Thursday, December 19, 2019

Pablo Picasso And Zaha Hadid - 1839 Words

Ever wonder what opposition to cultural trends can lead someone? Ever question what kind of success can erupt from dislocating and distorting one’s work into a brand unique to no one but yourself? Pablo Picasso and Zaha Hadid were two of the most successful artists within the modernist movement. Both Picasso and Hadid laid the foundation to their success with a strong educational background. While each artist knew that their sheer talent and works would not contribute to their succession alone. Picasso and Hadid sought the importance of defining one’s brand on a global scale. Building a connection between a consumer and their product, both Picasso and Hadid knew that their talent and business practices would allow them to convey†¦show more content†¦With this ability, Picasso seized this opportunity of adaptation, and thus expanded his clientele. By tailoring his works to the customer’s wants and needs, Picasso experimented with new styles of art to s atisfy such needs of dealers and collectors. This came to fruition when Picasso gained one of his earliest patrons and close friend, Gertrude Stein. Picasso’s relationship with Stein developed when Stein moved to Paris with her brother where she hoped to pursue and art career. With the acquisition of a Matisse and Picasso’s own Young Girl with a Basket of Flowers. This contribution to her collection of Cubism, may not have been the largest towards Picasso, this greatly increased Picasso’s ability to network as well as brand himself. Picasso understood the importance of branding and marketing. The connection between consumer and brand, the importance of the media, and the publicity that surrounded one’s story, was the key to laying the foundation of Pablo’s success. By selling his works at the epicenter of Impressionism or Post-Impressionism of art, dealers sought potential investment opportunities in Paris. It was not until roughly 1914 that Pica sso gained notable recognition. By presenting his artwork at the International Exhibition of Modern Art (The Armory Show) was Picasso able to capture the attention of La Peau de l’Ours (Skin of the Bear) led by Andre Level. The organization focused a large portion of their

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