Century Redrawing the Public-Private Debate. Oxford Oxford University Press.Robinson, M. J., Cottrell, T. J Investment Patterns of Informal Investors in the Alberta Private Equity Market Journal of vitiated Business Management, 45, (2007)11-89.Larsen, D. L. Challenges to the Private Equity Industry Journal of Accountancy, 202, (2006)112-156.Saylor, C. F., Swenson, C., Reynolds, S., and Taylor, M The Paediatric Emotional Distress dental plate a Brief Screening Measure for Young electric shaverren Exposed to Traumatic Events. Journal of Clinical Child Psychology. 28.1. (1999) 34-70.

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Bilingual Education Argumentive Essay Essay Example for Free

Bilingual pedagogy Argumentive audition EssayThe United States is a diverse country of galore(postnominal) different races and deliverys. Even though many voice communications be spoken in the United States, side is the preferred language in the United States. Speaking side of meat in America is the key to success. Without face, acquiring employment is almost impossible. More and more immigrants are attracted to the U.S either year, and the populations of immigrants, which do non know the American culture, continue to rise. This population must be steepd into the United States in order for the population to find employment and function in the United States. Assimilation is the process by which an outsider becomes part of a new community by adopting its language and customs. Public informs are a vital place where the countrys customs, language, and culture, in general, can be taught. fit to Ginsburg, ever since the 1960s young immigrants and U.S born children, of im migrant parents, were sent to public schools with little to no understanding of the slope language. These assimilators were forced to communicate or swim.The public school offered no help to LEP students. LEP (limited English advancement) is term used to describe students whose take English language is low. As a result, many of these students began to drop out, but fin everyy in 1968, the federal government passed the Bilingual Act which paid additional attention to students whose native language was not English. This provided special funding to create and maintain multilingual training programs. The goal multilingualist education is to teach English more efficiently to students, with low English proficiency, protect students self-esteem, increase their academic performance, and lowering dropout rates. In bilingual education, LEP students are taught subjects such as math, history, and science in their native tongue, while the LEP students take classes to consider English , and at one time a student shows increasing proficiency in English they are put into main-stream English-only (Bilingual knowledge).There have been many controversies whether or not the bilingual education programs are achieving their goal. Bilingual education programs should not be allowed as a way to teach English to students with low English proficiency because the programs segregate students ground on their native language, are excessively dearly-won, and are poorlymaintained. Bilingual Education programs segregate students based on their native language. These students are isolated away from some other cultures and different perspectives for many years. This take overs students slowly into mainstream English classes. While bilingual classes segregate students by their primary language, English immersion brings them all together to learn a common language, with the common goal of quickly entering mainstream classes.Speaking English is vital for communication and success in the U.S. The before a student understands and communicates in English the sooner they will transition into mainstream English, and the more successful the student will become, which will increase their self-esteem concord to Ginsburg many students stay up to six years in these programs and still are low in English proficiency once they complete the program (Ginsburg). Bilingual education programs are too costly to maintain. Students are taking too recollective to learn English in bilingual education programs. According to Bilingual Education, A scientist named Christine Roswell found that there is little evidence that bilingual education is working, and he determined, from 78% of his studies, that student in bilingual education programs only do as well, or even worse, than LEP students in English immersion type programs or no programs at all. Also Roswell determined that English engrossment programs are a more low-priced way to teach English. Some teachers are delaying the s tudents education in order to receive more money.Most bilingual education programs persist because teachers and school districts receive more federal and state money if they maintain those programs and keep high numbers of students enrolled. Spanish speaking teaches can receive up to $5,000 in bonuses a year (Bilingual Education). In bilingual education, students are taking longer to transition to mainstream English-only classes. Bilingual education programs are poorly maintained. English immersion is a better solution to teaching English than bilingual education. Many LEP students often palpate stressed out and frustrated in mainstream classes, which causes them to dropout. According to Clouthier, dropout rates among Hispanics, who speak Spanish, have not change in the past 25 years that bilingual education programs started. Clearly bilingual education has not help students with frustration and stress or decreased dropout rates. Students learn English with less proficiency and mo re slowly in bilingual educationprograms.Proponents claim that proficiently teaching a students native language first and accordingly teaching English as a second language helps students in the long run, but according to Clouthier, The National Academy of Sciences reviewed 30 years of bilingual research and found no negative effects from teaching reading and writing in English, without first teaching proficiency in a students primary language. In bilingual education students take five to seven years to assimilate students because the program believes that teaching the students, whose native language is not English, their culture values, languages, and customs, when the students parents should teach them their heritage (Clouthier). On the other hand, supporters of bilingual education believe that effective bilingual education helps students, for whom English is not their native language, to assimilate into main stream America. Supports say that the controversy is actually rooted in the misunderstanding and misapplication of how language is learned and taught. According to Stokely, students must first learn proficiently their first native language and then learn English as their second language.Supporters say that bilingual education programs enable non-English speaking students to learn English without losing learning time in other academic subjects. Supporters say that the reason some bilingual education programs are ineffective is because they are poorly maintained by the federal government and conclusion a bilingual teacher is very rare (Stokely). To conclude, bilingual education should not be allowed as a way to teach English students, which have a low proficiency in English, because bilingual education programs segregate students, are too costly, and are poorly maintained.Bilingual education segregates students from other peers based on their native language which cause slower assimilation. Since students are learning English at a slower pace which more funding is needed for these programs to run, and some teachers intentionally keep students longer these programs for the money, which makes these programs too costly. Most bilingual education programs are poorly maintained because these programs have not decreased the student dropout rate. English immersion is a better solution to bilingual education because its more affordable and joins students to learn one language.Works CitedBilingual Education. Issues Controversies On File n. pag. Issues Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 15 Feb. 2005. Web. 16 Oct. 2013. . Clouthier, Kris. Point English Immersion Creating Equal Opportunity For Immigrant Students. Points Of suppose Bilingual Education (2013) 5. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 16 Oct. 2013. Ginsburg, Jill. Bilingual Education An Overview. Points Of View Bilingual Education (2013) 1. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 16 Oct. 2013. Stokely, Anne. Counterpoint The Benefits Of Bilingual Education. Points Of View Bilingual Education (2013) 6. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 16 Oct. 2013.

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Map of the occupied Germany Essay Example for Free

Map of the occupied Germany EssayThe procedure presented above has been reproduced from Wikimedia Commons. It shows the four zones which were occupied by Great Britain, France, the United States, and the USSR. It also shows the location of Berlin well indoors the Russian zone. The inset shows how the city of Berlin was divided among the four occupiers.Just by looking at the geographic location of Berlin, one could immediately see that the carriers of supplies (like food, medicine, and fuel) which were coming from the western zone and meant for the residents of the western sectors of Berlin had to traverse by dint of a significant portion of the Russian zone before they could reach their destination. The Berlin Blockade, t here(predicate)fore, threatened the very natural selection of the Berliners who were living in the western sectors. This was realized by Stalin who exploited the situation in order to maintain pressure on the western powers into renegotiating the German pr oblem.This was what worried Governor Clay. He was well a contende that the 2. 5 million residents of the western sectors could not survive longer than five weeks without new shipments of supplies. The blockade first impress then confused the officials of the western powers. British foreign minister Bevin declared that despite the blockade, they should go anterior with the plan of creating a West German state. Military Governor Clay recommended the use of an armored escort to transport supplies through the Russian zone.However, his recommendation was turned down for fear that it would provoke a war with the USSR. In the end, the suggestion of Bevin to airlift the supplies was favored (Wilde). The planes carrying the supplies would fly over the Russian zone using the troika air corridors which were opened under an agreement with the Russians after the war. These were the Frankfurt/Main-Berlin air corridor, the Hannover/Bueckeburg-Berlin air corridor, and the Hamburg-Berlin air cor ridor (Berlin instruction Group).On July 2, 1948, British Lt. General Brian K. Robertson conferred with the leaders of the United States and France after which he demanded the lifting of the Berlin Blockade. However, on July 14, the USSR responded by locution that the United States, Great Britain, and France had lost their right to stay in Berlin. The Russian response also confirm the blockade by stating that its objective was the protection of the economy of the Soviet zone. According to the Russians, the creation of a West German state and the issuance of a new currency violated the agreements of the Big Four with regards the occupation of Germany. Hence, by violating the agreement, Russians claimed that the United States, Great Britain, and France effectively rendered their right to take part in the occupation and administration of Berlin nugatory and void. The Russians also emphasized that since Berlin was located inside the Russian zone, all of Berlin (including the western sectors) belonged to the Russian zone.The western powers reacted to the Russian allegations during a meeting among the delegations of the United States, Great Britain, and France which started on July 15. Their joint response stated that Threats, pressure or other actions could not pressure them into leaving Berlin. On July 17, William J. (Wild Bill) Donovan, a former Major General who was the managing director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the war, declared that The place to make a stand against Russia is right here in Berlin. This is not a Cold War. It is Hot as Hell (The Berlin Airlift Veterans Association).

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What does the fox say Essay Example for Free

What does the fox theorise EssayBillboard might obtain already christened Robin Thickes Blurred Lines as the song of the summer, entirely Norwegian duo Ylvis might have something more to say on the matter before the equinox hits.The slyboots, by brothers Brd and Vegard Ylvisker, has gathered more than 17 million hits after a week on YouTube. It was released in the lead up to the newest season of the bands Norwegian television talk show,To night with Ylvis. They dont have an album unwrap yet, tho after the overwhelming response several songs will be available on iTunes in North America next week. The catchy tune is paired with the most absurd lyrics this side of the field of study song to DuckTales. The brothers muse on the sounds animals make (Dog goes woof, cat goes meow) before asking, What does the fox say?The answer is a series of horrific shrieks such as Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow and Chacha-chacha-chacha-chow The brothers Ylvisker dance in a forest at night dressed in fox costumes the likes of the Bloodhound Gang.Ylvis isnt new to the comedy music scene theyve been around since 2000 and have five other songs in English. Check out the arguably better Stonehenge, which begins as a mopey precedent ballad where a successful television show host is kept up at night ruminating on the ancient stone formation.In the past six days Ylvis have received offers for tours and genius deals from all the biggest companies, a bewildered Brd Ylvisker told Billboard, saying he and his brother had no idea how The Fox ended up on the viral radar.Normally, you know we get some hits and we get some comments, but theyre all about the actual contents of the songs. But this was mostly about the phenomenon, which was really strange, even when it was except at 100,000 views.

Overview of the Malthus-Ricardo Debate

Over estimate of the Malthus-Ricardo DebateThe world known contr everywheresy between the Malthus and Ricardo has long been considered as a reference of history for economic thought. But no nonpareil try to investigate this as a polemical dialogical exchange (Glyn, 2006). The present study is undertaken to fill this gap within the framework of a more pushful project that places controersies at the center of an account of the history of ideas, in science and elsewhere. According to my views the dialogical co-text is essential for comparability and contrasting the Malthus and Ricardo views most diffe study economic perspectives. The initial step towards analyzing these controversies is the compend of their back railyard. Because backgrounds are essential pop out to investigate the real story of Ricardo Malthus tump over. Then we shall move towards the comparison of their views towards different economic perspectives (Cremaschi Dascal, 1998).Malthus was born in 1766, in the core of troubled but optimistic period. He was the younger son of his begin, Daniel Malthus. His father was a gentleman from good family background. Daniel Malthus has just about sort of intellectual statutory into his personality. Malthus was born into an face family that belongs to the gentry of the country. Malthus was having the single out of stammering by birth. Due to this defect he has to face huge difficulties in selecting his profession. This natural disability was the major(ip) constraint in the Malthus career choice (Cremaschi Dascal, 1998). As a student Malthus was a boy with handsome academic career. He was pride for his t apieceers. He per strivinged distinctions, got scholarships and selected as fellow of Trinity College. Malthus lived a relatively fluent life. During his stay in the Trinity college, he began to develop the perfectibility and of philosophic anarchism in him. He also knowing about the rationality and how men and women could learn to live rationall y by their whole life and discharge accomplish their lives (Cremaschi Dascal, 1998).The start edition of his evidence in 1798 made him famous in the age of 32. The essay got hatred from some sections of community of interests collectible to its deriding the hopes for progress and arguing about the futility of charity to children. The below overtaking tramp clearly portrays the Malthus View of man progress,The vices of mankind are active and able ministers of depopulation. They are the precursors of the multitude of destruction and often finish the dreadful work themselves. But should they fail in this war of extermination, seedy seasons, epidemics, pestilence, and plague advance in terrific array, and sweep off their thousands and ten thousands. Should success be withal incomplete, gigantic inevitable famine stalks in the rear, and with whizz mighty blow, levels the population with the food of the worldIn these excerpts Malthus made it clear that overpopulation can be d isastrous for the mankind. His aim was conglomerationly against the Godwins faith in the ability to rule the rationality as supplant the principle of overpopulation (Glyn,2006).David Ricardo was born six years by and by Malthus and to a very different station in life. Ricardos father was a broker who had been migpaced from capital of The Nether solid grounds to London just few years before the birth of Ricardo. His father joined the Jewish community and Ricardo was sent to Jewish school in Amsterdam to get proper education when he became overage enough. HE returned to London in age of fourteen and start taking interest in his fathers telephone line. Due to controversy between Ricardo and his parents, he had to leave the house. After quitting house, Ricardo opt the trade profession, the moreover professions he knows. He quickly proved himself to be the Boy Wonder of Thread needle Street. nones box the age of thirty he collected enough wealth and get bored from this accumulat ion of wealth. So he started turning his mind towards opposite things like economics (Rashid,1981). Economics was the major thing which he adopted later on leaving the wealth accumulation. In 1799 he read the Wealth of nations and this inspired him overly much to continuously read and think about the economics. Ricardo took take upicipate to solve he inflation crisis in the parliament. This and some of the other major events e.g. depreciation of led to the first meeting between David Ricardo and Malthus. And from the very first meeting they became good friends. They were good friends but they could never long out for each others minds.Below are the major controversies of their thought and views on some major theories and perspectives.The feed Laws ControversyThe extraordinaire(postnominal) collaboration of their thoughts emerged after few years of their initial encounter. The occasions were the controversy over the give Laws. Corn Laws were about the variable tariffs and tra de subsidies which were levied to protect and promote the English agriculture. In the times of Napoleonic Wars, spring up prices were specifically high due to the coincidence of wartime crave. After war ended, the economic destabilization caused due to some bumper crops. This destabilization lowered the wheat prices by 50% in 1812-1815. Tariff protection was necessary neb to protect the agriculture gather up. This was the major debate of that time. Malthus and Ricardo first time entered into the public debate from opposite sides over this sequel.The debate is the basis for the formulation of rent hypothesis of Malthus and Ricardian elaboration of rent theory of Malthus. The argument served as kernel for the establishment of the political prudence and taxation.Ricardo was of the view that with the reaping of countrys population, capital or wealth would be accumulated and this can cause the farming prices to fall. As the farmers have to resort to least(prenominal) productive land. This would also cause to fall down the general profit computes for agriculture in the economy.Malthus completely disagrees with this conclusion of Ricardo. He published his observation on the Corn Laws in the form of piece of ground. This pamphlet was the review of advantages as well as disadvantages of imposing tariff on imported unsophisticated commodities. Malthus was of the view that retaining the high tariffs on corn is necessary for its protection. Malthus argued that protection of Corn Laws is vital for protecting the English farming as ways improving the vitality of English ways and institutions.Ricardo Continuously argued about the uncomely make of the population growth and capital accumulation due to protection of rents which was supported by Malthus. Ricardo argued against the Malthus model of rent vehemently that Future success of the English economy depends upon the progress of industries which is being stifled through Corn laws. Ricardo argument about Cor n Laws can be concluded asIf, then, the prosperity of the commercial classes lead most certainly lead to accumulation of capital, and the encouragement of productive industry these can by no means be so surely obtained as by a fall in the price of corn.Although this debate did not lead them towards making any final theory about the policy issues, but it provided the strong basis for theory of national income. There were some similarities in their arguments too. They both relied upon the population theory while explaining level of real wages. Malthus theory of rent was focal point of Ricardo and Malthus arguments. They both recognized that rate of profit in agriculture can be determined through the productivity of the marginal land which is cultivated. Thus they include the marginal productivity into economic thoughts although in limited manner. They also agree that rate of profit had to be the same in all industries where competition prevailed. Thus all the ingredients of Ricardian distribution and growth theory were in place and agreed upon.The Gluts ControversyThe next controversial debate between Ricardo and Malthus was one the gluts. After the Waterloo English economy slumped into severe postwar depression called as glut. They were thinking about the contingent solution to mitigate this challenge. Ricardo perceived that condition of general overproduction is im attainable without the transiently. To balance the oversupply of one commodity shortage of other commodity in necessary. Malthus argued about hat point that total demand can be smaller than the total output. But working population and other resources could produce if amply employed. The working population is able to bribe subsistence only. If the well-off classes were too abstemious, the prices of luxuries could fall to the point where there was no profit in producing them, and glut would ensue. In the extreme, Malthus pointed out, if everyone lived on a subsistence scale there would have to be a vast oversupply of commodities since each thespian could produce much more than bare subsistence for himself and his family. This debate was revived hundred years after the final stage of both the Malthus and Ricardo. Malthus devoted the final chapter of his book to the issue of glut and the need for a class of unfertile consumers who would provide the demand that would keep the rest of the economy employed profitably.Malthus pointed out those English landed gentry was the exception ally that is well equipped to save that function. Ricardo withdraws the argument that I can see no soundness in the reasons you give for the usefulness of demand on the part of unproductive consumers. How their consuming, without reproducing, can be beneficial to a country, in any possible state of it, I confess I cannot discover.(Glyn, 2006)The Value ControversyAll the while that Malthus and Ricardo were arguing about the Corn Laws and the nature of gluts, they were conducting a third interminabl e dispute. This one concerned the definition, measurement, and cause of value. From our perspective, the concern over value, which extended from Adam Smith to Stanley Jevons at least, was a great waste of words and time. But Malthus, Ricardo, and their propagation took it very seriously, and with some reason (Rashid, 1981). They had enough experience with inflations, crop failures and bumper crops, and other economic disturbances to recognize that money prices fluctuated too erratically to indicate long-run relation-ships or to reveal underlying trends. They believed that each commodity had a property that, following Adam Smith, they called its natural value, which explained the ratio of its money price to the prices of other commodities (Glyn, 2006).Both Ricardo and Malthus agreed upon this fact but when they settle the natural value they were devising to measure it in practice. In devising the endless(prenominal) practice, they too became intermeshed in the debate. The debate was about the possible measurement of values of the commodities.In this perspective, Ricardo argued that there is no tool for measuring the value of commodities. Instead the natural values of the commodities can be expressed in terms of approximation by comparing with the precious metals (OBrian, 1981).In this scenario, Malthus advocated that values of the commodities can be measured by using the cost of labor (wages). This can be done of the grounds that there should be equal quantity of labor for measuring the natural as well as absolute value (Glyn, 2006).Malthus-Ricardo debate on under pulmonary tuberculosisMalthuss under consumption theory of business recession be summarized as followsIf producers have not anticipated a fall in consumption demand, they will not be able to sell their products at a price that yields a sane rate of return. Discouraged by their losses, these producers will scale down their production levels and engage in less investment than they would otherwise . As a result, an under consumptions business recession ensuesRicardo took the Malthus remarks as most important part for his principals. He responded the under consumption theory in devil different ways (OBrian, 1981). These are disputation of effects The first response was in the form that he did not understand the Malthus theory. The reason for this was that Ricardo was anticipating a model type system which he could not find the under consumption theory.Direct objurgation The other response was in the form of direct denigration on the Malthus theory. Ricardo found it difficult to hold completely the Malthus theory. Ricardo separated the conclusions for the theory and criticizes them. He criticizes the defects in the reasoning (OBrian, 1981). One conclusion not agreeable the Ricardo was general access of supply termed as glut. Ricardo argued that any excess supply can be balanced by demands. Malthus argued about hat point that total demand can be smaller than the total output. But working population and other resources could produce if fully employed. The working population is able to buy subsistence only. If the well-off classes were too abstemious, the prices of luxuries could fall to the point where there was no profit in producing them, and glut would ensue. In the extreme, Malthus pointed out, if everyone lived on a subsistence scale there would have to be a vast oversupply of commodities since each worker could produce much more than bare subsistence for himself and his family. This debate was revived hundred years after the death of both the Malthus and Ricardo.It can be concluded that Malthus and Ricardo were good friends who could never agree with each other on economic matters. Their first controversy was about the Corn Laws. Corn Laws were about the variable tariffs and export subsidies which were levied to protect and promote the English agriculture. In the times of Napoleonic Wars, farm prices were specifically high due to the coincidence of wartime demand. Malthus completely disagrees with this conclusion of Ricardo. He published his observation on the Corn Laws in the form of pamphlet. This pamphlet was the review of advantages as well as disadvantages of imposing tariff on imported agricultural commodities. Malthus was of the view that retaining the high tariffs on corn is necessary for its protection. Malthus argued that protection of Corn Laws is vital for protecting the English Agriculture as ways improving the vitality of English ways and institutions (OBrian, 1981). Ricardo Continuously argued about the adverse effects of the population growth and capital accumulation due to protection of rents which was supported by Malthus. Ricardo argued against the Malthus concept of rent vehemently that Future success of the English economy depends upon the progress of industries which is being stifled through Corn Laws. The other major controversy was on the glut issue. There were good reasons why they could never agree. One of the reasons for their continuous conflict was that they were born and bred in two different cultures and traditions. The adopted the economics after getting through different occupations and preconceptions. These conceptions shaped their views and thinking about Corn Laws and glut controversies (Glyn, 2006). In the extreme, Malthus pointed out, if everyone lived on a subsistence scale there would have to be a vast oversupply of commodities since each worker could produce much more than bare subsistence for himself and his family. This debate was revived hundred years after the death of both the Malthus and Ricardo. Malthus devoted the final chapter of his book to the issue of glut and the need for a class of unproductive consumers who would provide the demand that would keep the rest of the economy employed profitablyAlthough they brought up in two different cultures and modes, Ricardo was quick, brilliant and concise while Malthus was moderate and motivated. Although Ricardo as the archetypical theorist while Malthus was the practical economists. Ricardo favors the clean and simple cases while Malthus developed its thoughts from the rich and complex economic life. This is not the strange that they could not agree each other but simple thing is that they could not stand each other.Their differences get up in their mind sets, collaborations, cultures and perceptions. This can be reflected through their collaborations and friendships. Both Ricardo and Malthus agreed upon this fact but when they define the natural value they were devising to measure it in practice. In devising the endless practice, they too became engaged in the debate. The debate was about the practical measurement of values of the commodities.Their struggles to convey to each other their views of the forces that herd their economy are an inspiring case study in both the difficulty and the possibility of human communication. They were best friends who could not satisfy each other throug h their arguments and judgments. And they could never minimize their differences. Their differences can be more visibly seen from their writings, speeches and manuscripts and analysis. There are some similarities in their analysis too but primarily there was differences and opposite arguments about certain economic theories. But their differences and opposite arguments gave the most valuable analysis of modern economic theories. The long debate help to view the economic theories from every perspectives.ReferencesCremaschi, S., Dascal, M. (1998). Persuasion and argument in the Malthus-Ricardo correspondence.Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, 1-64.Cremaschi, S., Dascal, M. (1998). Malthus and Ricardo Two styles for economic theory.Science in Context,11(02), 229-254.Dascal, M., Cremaschi, S. (1999). The Malthus-Ricardo correspondence sequential structure, argumentative patterns, and rationality.Journal of pragmatics,31(9), 1129-1172.Glyn, A. (2006). The co rn model, gluts and surplus value.Cambridge Journal of Economics,30(2), 307-312.OBrien, D. P. (1981). Ricardian economics and the economics of David Ricardo.Oxford Economic Papers, 352-386.Richerson, P. J., Boyd, R. (1998). Homage to Malthus, Ricardo, and Boserup Toward a planetary Theory of Population, Economic Growth, Environmental Deterioration, Wealth, and Poverty.Human Ecology Review,4, 85-90.Rashid, S. (1981). Malthus Principles and British economic thought, 18201835.History of Political Economy,13(1), 55-79.